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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
MACKIEJohn CurrieChester TownshipC390  31-Jan-2007 NO           
MAGELAmandaChester TownshipB25 18641942 NO           
MAGELKarlChester TownshipB25 18641943 25Kinney Rec.         Incorrect marker; WWII
MAINSWalter H. Chester TownshipA207    NO        Julian POT No stone. Clerk's record. NO dates.
MAJORCharlene Chester TownshipA303  (cr24 May 1961) NO    c   Elizabeth MAJOR, 1/2 lot No Stone. Clerk's records.
MAJORJohn Chester TownshipA302  (cr18 Jan 1958) NO        Elizabeth MAJOR, 4' No stone. Clerk's records.
MANNINGRobert W. & Helen (deed)Chester TownshipC336    NO        Robert W. & Helen MANNING  
MANSFIELDElvaChester TownshipB37 1878(cr 6 Jan) 1963 NO           
MANSFIELDEunice I.Chester TownshipB32 1900(cr24 Dec) 1970 NO          Married 30 Jan 1924
MANSFIELDHarland G.Chester TownshipB32 1899(9 May) 1989(89y)NO          Married 30 Jan 1924
MANSFIELDHoward L. (deed for 1/2 lot)Chester TownshipB72    NO           
MANSFIELDShirley (deed)Chester TownshipB38    NO        Shirley MANSFIELD  
MANSFIELDVivern S.Chester TownshipB37 1874(cr14 Jun) 1949 NO           
MAPESAsa (owner of lot)Chester TownshipA146    NO        Asa MAPES No Stone. Clerk's records.
MAPESCleoraChester TownshipA12 (cr 24Sep) 1843(cr 29Dec) 1922 NO KEYT          
MAPESGeorge F.Chester TownshipA257 1884(cr14 Feb) 1958 NO          with Rachel M.
MAPESHattie Chester TownshipA146    NO        Asa MAPES No Stone. Clerk's records.
MAPESJames E.Chester TownshipA205 1869(cr30 Apr) 1958 NO           
MAPESJoseph Chester TownshipA146    NO        Asa MAPES No Stone. Clerk's records.
MAPESLeverett S.Chester TownshipA252 (13 Jul) 1873(18 Nov) 1955 NO          with Sarah R.
MAPESMilan L.Chester TownshipA252 (24 Sep) 1901(3 Sep) 1922 NO           
MAPESRachel M.Chester TownshipA257 1883(cr 5 Jan) 1963 NO          with George F.
MAPESRoxana Chester TownshipA146    NO        Asa MAPES No Stone. Clerk's records.
MAPESS. AsaChester TownshipA217 18581920 NO           
MAPESS. ElnoraChester TownshipA217 18521923 NO           
MAPESSadie A.Chester TownshipA205 18631939 NO           
MAPESSarah Chester TownshipA146    NO        Asa MAPES No Stone. Clerk's records.
MAPESSarah R.Chester TownshipA252 (18 Jan) 1877(2 Dec) 1933 NO HENDERSON         with Leverett S.
MAPESSethChester TownshipA12 (3 Jan) 1840(3 Feb) 1918 19Co E 103 OVI          
MARSHALLHerbert, Mrs. Chester TownshipA138  (cr11 Jun 1944) NO          No Stone.
MARTIN? Infant Dau.Chester TownshipA3  no dates NO           
MARTINAbigail D.Chester TownshipA3 11 Feb 18161 Feb 1888 NO PRATTw/oAnthony W.       
MARTINAnthony W.Chester TownshipA3 12 Mar 18165 Apr 1897 NO           
MARTINJanice E.Chester TownshipA244 11 Dec 192110 Aug 1922 NO           
MARTINNelsonChester TownshipA2 6 Feb 180810 Oct 1893 NO           
MARTINSarahChester TownshipA3 15 Jan 18452 Mar 1891 19Kinney Rec. d/oA.W. & A.D.       
