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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
NEHER? BabyChester TownshipA47 3 Mar 18773 Mar 1877 NO          Stone is illegible.
NEHERCarolineChester TownshipA47 18 Dec 183114 Mar 1921 NO  w/oJoseph      Stone is illegible.
NEHERFrank C.Chester TownshipA48 19021940 NO  m       No Surname on stone.
NEHERJohn C.Chester TownshipA48 18631943 NO  f       No Surname on stone.
NEHERJosephChester TownshipA47 24 July 18255 Jan 1906 NO          Stone is illegible.
NEHERJosieChester TownshipA47 10 Dec 187219 Apr 1877 NO          Stone is illegible.
NEHERJulia MChester TownshipA48 18741964 NO  m       No Surname on stone.
NEHERLucille M.Chester TownshipA48 19061923 NO  m       No Surname on stone.
NEHERLulaChester TownshipA47 30 Mar 187029 Mar 1877 NO          Stone is illegible.
NICHOLSAnn EudociaChester TownshipA74  13 Sep 18503 yr 9 moNO  d/oG & S       
NICHOLSBertha A.Chester TownshipA255 18661926 NO           
NICHOLSGrant S.Chester TownshipA255 1864(cr 5 Jun) 1963 NO           
NICHOLSHarveyScotland School    27 Mar 184437y 9m 27dNO        Chesterland Historical Foundation vault cover donated to the Foundation
NICHOLSHezekiahOld Settlement 58  2 Apr 185370y 1mNO           
NICHOLSHezekiahOld Settlement 81  2 Jun 18541y 7m 11dNO  s/oO. & L.M.       
NICHOLSLaviraOld Settlement 11 12 Dec 18215 Jul 1905 NO  m        
NICHOLSLillian K.Chester TownshipA255 18611951 NO  m       monument has Lillie, 1861-1951
NICHOLSLovinaOld Settlement 58  30 Aug 186965y 8mNO  Relict/oH.       
NICHOLSOrvillOld Settlement 11 4 Oct 181724 Nov 1901 NO  f        
NICHOLSTheronChester TownshipA24  14 Dec 185028y 10m 21dNO  s/oJ & R       
NICKERSONEdna A.Chester TownshipB82 1891(cr2 May) 1979 NO           
NICKERSONHoward L.Chester TownshipB82 1888(cr14 Oct) 1961 NO         Mason 
NISTETTERAlice Chester TownshipB82    NO          room for her name; not cut
NISTETTERAugustus H.Chester TownshipB82 1889(cr29 Oct) 1962 31Army          
NORTONGenevieveChester TownshipC430 7//3/191810-Jan-2005 NO           
NORTONKenneth E.Chester TownshipC430  31-Aug-2004 41           
NORTONL. PomeroyChester TownshipA95  3 Apr 18285yNO  s/o       Only son
NORTONLebbeusChester TownshipA95 (1788)3 Dec 18758510Army          
NORTONNancyChester TownshipA95  30 Aug 186571y 6m 21dNO  w/oLebbeus      DOD could be 1863. Stone is illegible
NORTONPhilena H.Old Settlement 89  30 Sep 185025y 3m 19dNO  d/oS. & H.       
NORTONThos. T.Quirk229  11 Jul 185723y 6m 21d ?NO           
OHLErnestChester TownshipA177 18761923 NO           
OHLVetteChester TownshipA177 18581929 NO           
O'NEALFloraChester TownshipA49 18531906 NO WEBSTER         
O'NEALHarold MathewChester TownshipA49 18951899 NO           
OPATRNYCharles J.Chester TownshipA281 1930(cr15 May) 1935 NO          Sonny Boy
OPATRNYJosephChester TownshipA294 1870(cr27 Jan) 1949 NO  f        
OPATRNYJoseph F.Chester TownshipA281 1898(cr 9 Apr) 1977 NO  f        
OPATRNYMaeChester TownshipA281 1903(cr 9 Sep) 1985 NO  m        
OPATRNYStellaChester TownshipA294 1879(cr4 Jan) 1936 NO  m        
OPPENHEIMRobert S.Chester TownshipC363 8 Aug 194531 Jan 1992 NO        Carolyn SCHWAN  
ORENWilliam Chester TownshipC375  (6 Nov 1994)(56y)NO        Rita OREN, Site 3  
OSCHIPBarbaraChester TownshipC434  13-Aug-1991 NO           
OSTERHELDAlbert A.Chester TownshipB64  3-May-2004buriedNO           
OSTERHELDAlbert C. Sr. Chester TownshipB18  (cr 9 Nov) 1949 NO          No Stone. Clerk's records.
