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Geauga County Cemeteries
Cemeteries (early 1800s - 2011/12)

All cemeteries in Geauga County are indexed here except for All Souls Cemetery in Chardon and Western Reserve Memorial Garden in Chesterland, which maintain their own records.

This cemetery database is the result of several projects over many years. The first major cemetery “reading” of Geauga County cemeteries was in 1925. In 1980, members of the Geauga County Genealogical Society read the Geauga County cemeteries again, under the direction of Jeannette Grosvenor and Violet Warren. They incorporated the 1925 inscriptions, WPA cemetery maps, plus township sexton records and other sources with the new reading. This led to the publication of A Monumental Work: Inscriptions and Interments in Geauga County, Ohio Through 1983.

The cemeteries were later revisited and all records through the end of 2000 were updated and printed. The print-outs are in binders, by township, in the Anderson Allyn collection in the Chardon Library. Except for Troy Township and St. Patricks Cemetery in Thompson, the inscriptions were updated and printed again in 2011 and 2012. The printed version is the same as this online version.

For later cemetery inscriptions, missing inscriptions or other mistakes, please contact the township sexton, or in the case of St. Patricks, contact the Church. Errors or omissions cannot be corrected by the library.

If the name of a person who died in Geauga County before 1925 does not appear in these records, it means that in 1925 - 1930, there was no headstone, sexton record or other burial record. All inscriptions included in the 1925 reading are included here, even if there is no longer a headstone or the headstone is no longer legible. It is estimated that even today, one third of the interments in any cemetery have no headstone.  Often, the death date for a spouse is missing because no one arranged to have it cut.