MARTINSarahChester TownshipA3 27 Feb 178319 May 1844 NO WYLIEw/oR. Martin       
MARTINThomas V.Chester TownshipC459  3-Dec-2005 41           
MASSEYMarieChester TownshipA297 (cr 8 Dec) 1905(cr18 May) 1946 NO MEYERdau(William & Flora MEYER)       
MASTRANGELODarrell Herbert Chester TownshipC378  (23 Jun 1995)(46y)NO        Douglas BOSS gave lot to family  
MATHEWSAnn SusanChester TownshipC374 20 Jan 19408 Jun 1988 NO        Roger MATHEWS, Site 3 Teacher Sue (cremains)
MATZCatherine Chester TownshipC408  16 Nov 2004 NO           
MAURICEJoseph F.Chester TownshipC376 28 Jan 192025 Nov 1984 41Sgt US Army WW II       Cindy HIRSCHFELD, Site 4  
McCRACKENBuryl (deed for 1/2)Chester TownshipB8    NO           
McCRACKENBuryl L. (Lawrence)Chester TownshipB12 15 Oct 194328 Oct 1967 61SP 4 US ARMY          
McFADDENCharles P.Chester TownshipC329 1918(cr27 Jul) 1982 NO         Mason 
McFADDENHarriet O.Chester TownshipC329 1915(cr30 May) 1973 NO           
McGILLDellChester TownshipA177 18601930 NO           
McGILLEdwinChester TownshipA177 18541925 NO           
McHAFFIEJohn C. Chester TownshipA275  (cr30 Dec 1950) NO          No Stone.
McHALELoisChester TownshipC296  6-Sep-2004 NO           
McHALEThomas E.Chester TownshipC296  22-Jun-2003 NO           
McHALEWilliam B. Chester TownshipC296  25-Apr-1988 NO           
McILRATHHelen E.Chester TownshipA307 1901(cr 20May) 1985 NO           
McILRATHWebster A. (Jr)Chester TownshipA307 1899(cr25 Feb) 1956 31Army          
McLAUGHLINTeresa MarieChester TownshipC385  14-Dec-2004 NO           
McMELLONJames Chester TownshipA274    NO        Forrest Bond No Stone or dates.
MELEJames S.Chester TownshipC349 1930  NO           
MELESusan L.Chester TownshipC349 1935(20 Sep) 1989(54y)NO           
MELVINAchsahChester TownshipA53  18 Apr 185891 yrsNO  w/oR. Melvin       
MELVINKezia S.Chester TownshipA53  15 Jul 183232NO           
MELVINR. (Reuben)Chester TownshipA53 (12 Nov 1760)28 Aug 183777 yrs01(Pvt Dickinson's MA         Regt)
MELVINReuben L.Chester TownshipA53  17 Jul 18484yr? 9 moNO  s/oA. & R      Stone is illegible.
MENKELWilliam B., Sr. Chester TownshipC327  (cr28 Apr 1976) NO        MENKEL, one grave No Stone.
MERKHarriet MChester TownshipB84 1916(cr 1 Feb) 1969 NO  w/o        
MERKLeokadiaChester TownshipB79 19 Mar 190020 Jan 1963 NO        Leonard MERK Under dates is written - MUTTI RUHE SANFT
MERKLeonardChester TownshipB84    NO  husb        
MESCHERGrace L.Chester TownshipC357  (15 Nov 1999)(93y)NO           
MESCHERRay A.Chester TownshipC357 1904(15 Jun) 1981 41Cpl US Army WW II          
METCALFEAda Chester TownshipA107  (1947) NO          No Stone. Information from Clerk's record.
METTLERFlorence E.Chester TownshipB18 1904(cr 4 Oct) 1949 NO           
METTLERWilliam E.Chester TownshipB18 1892(cr13 Jan) 1964 NO           
MEYERAngelineQuirk236  1 Aug 185338yNO  w/oLewis      broken in 3 parts
MEYERFlora B.Chester TownshipA297 (cr18 Apr) 1870(cr 2 Feb) 1942 NO BATTLES m        
MEYERViolet M.Chester TownshipA297 (13 Mar) 1900(26 Apr) 1949 NO  dau        
MEYERWilliam E.Chester TownshipA297 (cr 1 Jun) 1868(cr28 Apr) 1952 NO  f        
MILESGladysChester TownshipC332 1896(cr17 Dec) 1985 NO           
MILESWillardChester TownshipC332 1897(cr 9 Jan) 1985 NO           
MILLERAnna S.Chester TownshipA126  19 Apr 187689y 8dNO  w/oJohn      Stone is illegible.
