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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
IBOSHFrank Chester TownshipA224    NO        John IBOSH No stone, no dates.
INEMANFrankChester TownshipA211 (28 Mar) 1879(13 Jul) 1916 NO           
INEMANGeorgeChester TownshipA211 18831924 NO           
INEMANJamesChester TownshipA237 1868(cr13 Jan) 1951 NO           
INEMANJames Sr. Chester TownshipA211 (25 Jan 1837)(2 Mar 1923)(86y 2m 5d)NO    Bohemia     No stone or dates.
INEMANMaryChester TownshipA237 (3 Aug) 1878(21 Apr) 1920(42y 8m 18d)NO BRABENEC hwJames       
INEMANMary Chester TownshipA211  (17 Apr 1923)(80y 16d)NO STUPKA         No stone or dates.
INKSTERDuane (deed)Chester TownshipB95    NO        Duane INKSTER  
INKSTERJerryChester TownshipB91 1895(11 Dec) 1965 31112 Eng Co D        Mason 
INKSTERJessie M.Chester TownshipB91 1903(cr 9 May) 1986 NO         FPLE 
ISCHAYKenneth H.Chester TownshipB73 1922(31 Mar) 1978 41Navy          
ISCHAYSusan E.Chester TownshipB73 1923(cr 25 Feb)1958 NO           
JABONIPeter L., Jr. Chester TownshipC408  (30 Dec 1999)(61y)NO        Site 3, 18 Jan 2000, Julie JABONI ashes bur 4 Jan 2000
JACKSONDolly A.Chester TownshipA37 18321896 NO FITCH          
JACKSONEdward G., BabyChester TownshipA37  18 Sep 19259 daysNO           
JACKSONGeorgeChester TownshipA37 18261906 NO           
JACKSONHenriettaJackson Burial Ground    23 May 186332y 6m 29dNO  w/oGeorge      given name is broken off
JACKSONJaneJackson Burial Ground    8 Apr 185124y 4mNO  w/oGeorge      broken and fading
JACOBSDaisy D.Chester TownshipA124 1873(cr31 Dec) 1963 NO        G.H. BLAKE Jacobs is engraved on east side of Blake Monument.
JACOBSElmer C.Chester TownshipA124 18691943 NO        G.H. BLAKE Jacobs is engraved on east side of Blake Monument.
JACOBSElva A.Chester TownshipA225 9 Jun 187811 Nov 1919 NO  m        
JACOBSFlorence (deed)Chester TownshipB59    NO        sites 3&4, from Millicent RICHMOND  
JACOBSFlorence R.Chester TownshipB60 4 Feb 190310 Apr 1992 NO        sites 1&2 from Millicent RICHMOND  
JACOBSGleason N.Chester TownshipB60 24 Dec 190531 Mar 1981 NO           
JACOBSGlennChester TownshipA6 26 Dec 188928 Nov 1898 NO  s/oM. & L.B.    JACOBS, T. Also has single marker
JACOBSHarmon O.Chester TownshipA225 1 Mar 196823 Feb 1918 NO  f        
JACOBSLawrence GailChester TownshipA229 1897(cr28 Jan) 1967 NO           
JACOBSLindaChester TownshipA6 1869(cr 2 May) 1967 NO WHITMAN w/oMilan    JACOBS, T.  
JACOBSMarie A.Chester TownshipA229 18931939 NO           
JACOBSMilanChester TownshipA6 1866(cr 25Nov) 1953 NO        JACOBS, T.  
