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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
CAINCleora B.Chester TownshipB42 1918(3 Feb) 1992(73y)NO        Lester CAIN  
CAINLester D.Chester TownshipB42 1921  NO  husb     LESTER CAIN Husband & Father
CAINMary "Nita"Chester TownshipB42 1926(cr29 Oct) 1959 NO  w/o     LESTER CAIN Wife & Mother
CAINEJaneSunnybrook Farms Nursery    18 Oct 185419y 9mNO  d/oW.& F.       
CAMPBELLCharline Chester TownshipB72  (cr 1 Jul)1967 NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
CAMPBELLGeorge H. Chester TownshipB72  (cr 4 Feb 1963 NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
CAMPBELLWilliam (deed for VARGO)Chester TownshipC395    NO        William CAMPBELL; 1 & 2, 22 Dec 1995  
CAMPBELLWilliam (deed)Chester TownshipC394    NO        William CAMPBELL; 3 & 4, 24 Jul 1997  
CANALESJuvencioChester TownshipC404  17 Jun 2002 NO           
CANFIELDDorothy D.Chester TownshipC324  8-Jan-2005 NO           
CAPPELUCCICharles P. Chester TownshipC438  (22 Nov 1999)(78y)NO        Site 3, 3 Dec 1999, Edith Cappelucci ashes
CARLISLEAlbert E.Chester TownshipC328 23 May 193117 Sep 1979 50Pfc US Marine Corps       1/2 lot Korea
CARLISLEAnnette L. Chester TownshipB17  (4 Jan 1992)(55y)NO        Frederick & Margaret PAINTER No Stone. Clerk's record.
CARLISLEHarry E.Chester TownshipB63 (3 Jun) 1897(17 Sep) 1974 31Co. US Coast Guard f       Has second gov't stone with DOD as 18 Sep 1974.
CARLISLEHazel M.Chester TownshipB63 1897(cr19 Feb) 1957 NO  m        
CARLISLERobert J.Chester TownshipB63 (17 Nov) 1921(Oct) 1976(SS has Tolbert)41S Sgt Army Air Force         WW II. Card states no record of burial.
CARLISLERuby L.Chester TownshipC327 1908(cr22 Jun) 1971 NO        Harry CARLISLE, one grave  
CARLISLESteven SonChester TownshipC328 13 Sep 19665 Jun 1980 NO  s/o     1/2 lot  
CARSEYLeonard L.Chester TownshipB43 (30 Jul) 1913(20 Aug) 1990(77y)41Navy husb        
CARSEYMildred E.Chester TownshipB43 1912(cr25 Aug) 1965 NO  w/o        
CASESamuelQuirk118  10 Jan 187667y16Kinney has 1812.         missing Jun 1983 or imbedded
CASEYMary-JuneChester TownshipC403  13-Sep-2004 NO           
CHAMBERLINEffie A.Old Settlement 117  11 Mar 1875 NO  d/oJ.O. & E.C.       
CHAMBERLINEmily C.Old Settlement 117 18501905 NO  w/oJ.O.       
CHAMBERLINJ.O.Old Settlement 117 18481901 NO           
CHAMBERSJames P. Chester TownshipC396 (3 Jun 1929)(22 Feb 1996)(66y)50Army       Site 1, 23 Apr 1996; Joanne  
CHAMPForest H.Chester TownshipA240 18801932 NO           
CHILSON? Boy Chester TownshipA112    NO        C. CHILSON No stone. Clerk's record.
CHILSONCharles, Mrs. Chester TownshipA112    NO   (m. 1, Chas. CHILSON; m. 2, ? SWETIR)    Chas. CHILSON No stone. cr has Mrs. Chilson Swetir ("These may be reversed."
CHILSONMary IChester TownshipA24  28 Feb 185743y 3m 24dNO  w/oOrrin       
CHRISTYCharles & Enid (deed)Chester TownshipC366    NO        Site 3, 19 Jan 1989; Site 4 reserved  
CINTRONEverett LuisChester TownshipC347 (2 Jun) 1918(27 Mar) 1990(71y)41US Army WW II         Has gov't marker on back of stone marker. (cremains)
CINTRONNancyChester TownshipC347 1929  NO McCAW         
CLARKChloeChester TownshipA109  10 Aug 187183yNO  hw        
CLARKDavid E.Chester TownshipC363 17 Mar 190923 Oct 1981 NO        1/2 lot  
CLARKHannahOld Settlement 80  10 Sep 186980yNO  w/oJohn       
CLARKHezekiahChester TownshipA109  29 Apr 186679yNO           
CLARKLouise M.Chester TownshipC363 28 Dec 191425 Dec 1990 NO           
CLARKPamelia R.Chester TownshipA106  22 Aug 183739yNO  w/o1st wife of Quartus       
CLARKQuartusChester TownshipA106  20 Jul 184049NO           
CLAYTONThomas Chester TownshipA102    NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
CLOONANJames D. & Carol (deed)Chester TownshipC407    NO        Sites 1,2,3,4; 14 Aug 1996  
COLOMBOFrank J.Chester TownshipC452  29-Jan-2002 41           
COLOMBOThomasChester TownshipC452  19-Aug-2002 NO           
COLSONHannahChester TownshipA55  Nov 185184yNO(pensioner on basis (w/o)(m1,Christopher COLSON;m2,John HALL)      of Christopher COLSON); Stone is illegible.
