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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
BEACHPatricia Joan Chester TownshipC448  13-May-2009 NO           
BEBOUTLaura C.Chester TownshipB4 1906(cr15 Feb) 1974 NO        J.J. BROWN  
BEBOUTWilliam E., Jr.Chester TownshipB4 1904(cr 2 Nov) 1965 NO        J.J. BROWN  
BEBOUTWilliam F. Chester TownshipB4  (18 Dec 1996)(63y)61Kinney Rec.       J.J. BROWN  
BECKWITHAndreChester TownshipA169 30 Mar 180123 Aug 1888 NO           
BECKWITHJames Chester TownshipA203  (9 Oct 1863) 19Army          
BECKWITHLucien Chester TownshipA203  (10 Apr 1863) 19Army          
BECKWITHSalmonChester TownshipA169  20 Apr 186323y19Army s/oA. & S.       
BEECHAlfred J.Chester TownshipA234 1872(cr20 Oct) 1917 NO          with Floy
BEECHElmer J.Chester TownshipA234 10 Jan 18973 Feb 1970 31OH Pvt 51 Ambulan.Co          
BEECHFloyChester TownshipA234 1878(cr 9 May) 1958 NO          with Alfred J.
BEECHHarold W.Chester TownshipC328 1 Sep 189528 Apr 1979 NO        1/2 lot  
BEECHLinda L.Chester TownshipC328 9 Oct 18923 Jul 1983 NO        1/2 lot  
BEERLINorbert C.Chester TownshipC457  6-Feb-2006 NO           
BEGANCharlaChester TownshipC330 8 Jun 194519 Feb 1976 NO        J.A. BEGAN, 1/2  
BENSONJanesChester TownshipA110 18271867 NO  f        
BENSONSally A.Chester TownshipA110 18341899 NO MANSFIELDm        
BESSLila P.Chester TownshipC383  2-Jan-2008 NO           
BETTSFrankChester TownshipA305 1886(cr 9 Mar) 1956 NO           
BETTSMyrtleChester TownshipA305 1884(cr24 Oct) 1964 NO           
BIDGOODAnna J.Chester TownshipA216 1855(9 Feb) 1929 NO          with John W. BIDGOOD
BIDGOODCarl W.Chester TownshipA256 1927(15 May) 1934 NO          Sonny Boy is above name.
BIDGOODJohn W.Chester TownshipA216 1857(15 May) 1939 NO          with Anna J. BIDGOOD
BIDGOODKatherineChester TownshipA256 1903(30 Jul) 1993(90y)NO          with Lawrence
BIDGOODLawrenceChester TownshipA256 1889(17 Apr) 1942 NO          with Katherine
BIDGOODLawrence H. Jr.Chester TownshipA256 (24 Sep) 1929(10 Dec) 1993 50Sgt US Army          
BIDGOODRobert J.Chester TownshipA216 1891(27 Apr) 1919 NO           
BIERERM.E. (Martin)Chester TownshipA9 1886(2 Aug) 1921 NO           
BIERMANHarry G.Chester TownshipA248 1895(cr 7 Apr) 1975 NO  husbMartha DART       
BIERMANMarthaChester TownshipA248 1896(cr 7 Jan) 1956 NO DART(d/o)(Alfred & Elizabeth)      on the stone with her parents; w/o Alfred DART
BILLENSTEINFrances Matilda Chester TownshipA295  (cr 9 Jun 1965) NO          No Stone. Clerk's records.
BILLENSTEINJohn Frederick Chester TownshipA298  (cr19 Jul 1965) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
BIRCHNancy (deed for LUSHER)Chester TownshipC363    NO        Site 3, 5 Feb 1988  
BISBEEAsaChester TownshipA203  25 Dec 1905over 80yNO           
BLACKFORDEsther Mary Chester TownshipC379  (7 Oct 1996)(89y)NO        Site 3, 15 Oct 1996, DeWitt BLACKFORD  
BLACKLEYAndrew K.Chester TownshipC420  30-Aug-2007 NO           
BLADEKJohnChester TownshipC313 1950(15 Jul) 1974 NO        Linda BLADEK to Bobbie LYNCH, 3 & 4  
BLAKEGeo. W.Chester TownshipA124 1830(10 Aug) 1913 19Co.E.196th O.V.I.       G.H. BLAKE Separate stone says G.W.Blake. Jacobs is on East side of Monument.