JACOBSRalph L.Chester TownshipA225 19041939 NO           
JOHNSONAlice C.Old Settlement 38  Jul 18433yNO  d/oEdward W. & Caroline       
JOHNSONAntoinetteOld Settlement 38  Jul 18434yNO  d/oEdward W. & Caroline       
JOHNSONC.H.Chester TownshipA156  3 Mar 185553yNO           
JOHNSONEleanor D.Chester TownshipC358 1914(cr21 Jun) 1979 NO           
JOHNSONFred E. Chester TownshipC358  17-Apr-2009 NO        Sites 1 & 2  
JOHNSONGustChester TownshipA296 18671933 NO        B.W. EDDY  
JOHNSONLireta D.Old Settlement 83  18 Mar 187051yNO           
JOHNSONLucyChester TownshipA156  28 Feb 185140yNO  w/oC.H.       
JOHNSONLynn G.Chester TownshipC348 23 May 1941  NO  f        
JOHNSONNeal D.Chester TownshipC348 15 Oct 1961(23 Sep) 1989(27y)NO  son     Loy & Joanne MOSS (cremains)
JOHNSONRoy E.Chester TownshipC358 (11 Oct) 1917(11 Dec) 1991 41USMC       Sites 3 & 4 No record of burial.
JOHNSONRuth Lillian Chester TownshipC358  (24 Jun 2000)(83y)NO           
JOHNSTONElgieChester TownshipA78  14 Jan 18623yr 4moNO  d/oWalter & Lydia      Surname not on stone.
JOHNSTONHeman D.Chester TownshipA76  24 May 185852 yrsNO           
JOHNSTONJames M.Chester TownshipA76  16 Jan 186228 yrsNO           
JOHNSTONLouisa F.Chester TownshipA76  10 Nov 187662 yrsNO  w/oH.D.       
JOHNSTONLydia H.Chester TownshipA78 18371889 NO          Surname not on stone.
JOHNSTONRobert LeeChester TownshipC433  4-Mar-2002 61           
JOHNSTONW. (1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA79    NO           
JOHNSTONWalterChester TownshipA78 18341907 NO          Surname not on stone.
JOLLYHoward Hastings Chester TownshipA306  (18 May 1967) NO        Mary EVANS, 4' No stone. Clerk's records.
JOLLYLottie Chester TownshipA222  (cr 4 Feb 1960) NO          No stone.
JOLLYWm. Clinton Chester TownshipA222    NO          No stone or dates for this individual.
JONESA.S., Rev.Chester TownshipA60  2 Apr 188381yr 3moNO           
JONESEvanChester TownshipA269  3 May 187973 yrNO           
JONESJoelQuirk127  2 Mar 1847in 64th yearNO           
JONESMaryChester TownshipA269  3 Dec 187074 yrNO  w/oEvan       
JONESMary L.Chester TownshipA59  20 Nov 187773 yr 1 moNO  w/o(name buried)       
JUDDMartin L.Chester TownshipB40 1909(cr19 Apr) 1972 NO           
JUDDSteven E. Chester TownshipC314  (4 Oct 1974) NO        H. Edward JUDD No stone. Clerk's records.
JUDDViolet M.Chester TownshipB40 1915(cr16 Jun) 1960 NO           
KA__BEJECharles P.Old Settlement 135  184? NO          missing Oct 1983
KACIANMichaelChester TownshipC406  3 Mar 2002 41           
KAISERArdellaChester TownshipA195 1870(cr28 Jun)1952 NO  m        
KAISEREthel Chester TownshipA195  (no date) NO          Clerk's records. No stone.
KAISERGustChester TownshipA195 1870(cr22 Oct)1954 NO  f        
KARRDavid B.Chester TownshipC454  18-Aug-2011 NO           
KASKYCharles C.Chester TownshipC343 1885(cr27 Mar) 1976 NO  f        
KASKYMartha L.Chester TownshipC343 1895(cr17 Apr) 1985 NO  m        
KAYClarence L.Chester TownshipB48 1907(cr 7 Oct) 1962 NO        Emily GROVE  
KAYMaggie (deed for SIBERT)Chester TownshipB64    NO           
KAYMaggie M.Chester TownshipB48 1910(2 Feb) 1992(81y)NO        Emily GROVE  
KEENYClaytonOld Settlement 5  29 Jul 187510m 21dNO  s/oH. & M.W.       