MILLERAugust R.Chester TownshipA284 19001981 NO          with Rose F. and Hattie M. MILLER
MILLERAugust R.Chester TownshipB93 1900(cr13 Aug) 1981 NO           
MILLERBarrett A.Quirk117  ? ? 18493mNO  s/oD.H. & L.L.      illegible
MILLERBarton B.Old Settlement 101  9 Jun 183810y 7mNO  s/oDaniel & Jennett      stone missing Oct 1983
MILLERBarton S.Chester TownshipA126  22 Aug 186541y 4mNO          Stone is illegible.
MILLERDanielOld Settlement 101  23 Aug 186260y 5m16Army          
MILLEREdward Chester TownshipA240  (cr12 Apr 1946) NO          No Stone. Clerk's records.
MILLEREleanor F.Chester TownshipA126  15 Jul 186510y 4mNO  c/oJ. & A. Miller      Stone is illegible.
MILLERFrank E.Chester TownshipA162 18681892 NO          Willard & Frank were moved from Old Settlement & placed in one grave.
MILLERHattie M.Chester TownshipA284 1886(cr19 Mar) 1952 NO          on a monument with August R. & Rose F., Sec B, Lot 93)
MILLERHattie M.Chester TownshipB93 18861952 NO          has a single stone in Sec. A, Lot 284
MILLERHoward B.Chester TownshipA126  4 Feb. 186710y 7mNO  c/oJ. & A. Miller      Stone is illegible.
MILLERJanet Chester TownshipA165    NO          Clerk's record. No dates.
MILLERJennettOld Settlement 101  1 Apr 187266yNO  w/oDaniel       
MILLERJennie A.Chester TownshipA162 18461925 NO           
MILLERJohanna M.Chester TownshipA284 18611940 NO    w.     with Max
MILLERJohnChester TownshipA126 (1796)21 Feb 186973y10Army         Stone is illegible.
MILLERJohn R.Old Settlement 101  1 Oct 185523y 6mNO  s/oD. & J.       
MILLERJoyce PatriciaChester TownshipC437  6-Sep-2010 NO           
MILLERJuliaChester TownshipA126  6 Feb. 18675y 4mNO  c/oJ. & A. Miller      Stone is illegible.
MILLERMary K.Chester TownshipA240 19191920 NO           
MILLERMax W.Chester TownshipA284 1860(cr18 Aug) 1947 NO          with Johanna M.
MILLERNellie B.Chester TownshipA162 1876(cr 8 Oct)1951 NO           
MILLERRose F.Chester TownshipA284 18991958 NO          with August R. & Hattie M. MILLER
MILLERRose F.Chester TownshipB93 1899(cr10 Oct) 1958 NO           
MILLERRoy A.Chester TownshipC437  14-Feb-2004 41           
MILLERWillardChester TownshipA162 18411895 NO          Willard & Frank were moved from Old Settlement & placed in one grave.
MILLS? Baby Chester TownshipA170  (no date) NO          Clerk's record - No stone.
MILLSAnnaChester TownshipA170 18781942 NO           
MILLSBernice AnnChester TownshipA226 21 Sep 190921 Aug 2001 NO          Room for another name with Virgil
MILLSChas L.Chester TownshipA179 18381918 NO           
MILLSClara BelleChester TownshipA9 19111945 NO COTTRELL        OES 
MILLSGeraldineChester TownshipA226 19101917 NO          Surname not on stone.
MILLSHarry S.Chester TownshipA226 1870(cr14 Jun) 1950 NO           
MILLSLena B.Chester TownshipA226 1879(cr11 Sep) 1975 NO           
MILLSMaryChester TownshipA199 18331893 NO JENKINSw/oWilliam MILLS      Mother with Huldah HAMILTON
MILLSMichael Smith Chester TownshipA226  (6 Jan 1999)(55y)NO          ashes
MILLSNorman D.Chester TownshipA170 18651932 NO           
MILLSPhebe M.Chester TownshipA179 18401918 NO  w/oChas. L.       
MILLSRaymond Chester TownshipA170  (2 Nov 1977) NO          Clerk's record - Urn was buried. No stone.