BODNARBarbaraChester TownshipC315 1908(24 Nov 1997)(89y)NO        Frank SMERDEL  
BODNARJohnChester TownshipC315 1900(1 May) 1991(90y)NO        Frank SMERDEL  
BOEPPPLECharlotteChester TownshipA184 1875(cr26 Jul)1967 NO           
BOEPPPLEFrankChester TownshipA184 1871(cr19 Jun)1964 NO           
BOLSTERJack C.Chester TownshipC414  25 Nov 2011 NO           
BOLSTERRuth SmithChester TownshipC414  1 Aug 2005 NO           
BONDA. DeweyChester TownshipB27 (3 Jan) 1923(25 May 2010) NO        Forrest BOND  
BONDBeverly J.Chester TownshipA263 1919(5 Feb) 1933 NO           
BONDEthel M.Chester TownshipA263 1899(cr19 Aug) 1972 NO          with Howard A.
BONDFloyd D.Chester TownshipA250 (10 May) 1894(1 May) 1966 31OH Pvt US Army         Has second military stone. with Margaret M.
BONDForrest (deed)Chester TownshipB28    NO        Forrest BOND  
BONDForrest H.Chester TownshipB27 (12 Nov) 1891(17 Apr) 1967 NO        Forrest BOND  
BONDGrant H.Chester TownshipA251 1863(cr 6 Jul) 1935 NO          Surname on monument, not on stone.
BONDHoward A.Chester TownshipA263 1899(cr16 May) 1980 NO          with Ethel M.
BONDLennahChester TownshipB27 (4 Jul) 1892(8 Jan) 1975 NO BATTLES       Forrest BOND  
BONDMargaret M.Chester TownshipA250 1894(cr16 Dec) 1975 NO          with Floyd D.
BONDRuthChester TownshipB27 (31 Jan) 1923(25 Apr) 1996 NO COLLAR      Forrest BOND  
BONDSarah A.Chester TownshipA251 1867(6 Nov) 1922 NO          Surname on monument, not on stone.
BONFIELDChristopher LowellChester TownshipC390  11-Jun-2009 NO           
BORCICKYEileen AgnesChester TownshipC384  28-Oct-2008 NO           
BOWSHOTFlorence M.Chester TownshipB68 1920(cr 9 Jun) 1961 NO  dau     John TOTH, Jr.  
BOYDI.A.Chester TownshipA98 18231899 19Kinney Rec.          
BOYDLouisa J.Chester TownshipA98 1831(4 Jun) 1893 NO           
BRABENECJohnChester TownshipA238 1853(cr27 Jul) 1936 NO           
BRABENECMaryChester TownshipA238 1858(23 Apr) 1920 NO           
BRADACRoy A.Chester TownshipC436  16-Mar-2001 NO           
BRAILEYJ.A. Chester TownshipA100    NO        BRAILEY, J.A.(on map) No Stone. Clerk's records.
BRAILEYRose Chester TownshipA100 (1876)(27 Oct 1945) NO        BRAILEY, J.A.(on map) No Stone. Clerk's records.
BRAINERDHezekiahChester TownshipA155 2 Aug 179525 Apr 1890 10Army          
BRAINERDMary A.Chester TownshipA155  9 Apr 1900 NO  w/oHezekiah       
BRAINERDMary A.Chester TownshipA156 28 Feb 1821Not cut NO           
BRAINERDMary L.Chester TownshipA156 18629 May 187512y 6mNO          has a separate stone
BRAWNC. OliveChester TownshipA82 1834(10 Oct) 1891 NO  hwThomas    E. SAWYER (map)  
BRAWNCharles W.Chester TownshipA82 18731878 NO        E. SAWYER (map)  
BRAWNClawson E.Chester TownshipA204 1904(cr19 Jul) 1957 NO           
BRAWNClifford L.Chester TownshipA204 1888(cr21 Apr) 1962 NO           
BRAWNClorieceChester TownshipA204 1864(13 Nov) 1932 NO          with Fred F.
