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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
HAGARALeslieChester TownshipC346 1898(cr28 Aug) 1981 31Pvt US Marines WW I          
HAGARAMaryChester TownshipC346 1905(cr 8 Oct) 1982 NO  w/oLeslie       
HAHNJosephChester TownshipB21 1903(26 Jul) 1992(88y)NO        Joseph HAHN (cremains)
HAHNJoseph R. (deed)Chester TownshipC399    NO        Sites 3 & 4, 19 May 2000  
HAHNMarieChester TownshipB21 19061945 NO        JOSEPH HAHN  
HALLHannahChester TownshipA55  Nov 185184yNO(pensioner on basis (w/o)(m1,Christopher COLSON;m2,John HALL)      of Christopher COLSON); Stone is illegible.
HALLIsabellaChester TownshipA55    NO          Stone is illegible.
HALLJosephineChester TownshipA307 1891(cr 3 Jul) 1961 NO           
HALLManilusChester TownshipA55    NO          Stone is illegible.
HALLMary R.Chester TownshipC320 1906(cr21 Dec) 1979 NO         OES 
HALLWilliam A.Chester TownshipC320 1902(cr 6 Jun) 1973 NO         Mason 
HALLWilliam J.Chester TownshipA307 9 Mar 188621 Dec 1951 31OH Pvt 4th Com.L162         Infantry. William has two stones.
HAMILTONHuldahChester TownshipA199 18581885 NO MILLS         with Mother, Mary MILLS
HAMMONDGuy Chester TownshipA87    NO          No Stone. Clerk's record
HAMPTONHelen, D.O.Chester TownshipA33 19001948 NO COTTRELL         
HANDERSONHattie E.Chester TownshipA80 18711902 NO BARBER ( ? )        No Surname on stone. Recorded as HANDERSON in Clerk's record.
HANSELFrank F.Chester TownshipA295 1908(cr 3 Aug 1971 NO          with DANIELS & FREEMAN
HANSELLillian D.Chester TownshipA295 19161 Apr 2006 NO          with DANIELS & FREEMAN
HANSONGarnett E.Chester TownshipB97 1907(cr 8 Aug) 1962 NO           
HANSONHenry A.Chester TownshipB97 1900(28 Jan) 1987 NO           
HARMONEdlaChester TownshipA235 1904(cr 6 Apr) 1977 NO          with William W.
HARMONHarold W.Chester TownshipA235 14 Dec 193710 Nov 1945 NO           
HARMONJeanetteChester TownshipA235 19261927 NO           
HARMONMary (map, 1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA179    NO        M. HARMON Geo. GATES listed on her 1/2 lot.
HARMONWilliam W.Chester TownshipA235 1885(cr17 Jul) 1965 NO          with Edla
HARRISDollyChester TownshipA167  25 Mar 185172yNO  w/oElisha       
HARRISElishaChester TownshipA167  24 Jul 184169yNO           
HARRISPamela K.Chester TownshipA167  8 Feb 183925yNO  w/oPhilo      could be 1837; age buried
HARRISPhiloChester TownshipA167  18 Sep 185242yNO           
HARRISONRobert Chester TownshipA203    NO          No Stone. No dates. Clerk's record.
HATCHERFlorena R.Chester TownshipA293 1870(cr26 Mar) 1952 NO           
HATCHERFrancesChester TownshipA114 18261895 NO  hw        
HATCHERRobertChester TownshipA114 18241905 NO           
HATCHERRosaChester TownshipA7 18711901 NO PAINTER         
HATCHERThomas R.Chester TownshipA293 18601931 NO           
HATCHERWm Chester TownshipA114  (no date) NO          No stone. Clerk's record.
HATHAWAYAdeline LChester TownshipA57 18421911 NO CAROTHERS          
HATHAWAYCharles S.Chester TownshipA57 18391905 NO           
HAWESCorneliaChester TownshipA31 6 Mar 181630 Jul 183822yr llmoNO           
HAWESIramChester TownshipA31 20 Sep 178620 Oct 186983NO           
HAWESPollyChester TownshipA31 11 Sep 179014 Feb 185969NO RANNEY         
HAWKINSCatherine E.Old Settlement 26  15 Oct 18425mNO  d/oO.W. & F.M.       
HAWKINSFlora M.Old Settlement 26  14 Oct 184225yNO  w/oO.W.       