CONNELLRaymond J.Chester TownshipA306 1919(cr20 Nov) 1967 41Army f        
CONNELLRuth E.Chester TownshipA306 1917(cr18 Nov) 1966 NO  m        
COOKAda H.Chester TownshipA147 1878(19 Mar) 1942 NO ROGERS          
CORLETTOwen PaulChester TownshipC333 4 Aug 19275 Mar 1970 41Tec 4 25 Constab SQ       Ruth CORLETT WW II
CORLETTRuth (deed)Chester TownshipC333    NO           
CORNPLANTER? Chief Quirk124    NO          uncarved fieldstone
CORNPLANTER? Squaw Quirk124    NO          uncarved fieldstone
COTTRELLArland RupertChester TownshipA32 1897(15 Sep) 1922 31M.T.C. Co. 571         No Surname on stone.
COTTRELLClarkChester TownshipA32    NO  c/oM.W. & Mary      No Surname on stone. No visible dates
COTTRELLEllen R.Chester TownshipA32 28 Jan 184812 Jan 1935 NO          No Surname on stone.
COTTRELLFrancisChester TownshipA32    NO  c/oM.W. & Mary      No Surname on stone. No visible dates
COTTRELLFredChester TownshipA32    NO  c/oM.W. & Mary      No Surname on stone. No visible dates
COTTRELLGertrude A.Chester TownshipA33 1873(cr 13Nov) 1946 NO           
COTTRELLHenry C.Chester TownshipA32 1843(1 Mar) 1914 19Bat. C 1st O.L.A.         No Surname on stone.
COTTRELLJanes H.Chester TownshipA33 1877(Sep) 1940 NO         Mason FCBNo Surname on stone.
COTTRELLLenaChester TownshipA33 1879(cr 6Jan) 1958 NO   (m. 1, Janes COTTRELL; m. 2 ?, MOSS)     OES FPLENo Surname on stone. Lena COTTRELL MOSS on Clerk's record.
COTTRELLLloyd McGregorChester TownshipA9 19111914 NO           
COTTRELLMarguerite L.Chester TownshipA33 1881(cr8Dec)1955 NO           
COTTRELLMead K., D.O.Chester TownshipA33 1873(Aug) 1958died in FloridaNO           
COVERTWayne Chester TownshipA157    NO          No Stone. Clerk's records. Ashes, no dates.
CRAIGMary Chester TownshipA275    NO          No Stone or dates.
CRAINFlaviaChester TownshipA93  14 Apr 185556yr 8mNO  w/oEdward       
CRANEFlorence E.Chester TownshipA93  22 Nov 18592yr 1m 15dNO  d/oE & E.C.       
CRANEMarcus O.Chester TownshipA93  28 Feb 18351yr 16dNO  sonE & F       
CROSSAngela R.Chester TownshipC337 1911(cr18 Nov) 1978 NO  w/o        
CROSSWalter N.Chester TownshipC337 1908(1 Apr) 1991(82y)NO  husb        
CROTTYRobert E. Chester TownshipA291  (23 Nov 1999)(75y)NO          ashes
CROWEMabel B.Chester TownshipA279 1886(1 Sep) 1934 NO  m        
CRUCEMarianne D.Chester TownshipB86  15 Sep 2010 NO           
CSATARIAnnaChester TownshipA310 1892(cr 17Jan) 1972 NO  m        
CULBERTSONIva E.Chester TownshipB62 8 Sep 190614 Aug 1983 NO           
CULBERTSONRaymond W.Chester TownshipB62 19 Sep 189318 Feb 1969 31Cpl OH Co B 308 MTR         5UP TN. Has second Gov't stone.
CULVERLauraChester TownshipA62  9 Dec 186252?NO  w/oL.       
CULVERLeviChester TownshipA62 18071873 NO           
CULVERMarciaChester TownshipA62  3 Feb 184134?NO  w/oLevi       
CURDHazel, Mrs. (deed)Chester TownshipA283    NO        Mrs.Hazel CURD: Mrs.May Belle TRAVELSTED only burial is Cora KELLY
CURTISAnnaQuirk18 17881876 NO INGERSOLLw/oSylvester       
CURTISByronQuirk19  18 Apr 186411y 6m 16dNO           
CURTISMinnieQuirk19  3 Mar 186813y 7m 2dNO           
CURTISSylvesterQuirk18 1784(11 Jan) 1850 NO          broken
CZEHUTConnor HudsonChester TownshipC439  26-Jul-2001 NO          
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