OSTERHELDAnna S. Chester TownshipB64  18-Nov-1970 NO        Carolyn PAGET No Stone. Clerk's record.
PAARJane E.Chester TownshipA160 1919  NO          Twin Sisters
PAARJean A.Chester TownshipA160 1919(cr 13 Dec)1982 NO          Twin Sisters
PACKARDAlmonChester TownshipA59  8 Nov 1839in his 13th yrNO           
PACKARDCharlieChester TownshipA88 18351918 NO          Surname not on stone.
PACKARDChristianaChester TownshipA59  4 Nov 1838in her 16th yrNO           
PACKARDClarindaChester TownshipA88 18061881 NO          Surname not on stone
PACKARDJohnChester TownshipA59  11 Apr 184359NO           
PACKARDJoshuaChester TownshipA88 18061887 NO          Surname not on stone.
PACKARDSarahChester TownshipA88 18311912 NO WISE        Surname not on stone
PAGE? BabyChester TownshipA180  (no date) NO        Martin E. PAGE, 4' Stone has Baby No surname
PAGE? Baby. Chester TownshipA181  (no date) NO        W.H. PAGE Clerk's records. No stone.
PAGEAmelia L.Chester TownshipA171 18561921 NO  m     M. PAGE  
PAGEBurt R.Chester TownshipA181 1902(cr 16 Jul)1970 NO        W.H. PAGE  
PAGEEdwin E.Chester TownshipA171 18591928 NO  f     M. PAGE  
PAGEMary A.Chester TownshipA181  4 Feb 2003 NO           
PAGETCarolyn (deed for OSTERHELD)Chester TownshipB64    NO           
PAINTER? InfantChester TownshipA7  1906 NO          Stone has surname, "The Three Infants", and DOD.
PAINTER? Infant.Chester TownshipA7  1912 NO          Stone has surname, "The Three Infants" and DOD.
PAINTER? Infant..Chester TownshipA7  1923 NO          Stone has surname, "The Three Infants" and DOD.
PAINTERBeverly J.Chester TownshipA276 17 Dec 192526 Mar 2011 NO           
PAINTERCarl E.Chester TownshipB17 1935(cr15 Aug) 1949 NO  son        
PAINTEREliana Lee Baby Chester TownshipB17  (cr 22Jun 1976) NO          No Stone. Clerk's record.
PAINTERElizabethChester TownshipA7 18481899 NO  w/oFrederick       
PAINTERFrederickChester TownshipA7 18481899 NO           
PAINTERFrederick G.Chester TownshipB17 1909(cr18 Jan) 1971 NO  f        
PAINTERGailChester TownshipC318  19-Nov-2003 41           
PAINTERGeorge W.Chester TownshipA29 1875(cr 26Feb) 1969 NO           
PAINTERHazel G. (Geraldine)Chester TownshipA276 6 May 190626 Apr 1956 NO SMITH          
PAINTERHoward E.Chester TownshipA276 10 Feb 190313 Apr 1975 NO           
PAINTERHoward, Jr.Chester TownshipA276  192510 mo.NO           
PAINTERJennieChester TownshipA29 1876(cr 6Nov) 1957 NO QUIGLEY         
PAINTERMargaret E.Chester TownshipB17 1908(11 Jun) 1989(80y)NO  m        
PAINTERPearl, Mrs. (deed)Chester TownshipC318    NO        Mrs. Pearl PAINTER  
PAINTERRobert H.Chester TownshipA8 1878(cr21Sep) 1965 NO           
PAINTERTressa M.Chester TownshipA8 1882(cr18Mar) 1961 NO           
PALINKASAnnChester TownshipC354 191125-Jan-2001 NO           
PALINKASCarl D.Chester TownshipC354 1912(cr21 Dec) 1984 NO           
PALMERAchsah S.Chester TownshipA42 15 Jul 18107 May 1850 NO MELVIN          
PALMERAnn R.Chester TownshipA42 15 Jun 182021 May 1894 NO READ          
PALMERChesterChester TownshipA42 13 Dec 181221 May 1894 19Kinney Rec.          