MILLSVirgil B.Chester TownshipA226 1906(cr16 Jul) 1976 NO          Room for another name
MILLSWilliamChester TownshipA199 18231911 NO  f        
MINERHannahOld Settlement 56  (23 Oct 1831)(in 73rd yr)NO  (w/o)(Justice)      stone replaced
MINERJohn Old Settlement 56 (7 Jul 1760)(22 Jul 1804) 01(Pvt 6th & 7th Conn         Regt; killed by a tornado; body moved from Chillicothe Rd)
MINERJusticeOld Settlement 56  27 Jul 185688y 6m01(Pvt Canfield's Conn         Regt)
MINERMabelOld Settlement 56  (21 Apr 18??)(in 50th yr)NO  (w/o)(Justice)       
MITCHELLBert R.Chester TownshipA73 18741919 NO        R. MITCHELL: WM MITCHELL  
MITCHELLDelmer J.Chester TownshipA73 19 Jun 189823 Mar 1963 31Ohio Co E 112 Engrs.       R. MITCHELL: WM MITCHELL Pvt. WWI
MITCHELLEthelChester TownshipA73  18 Feb 18963 or 5 mo.NO        R. MITCHELL: WM MITCHELL Surname not on stone.
MITCHELLGeorgieChester TownshipA73 18891890 NO        R. MITCHELL: WM MITCHELL Surname not on stone.
MITCHELLRobert T.Chester TownshipA72 1871(cr13Jun) 1956 NO           
MITCHELLSusie M.Chester TownshipA72 1874(cr18May) 1957 NO           
MONROElectaChester TownshipA44  19 Nov 185055yrs 8m 3or5daNO  w/oJohn      "Resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan " on almost illegible stone.
MONTAGUEBettyChester TownshipA253  5 Nov 2010 NO           
MONTAGUEPaul Chester TownshipA253 12 Jan 191813 May 2009 41           
MOOREBonnie Wife & MotherChester TownshipC347 7 Apr 1943  NO  w/o       Married 15 Sep 1962
MOOREHelenOld Settlement 29  4 Nov 187831yNO DOANw/oH.P.       
MOOREJohnChester TownshipA142 (1752)9 Mar 1843 01Pvt 3 NY Regt Rev W          
MOOREWib (Wilbur) Husband & FatherChester TownshipC347 22 Jul 19406 Feb 1992 61SSgt US Air Force husb       Married 15 Sep 1962
MOREYEdward W.Chester TownshipA84 18141894 NO           
MOREYSylviaChester TownshipA84 18191893 NO EAGERhwEdward W.       
MORRELLB.E.Chester TownshipA117  24 Aug 18493yNO           
MORRELLF.L.Chester TownshipA117  14 Aug 18514m 20dNO           
MORRISMillardChester TownshipC394  31-Mar-2006 NO           
MOSSCharles R.Chester TownshipB67 1917(cr 16Jun) 1986 NO         Mason 
MOSSJean Denniston.Chester TownshipB67 191914 Jan 2007 NO         OES 
MOSSLenaChester TownshipA33 1879(cr 6Jan) 1958 NO   (m. 1, Janes COTTRELL; m. 2 ?, MOSS)     OES FPLENo Surname on stone. Lena COTTRELL MOSS on Clerk's record.
MOSSLoyChester TownshipC348 1936(7 Feb) 1991(54y)NO  w/o        
MOSSLoyChester TownshipC348 192814-Oct-2010 NO  husb        
MULLETTBrianna MichelleChester TownshipC449  3-Aug-2007 NO           
MUNICHAnna ReginaChester TownshipC381  29-Jun-2002 NO           
MURFELLO? Child Chester TownshipA259    NO          No stone, no record of dates.
MURFELLOBertha Chester TownshipA259  (26 Oct 1991)(86y)NO          (cremains)
MURFELLOTony Chester TownshipA207    NO          No stone. Clerk's record. No dates.
MURFELLOWilliamChester TownshipA207 19 Jan 189514 Nov 1964 31OH Pvt 23 Co 158       Julian POT Depot Brigade WW I
MURFELLOWilliam Chester TownshipA259  (no date) NO           
MURPHYJosephineChester TownshipC353 16 Jul 19164 Jul 1976 NO           
MURPHYWilliam T.Chester TownshipC353 31 Jan 189930 May 1973 41OH Pvt US Army WW II          
MUSSERClaire A.Chester TownshipB3 19291977 NO  dau       No record of date of death.
MUSSERHayden I.Chester TownshipB3 1904(cr29 Apr) 1970 NO         Mason 
MUSSERSadie E.Chester TownshipB3 1896(4 Mar) 1988(91y)NO          
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