HAYFORDElbie S.Chester TownshipA151 18631944 NO           
HAYFORDElgie M.Chester TownshipA151 1867(Cr 28 Jul)1967 NO           
HAYFORDJohn A.Chester TownshipA151 24 Mar 18275 Dec 187851y 5m 11dNO  f       has another stone
HAYFORDMary R.Chester TownshipA151 10 Feb 183824 Jun 1907 NO  m        
HAZENAdelia J.Chester TownshipA3 18 Feb 18513 Jul 1893 NO MARTINd/oA.W. & A.D.       
HEARNCarolChester TownshipA229 7 Nov 1956(cr 8 Nov 1956) NO          No DOD on stone.; with Martine (Marie)
HEARNMartine (Marie)Chester TownshipA229 21 Jul 195421 Aug 1954 NO           
HEATHMartha E.Chester TownshipA274 18481930 NO        Forrest Bond  
HEATHSusan E. MotherOld Settlement 135 18171894 NO CUTTING         
HEDDENRalph E.Chester TownshipB62 21 Jun 192411 Nov 1982 41Pfc US Army WW II son       Has second Gov't stone
HEITCHJohanna Chester TownshipB70    NO        Woodruff R. and Mrs. LAW No stone. Clerk's record. No dates.
HELMERCoraChester TownshipB13 1881(cr 3 Feb) 1958 NO        Mrs. Roy SHERMAN  
HELMERWadeChester TownshipB13  29 Jun 2006 NO           
HENDRICKArleigh F.Chester TownshipB61 1897(cr22 May) 1945 NO           
HENDRICKC.G. (Gladden)Chester TownshipA242 18951922 NO        A. Hendrick  
HENDRICKCharles P.Chester TownshipA189 18581917 NO           
HENDRICKClairChester TownshipA242 19221923 NO        A. Hendrick  
HENDRICKDorothy M.Chester TownshipB61 1902(cr 3 Apr) 1995 NO   (m. 1, Arlie HENDRICK; m. 2, ? STONE)      with Arlie HENDRICK
HENDRICKEva M.Chester TownshipA189 18751912 NO           
HENDRICKGlenChester TownshipA242 18941922 NO        A. Hendrick  
HENDRICKMaudeChester TownshipA242 1889(cr26 May) 1976 NO        A. Hendrick  
HENDRICKPerry RolandChester TownshipA189  10 Feb 1911 PTOH Seaman Signalman         C1 USNRE
HERBERTBertherChester TownshipA23 18261907 NO  f     F.M. HERBERT  
HERBERTCharles B.Chester TownshipA23 1886(cr 11Jan) 1950 NO  son     F.M. HERBERT  
HERBERTPauline Chester TownshipA23  (urn 30Aug 1995 NO        F.M. HERBERT  
HERBERTRay Chester TownshipA23  (urn 30Aug 1995 31Kinney Rec.       F.M. HERBERT  
HERMANCarolyn JuliaChester TownshipC371 8 Dec 1964  NO           
HERMANElaine FrancisChester TownshipC371 5 Jun 1930  NO           
HERMANWilliam John IIIChester TownshipC371 15 Feb 1963  NO           
HERMANWilliam John IVChester TownshipC371 14 Jan 199121 Jul 1993 NO          (cremains)
HERMANWilliam John, Jr.Chester TownshipC371 28 Jul 193018-Jun-2006 NO           
HERRICK? Infant DaughterChester TownshipA158  11 Jan 18613m 14dNO  d/oH.A. & H.M.       
HERRICKAmelia M.Chester TownshipA144  24 Feb 1844in 11th yrNO  d/oAsa & Melinda       
HERRICKAsaChester TownshipA144  11 Oct 185355yNO           
HERRICKByron AsaChester TownshipA133 18531931 NO           
HERRICKCarrie B.Chester TownshipA82 18601946 NO        E. SAWYER (map) (Ashes of both Emory J. and Carrie B. were buried Sep 1947)
HERRICKDella L. Chester TownshipA158  (no date) NO  (w/o)(V.A.)      No stone. Clerk's records.
HERRICKEdwin A.Chester TownshipA133  19 Jan 187645?yNO          Stone is illegible.
HERRICKEmory J.Chester TownshipA82 18551943 NO        E. SAWYER (map) (Ashes of both Emory J. and Carrie B. were buried Sep 1947)
HERRICKFloyd C.Chester TownshipA222 1877(cr 9 Mar) 1949 NO  f        
HERRICKForest W.Chester TownshipA158 18921893 NO  s/oV.A. & Della       
HERRICKGlen V. Chester TownshipA158  (no date) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
HERRICKHarmony M.Chester TownshipA144 18281899 NO  m       No Surname on stone.