KEENYCyrusOld Settlement 5 19 Oct 1798 ?26 Nov 1880 NO           
KEENYLeslieOld Settlement 81    NO           
KEENYMaggie MayOld Settlement 5  1 Apr 18755y 4m 12dNO  d/oA.M. & Irene       
KEENYMargaretOld Settlement 5 5 Mar 180311 Aug 1882 NO  w/oCyrus       
KELLYCora Chester TownshipA283    NO        Mrs.Hazel CURD: Mrs.May Belle TRAVELSTED No Stone or dates.
KELSOGeorge E.Old Settlement 88  10 Feb 187529y 8mNO           
KENNEDYCharles R. Chester TownshipC400  (14 Nov 1997)(65y)50Kinney Rec.       Charles & Bertha KENNEDY  
KENNYMuriel G.Chester TownshipA303 1905(21 Jan) 1990(84y)NO  m        
KENNYThomas W.Chester TownshipA303 1900(cr24 May 1960) NO  f        
KENTDanielQuirk123  23 Jul 185374y10Army         broken, being replaced, 1998
KEYTJames E.Chester TownshipA22 18161909 NO           
KEYTZerviahChester TownshipA22 (8or18Dec) 1818(30 Mar) 1902 NO BATTLESw/oJ.E.       
KHASKYAlfred Chester TownshipA182  (no date) NO        C. KHASKY Clerk's record. No stone.
KHASKYElizabeth E. Chester TownshipA182  (no date) NO        C. KHASKY Clerk's record. No stone.
KHASKYJosephChester TownshipA182 18401916 NO        C. KHASKY  
KHASKYRoseChester TownshipA182 18481914 NO  w/oJoseph    C. KHASKY  
KIEFFERE.H.Chester TownshipA17 18541909 NO           
KIEFFERMaryChester TownshipA17 18521938 NO           
KILBYC. LewisChester TownshipA172 1883(cr 28 Sep)1976 NO           
KILBYGlenildaChester TownshipA172 1879(cr 17 Nov)1949 NO           
KILBYHenry M.Chester TownshipA185 18541931 NO           
KILBYLucy M.Chester TownshipA185 1861(cr 9 Jan)1935 NO           
KINCAIDEdith J.Chester TownshipC311 1911(cr 5 Sep) 1973 NO  w/oJohn       
KINCAIDJohn E.Chester TownshipC311 1904(29 Sep) 1975 41Army husb        
KINGMANSharonChester TownshipA143  14 Dec 184342yNO           
KLAMERHenry W.Chester TownshipC354 1907(cr29 Jul) 1986 NO        Ruth WOLTER, Site 3Mason 
KLATKAIla M.Chester TownshipB91 1932  NO           
KLATKAJoseph L.Chester TownshipB91 1930(1 May) 1967 50519 MP Co C          
KLATKAJoseph S. Chester TownshipC376  (21 Nov 1996) NO        Kenneth & Sarah BUTLER, Sites 1 & 2  
KLATKALana S.Chester TownshipC376 1959(14 Apr) 1988(28y)NO        Kenneth BUTLER, Site 3  
KLINGMANNKarlChester TownshipC354 1953(cr 17Mar) 1983 NO        Kurt R. & Gertrude KLINGMANN, Site 4 Ashes buried 17 Mar 1983.
KNEALEKatherineChester TownshipC316 1904(cr27 Jul) 1977 NO FAWCETT      Ralph KNEALE, 1/2 lot  
KNEALERalph M. Chester TownshipC316 (1897)(2 Nov 1987)(90y)31Army       Ralph KNEALE, 1/2 lot No stone.
KNIGHTHittyChester TownshipA128  4 Jun 185363yNO           
KNIGHTMarjorie C.Chester TownshipB32 1906(cr10 Nov) 1979 NO          Married 3 Jun 1930.