PALMERChester C.Chester TownshipA42 18 Dec 185322 Jan 1854 NO           
PALMEREleanor A.Chester TownshipA232  12 Feb 2006 NO           
PALMEREmilineChester TownshipA41 10 Apr 183112 May 1832 NO           
PALMERHarrietChester TownshipA41 10 May 181523 Jun 1831 NO           
PALMERJulius C.Chester TownshipA42 9 Jul 182925 Feb 1830 NO           
PALMERLucy R.Chester TownshipA41 19 Jul 179416 Mar 1838 NO           
PALMERUrbanChester TownshipA41 1 Jul 178730 Nov 1847 NO           
PARKERBettyChester TownshipB104 17 Aug 19031 Oct 1964 NO           
PARKERJoan N.Chester TownshipA97  28 Apr 188364y 11mNO  w/oDea N.       
PARKERN., Dea. (Nelson)Chester TownshipA97  22 Oct 188870y 10mNO          stone has Dea. N.
PARKERThomas A.Chester TownshipC402  14-Jul-2004 61           
PARKINAmy (deed)Chester TownshipC370    NO        Deed paid by HERMAN, Site 2  
PARKINRichard (deed)Chester TownshipC370    NO        Deed paid by HERMAN, Site 2  
PARREdnaChester TownshipA149 18691870 NO        A. PARR Surname is not on stone.
PARREdna Chester TownshipA98    NO          No stone. Information from Clerk's records.
PARREllisChester TownshipA148 19081909 NO          Surname not on stone.
PARREthelChester TownshipA149 18881911 NO        A. PARR Surname is not on stone.
PARREvelyn A.Chester TownshipA148 1913(cr25Apr) 1962 NO           
PARRFrances E.Chester TownshipA149 18471893 NO        A. PARR  
PARRFrancis E. Chester TownshipA98    NO          No Stone. Information from Clerk's records
PARRJane E.Chester TownshipA159  7-Dec-2011 NO           
PARRJessieChester TownshipA149 18731940 NO        A. PARR Surname is not on stone.
PARRKittie J.Chester TownshipA148 1880(cr 23 Feb)1949 NO  m        
PARRLeonardChester TownshipA103  7 Feb 188375y 11m 17dNO  f        
PARRLynn F.Chester TownshipA148 1876(cr29 Aug)1964 NO  f        
PARRM. AugustaChester TownshipA149 18481922 NO        A. PARR  
PARRPhilipChester TownshipA148 19151916 NO          Surname not on stone.
PARRRachel M or N.Chester TownshipA103  17 Jul 188070y 1m 1dNO HAMMOND w/oLeonard       
PARRVaughnChester TownshipA148 19101911 NO          Surname not on stone.
PARRISJohnChester TownshipA168 (1782)18 Jan 186482y10Army          
PARRISLucindaChester TownshipA168  11 Dec 186179yNO  w/oJohn       
PARRISWilliamChester TownshipA169  3 Sep 185135y 6m 12dNO  s/oJ. & L.       
PATTERSONAugustus G.Chester TownshipA30 1855(cr 20Jan) 1936 NO  f      Mason 
PATTERSONDora M.Chester TownshipA30 18501919 NO  m       No Surname on stone
PATTERSONIonaChester TownshipB6  24 Jun 2008 NO           
PATTERSONJ. VernonChester TownshipB7 1913(cr 23May) 1978 NO           
PATTERSONMabel G.Chester TownshipA30 1880(cr 13Dec) 1957 NO           
PATTERSONN.C. FerryChester TownshipA30 1880(cr 26Sep) 1966 NO           
PATTERSONSamuel Chester TownshipB6 23 Apr 191010 Sep 1999 NO           
PATTERSONSamuel (deed for part)Chester TownshipB7    NO           
PATTERSONSiphaChester TownshipA16 18361928 NO           
PATTERSONThelma E.Chester TownshipB7 1914(cr5 Mar) 1958 NO HAND        
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