HERRICKHorace A.Chester TownshipA144 18271914 NO  f       No Surname on stone.
HERRICKJennie L.Chester TownshipA222 18821930 NO  m        
HERRICKLillian ThwingChester TownshipA27 18621941 NO POOLER  (m. 1, Willis THWING; m. 2, ? HERRICK)    PARKER: E. & T. THWING CR has Lillian Pooler Thwing; Herrick on stone.
HERRICKMaryChester TownshipA133 18551914 NO CARROLL         
HERRICKMary JChester TownshipA144  26 Feb 1844in 8th yyNO  d/oAsa & Melinda       
HERRICKMelindaChester TownshipA144  25 Mar 186161yNO  w/oAsa       
HERRICKV.A. Chester TownshipA158  (no date) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
HERVEYMark R. SonChester TownshipC320  17 Oct 1972(Baby)NO        Robert W. WOOST  
HILLBertha JohannaChester TownshipC362  26-Aug-2010 NO           
HILLClarenceChester TownshipA300 1901(cr 2 Nov) 1960 NO          with Grace
HILLClarence (deed, 4')Chester TownshipA299    NO        Clarence, Grace, Jerry HILL, 4'  
HILLDavid AlanChester TownshipC312  28 Aug 1975(Baby)NO           
HILLDeweyChester TownshipA300 18981975 NO          Clerk's records show burial was 2 Jan 1976. with Elsie
HILLDorothy Chester TownshipA301  12 Jun 2002 NO           
HILLEdward H.Chester TownshipC347 (31 Jan) 1932(5 Apr) 1990(58y)50Navy       HILL or BUCKNOT ?  
HILLElsieChester TownshipA300 1896(cr29 Sep) 1960 NO          with Dewey
HILLGraceChester TownshipA300 1905(5 May) 1989(83y)NO          with Clarence
HILLJackieChester TownshipC312 1936  NO           
HILLJerry T. Chester TownshipA300  (4 Jul 2000)(54y)NO          ashes centered in gravesite over Grace Hill
HILLLeonChester TownshipB37 11 Jul 187914 Dec 1957 NO           
HILLMoe (Robert Dewey)Chester TownshipC312 1921(cr15 Jul) 1974 NO           
HILLMyrtleChester TownshipB37 15 Dec 18819 Sep 1973 NO           
HILLNormaChester TownshipA300  4 Mar 2002 NO           
HILLSandra LynnChester TownshipA301 6 Feb 194924 Jan 1958 NO        Dorothy Hill  
HILLWilliam F.Chester TownshipC362 27 Sep 191820 Jan 1984 41Fl US Navy WW II       Bertha HILL, Site 2  
HINEClarissaChester TownshipA26 18071879 NO           
HINELoron P.Chester TownshipA26  18 Sep 186720yr 3moNO  s/oWilliam R. & Clarissa       
HINEWilliam R.Chester TownshipA26 11 Feb 180321 Feb 1889 NO           
HINKLEYHarmon P./Norman P. ?Quirk236  ? Aug 18503yNO          illegible
HIRSCHFELDCindy (deed for MAURICE)Chester TownshipC376    NO        Cindy HIRSCHFELD, Site 4  
HOBARTAmeliaChester TownshipA120 18201915 NO  w/oDonley       
HOBARTAmeliaChester TownshipA121 18201915 NO  w/oDonley       
HOBARTCassius (cr)Chester TownshipA46    NO        G. RUSSELL : S. HOBART  
HOBARTDonleyChester TownshipA120 18211921 NO           
HOBARTDonleyChester TownshipA121 18211921 NO           
HOBARTEarl E.Chester TownshipA44  15 Nov 185015NO  s/oHorace & Frances A.      Marker states "twin son of"
HOBARTEllaChester TownshipA120 18591940 NO  d/oDonley & Amelia      Surname not on stone.
HOBARTEllaChester TownshipA121 18591940 NO  d/oDonley & Amelia       
HOBARTErnest Chester TownshipA44  (cr, no date) NO           
HOBARTMary (cr)Chester TownshipA46    NO        G. RUSSELL : S. HOBART  
HOBARTNewtonChester TownshipA44  31 July 184415NO  sonReuel & Rebecca       
HOBARTRebeccaChester TownshipA44  26 Feb 185865NO  w/oReuel      Stone is illegible.