BRAWNEdithChester TownshipA204 1907(6 Apr) 1987(79y)NO   (m. 1, Clawson BRAWN; m. 2, R. GRIBBLE)      (bp has Edith BRAWN GRIBBLE)
BRAWNFred F.Chester TownshipA204 18651942 NO           
BRAWNHarrietChester TownshipA153 18 Jul) 1845(17 Oct) 1923 NO LYMAN (w/o)(Samuel)      Surname not on stone. Separate large monument stating EDDY - BRAWN.
BRAWNSamuelChester TownshipA153 1840(20 Mar) 1912 NO          Surname not on stone. Separate large monument stating EDDY - BRAWN.
BRAWNThomasChester TownshipA82 18331913 NO        E. SAWYER (map)  
BRAWNWilliam S.Chester TownshipA82 18691871 NO        E. SAWYER (map)  
BRETTJohn I.Chester TownshipC425  6-Jul-2005 41           
BROOCKERFrank E., Sr.Chester TownshipC341 1917(cr19 Sep) 1984 NO  f        
BROOCKERKatherine M.Chester TownshipC341  27-Feb-2002 NO           
BROOKSCaroline E.Chester TownshipC432  28-Jan-2002 NO           
BROOKSElbridge JustinChester TownshipC387  11-Nov-2008 NO        Site 1, 15 Oct 1996  
BROOKSKennethChester TownshipC432  6-Apr-2004 NO           
BROWNAlbie Marie Chester TownshipB92  (cr11 Jun) 1966 NO           
BROWNEarl F.Chester TownshipB92  29 Dec 199779y41Kinney Rec.     SanduskyOH  ashes b. 10 Jan 1998
BROWNLaura A.Chester TownshipC360 1910(cr24 Sep) 1975 NO           
BROWNMarie Chester TownshipB92  (18 Apr 1994)(74y)NO          (cremains bur 21 Apr 1994)
BROWNRoy Chester TownshipB92  (cr15 Feb) 1971 NO           
BROWNSidney R.Chester TownshipC360 1911(19 Jul 2005) NOdied in Florida       Sites 3 & 4  
BROWNSylvia R.Chester TownshipB4 1919(cr 7 Jul) 1959 NO        J.J. BROWN  
BROWNT. (1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA83    NO           
BUCKNOTRondi (deed)Chester TownshipC347    NO        Site 1, 6 Feb 1990 for Edward HILL
BURNSBettyChester TownshipC316  (15 Jan 1972) NO        Robert C. BURNS, 1/2 lot No dates on stone.
BURRISCharles AndrewChester TownshipB15  21 Feb 200873yNO           
BURTONIsabel M.Chester TownshipA147 18671941 NO ROGERS          
BURWELLRuby E.Chester TownshipA243 1891(cr12 Aug) 1985 NO BATTLES         
BUTLER?, Mrs. Chester TownshipA288    NO          No stone, dates. Wood box.
BUTLERFred L.Chester TownshipA288 1900(cr 1 Dec) 1952 NO  husb        
BUTLERIdaChester TownshipB26 1887(22 Jan) 1930 NO        Kenneth BUTLER  
BUTLERKenneth (deed for Lana KLATKA)Chester TownshipC376    NO        Kenneth BUTLER, Site 3  
BUTLERKenneth M. Chester TownshipB26  (25 May 2000)(86y)NO        Kenneth BUTLER  
BUTLERSarahChester TownshipB26  11 Jan 2007 NO           
BUTLERWilliamChester TownshipB26 1884(cr 8 May) 1950 NO        Kenneth BUTLER 
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