KNIGHTWilliam H.Chester TownshipB32 1906(cr 1 Sep) 1982 NO          Married 3 Jun 1930.
KOELLISCHIsabell M. Chester TownshipA150  (cr 5 May 1972) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
KOELLISCHWilliam Chester TownshipA150  (cr19 Feb 1972) 41Army         No stone. Clerk's records.
KOENIGCarl F.Chester TownshipB100 1894(cr 1 Mar) 1977 NO           
KOENIGLoretta A.Chester TownshipB100 1896(cr 4 May) 1970 NO           
KOERMENDYIrene M.Chester TownshipC338  28 Mar 1993(66y)NO  m       "The peacemaker. Our beloved Mutti."
KOERMENDYKarl Chester TownshipC338  (16 Jan 1997)(73y)NO          His side of the stone is not cut.
KOERMENDYKarl M.Chester TownshipC338  27-Feb-2009 61           
KOLSOMFred L.Chester TownshipB39 1891(cr28 May) 1954 NO           
KOLSOMHarry R.Chester TownshipC319  10-Jun-2009 NO        Henrietta KOLSOM  
KOLSOMKathrynChester TownshipB39 18871981 NO          NO Record.
KOSTERDorothy L.Chester TownshipC376 1914(14 Aug) 1992(77y)NO        Site 1 by Kenneth BUTLER Room for another name on stone. (cremains bur 20 Aug 1992)
KOSTERGerald F.Chester TownshipC376 1913(24 Sep) 1991(78y)NO        Site 1 by Kenneth BUTLER Room for another name on stone. (cremains)
KOTAJohn Chester TownshipB94 (6 Oct 1916)(14 Jul 1995)(78y)41Nat'l Guard       John Kota No stone.
KOVACSArthur W.Chester TownshipC371  13-Sep-2001 NO        Sites 2 & 3, 16 May 1997  
KOVACSElizabethChester TownshipC424  22-Jun-2005 NO           
KOVACSFrankChester TownshipC339 16 Jul 189122 Jan 1983 NO  f     Arthur KOVACS, Sites 1 & 2 Married 7 Jun 1913.
KOVACSJuliaChester TownshipC339 26 Jul 18933 Feb 1988 NO YAGERm       Married 7 Jun 1913.
KRAUSEJ. WilliamChester TownshipA302 1902(cr 2 Jul) 1956 NO        Ruth KRAUSE Other side of stone is not cut.
KRAUSERuth E.Chester TownshipA302  (30 Aug 1998)(83y)NO           
KREMMElizabeth Chester TownshipC369  (9 Dec 1995)(89y)NO        Site 4, 5 Apr 1993  
KREMMWalter (deed)Chester TownshipC370    NO        Site 1, 5 Apr 1993  
KREMMWalter, Jr. Chester TownshipC369  18-Jul-2011 NO        Site 3, 17 Oct 1991  
KRIETERoberta S.Chester TownshipA218  7 Nov 2005 NO           
KRISTODonald (deed)Chester TownshipC455    NO        Sites 1 & 2, 23 Jun 2000  
KRUKAnna DeloresChester TownshipA273 20 Mar 193322 Sep 2005 NO          with Walter
KRUKFrankChester TownshipA273 1889(cr23 Mar) 1955 NO           
KRUKSophiaChester TownshipA273 1886(cr 8 Dec) 1958 NO           
KRUKWalter L.Chester TownshipA273 9 Dec 19244 Aug 1979 41S.Sgt US Army WW II h/oAnna D.      Has second Military Stone.
KRUZHerman (deed)Chester TownshipC350    NO           
KUNDTZGeorge N.Chester TownshipC377 5 Aug 192623 Mar 1995 41US Navy          
KUNDTZKeith R.Chester TownshipC377 29 Aug 195116 Jun 1956 NO          Transferred from White Haven Cemetery 1 Apr 1976.
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