HOBARTShelby (cr)Chester TownshipA46    NO        G. RUSSELL : S. HOBART  
HOBBYJohnChester TownshipC359 1928(27 Jun) 1978 50USMC       Sites 1 & 2  
HOBBYJosephineChester TownshipC359 192912-Aug-2010 NO           
HOLLIDAYCarol AnnChester TownshipC382  22-Feb-2002 NO        Site 2, 19 Nov 1999  
HOLLIDAYNorman T.Chester TownshipC382 27 Aug 193717 Aug 1998 61Navy       Site 1, 28 Aug 1998, Carol HOLLIDAY  
HOLSONHarryChester TownshipA203 19101914 NO           
HOLTHarrySunnybrook Farms Nursery    16 Feb 18321y 6mNO  s/oW.P. & Martha       
HORTONKennthChester TownshipC332  23-Apr-2003 61           
HORTONMary JaneChester TownshipC332  14-Feb-2007 NO           
HORTONMelvin L.Chester TownshipB36 2 Jan 192016 May 1980 41Pfc US Army WWII          
HORTONNancy JaneQuirk114  23 Oct 185532y 11m 18dNO  d/oJ. & M.       
HORVATHElizabethChester TownshipC364 1917(14 Jun) 1990(73y)NO        Don HORVATH, 1/2 lot  
HORVATHLouisChester TownshipC364 1918(12 May) 1990(72y)NO           
HOVEYElisha Flint Quirk2Vaul    NO           
HOVEYFredChester TownshipA135 1856(cr 2 Aug) 1935 NO          Blocks for 2 more names on stone.
HOVEYGeorge ForistChester TownshipB34 1876(cr1 Jan50)1949 NO  husb        
HOVEYHannahQuirk2Vaul    NO PHILBRICK          
HOVEYLouise A.Chester TownshipA84 18461912 NO  m        
HOVEYMary BerthaChester TownshipB34 1891(cr17 Sep) 1968 NO  w/o        
HOVEYMyra Chester TownshipA135  (cr 1 Jun 1953) NO          Not entered on Hovey stone and no separate stone. Info from clerk's.
HOVEYNeal Chester TownshipA135  (cr 24 Nov 1977 NO          Not entered on Hovey stone and no separate stone. Info from clerk's.
HUBBLEArthur L.Chester TownshipA285 1896(22 Apr) 1980 31Pvt US Army WW I          
HUBBLEBetty J. Chester TownshipA285  (cr 10Feb 1988) NO           
HUBBLELucille S.Chester TownshipA285 18991943 NO  m        
HUDSONCarl E.Chester TownshipA228 (12 Sep 1923)(8 Oct) 1923(26d)NO  (s/o)(Sterling & Hazel (DITTO) HUDSON)       
HUDSONClaude WadeChester TownshipA99 (5 Apr) 1909(9 Aug) 1910 NO  (s/o)(Claud & Cora (SANDERS) HUDSON)       
HUDSONCora AlbertaChester TownshipA99 18711933 NO           
HUDSONDale A.Chester TownshipA228 19181921 NO           
HUDSONHarold H.Chester TownshipA228 (30 Sep) 1920(10 Oct) 1923 NO  (s/o)(Sterling & Hazel (DITTO) HUDSON)       
HUDSONHazelChester TownshipA228 18991934 NO  m        
HUDSONL. Wayne Chester TownshipC379  (17 Oct 1996)(69y)50Kinney Rec.       Site 4, 28 Oct 1996; Mildred (ashes bur 21 Oct 1996)
HUDSONMildredChester TownshipC379  12-May-2004 NO           
HUDSONRichardChester TownshipA227 19301934 NO           
HUFFNAGLEMarie A.Chester TownshipC323 10 Jan 191122 Jul 1979 NO           
HUFFNAGLEWm. H.Chester TownshipC323 21 Mar 190717 Feb 1982 41Army          
HULBERTEsther Chester TownshipB51  (13 Mar 1998)(95y)NO           
HULBERTFrederick L.Chester TownshipB47 19 Nov 189630 Jul 1973 31OH Pfc US Army WW I       John M. LINCKS  
HULBERTMatilda A.Chester TownshipA94  22 May 186329y 1m 3dNO          with Rebecca GURNEY
HUMISTONJohn Chester TownshipA73    19Army?          
HUMMERJohn Chester TownshipC400  (30 Nov 1997)74y41Kinney Rec. (h/o)(Lois)  Mayfield Hts.OH   
HUNTAlice MarthaChester TownshipA172 5 Sep 184715 Jan 1910 NO SHERMANhw        
HUNTJacob WarrenChester TownshipA172 25 Sep 18481 Feb 1926 NO          
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