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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
PECAPatricia A.Chester TownshipC423  18-Mar-2005 NO           
PEROVICHPeter, Jr.Chester TownshipC434  31-Mar-2001 NO           
PERRYBurl E.Chester TownshipC322 192122-Oct-2002 NO  f        
PERRYDavid W. Chester TownshipA260  (cr22 Nov 1977) NO          Ashes were buried. No stone.
PERRYDorothy L.Chester TownshipC322 1926(cr 9 Jan) 1975 NO  m       Might the initial L. stand for LAVON - surname?
PERRYJohn WesleyChester TownshipA260 18621939 NO  f        
PERRYJosephettaChester TownshipA260 18691938 NO  m        
PERRYLeita IonaChester TownshipA259  16 Mar 2005 NO          transferred from Ethel SCHELOSKY
PERRYTod F. Chester TownshipA260  (cr21 Mar 1960) NO          Ashes were buried. No stone.
PETERSEN? BabyChester TownshipA43    NO        H.C. COTTRELL (map) No dates on stone.
PETERSENCarl W.Chester TownshipA247 1895(5 Mar) 1987 NO          with Mabelle M.
PETERSENClarence N.Chester TownshipC330 1899(cr25 Apr) 1980 NO           
PETERSENElaine SandraChester TownshipA233 1946  NO          with Martha Ann
PETERSENEleanor Chester TownshipC418  18 Jan 2004 NO           
PETERSENElizabeth W.Chester TownshipC331 1906(24 Feb) 1993(86y)NO WILMOT          
PETERSENElsie O.Chester TownshipA43 18881919 NO        H.C. COTTRELL (map)  
PETERSENEvelyn H.Chester TownshipA246 1915  NO          with Wesley P.
PETERSENLeonard N.Chester TownshipC331 1902(17 May) 1993(90y)NO           
PETERSENLeonard W.Chester TownshipC331 1927(cr21 Jun) 1976 41US Navy          
PETERSENMabelle M.Chester TownshipA247 1899(cr 7 Nov) 1979 NO          with Carl W.
PETERSENMarenChester TownshipA246 1869(cr 8 Dec) 1955 NO          with Peter
PETERSENMartha AnnChester TownshipA233 1949(cr12 Oct) 1959 NO          with Elaine Sandra
PETERSENNaomi M.Chester TownshipC330 1900(cr23 Feb) 1977 NO           
PETERSENPeterChester TownshipA246 1868(cr18 Aug) 1959 NO          with Maren
PETERSENPeter III DadChester TownshipA233 25 Jan 193211 Apr 1994 50Army f        
PETERSENPeter, Jr.Chester TownshipA233 1891(cr11 Mar) 1975 NO          with Ruby L.
PETERSENRobert C.Chester TownshipC418  18-Jan-2004 50           
PETERSENRuby L.Chester TownshipA233 1897(cr20 Sep) 1971 NO          with Peter, Jr.
PETERSENSandra MaeChester TownshipA233 1938(cr24 Oct) 1944 NO          with Wesley Paul, Jr.
PETERSENWesley P.Chester TownshipA246 1915(30 Oct) 1989(74y)NO          with Evelyn H.
PETERSENWesley Paul, Jr.Chester TownshipA233 19391939 NO          with Sandra Mae
PFEIFFERGeraldineChester TownshipA242 1914(cr17 Nov) 1965 NO HENDRICK      A. HENDRICK  
PHELPSAnsonOld Settlement 94  11 May 186680yNO          missing Oct 1983
PHELPSAsenith S.Old Settlement 93  9 Jan 185918y 5m 1dNO  d/oW. & C.       
PHELPSCelindaOld Settlement 93  5 Sep 188470y 5m 23dNO  w/oWalter       
PHELPSCharlotteChester TownshipA91 8 Jun 184127 Apr 1914 NO GILBERT         
PHELPSFlora A.Chester TownshipA92  3 Aug 188414yr 6mo 18daNO          Monument is on Lot 91.
PHELPSHector M.Old Settlement 93  18 Dec 185824y 10m 18dNO  s/oW. & C.       
PHELPSLovinaChester TownshipA116  15 June 184685yNO  w/oSamuel    W. PHELPS Stone illegible. Widow's Rev. War pensioner.
PHELPSWalterOld Settlement 93  19 Mar 187177yNO           
PHELPSWalter G.Chester TownshipA91 8 Aug 18443 Jun 1901 19Army          
PHELPSWillardOld Settlement 94  22 Feb 184425yNO          missing Oct 1983
PHILBRICKAlura M.Quirk126  5 Mar 187552y 22dNO  w/oAmos       
PHILBRICKAmosQuirk126 24 Sep 18094 Apr 1865 NO           
PHILBRICKClarkQuirk125  20 Apr 184955yNO          s has Melinda, Joshua, Horace, Hannah, Maria
PHILBRICKElizabethQuirk124 18341887 NO  w/oJ.H.       
PHILBRICKJoshua H.Quirk124  14 Sep 186131yNO           
PHILBRICKLukeQuirk126  4 May 184438yNO           
PHILBRICKMariaQuirk125  7 Apr 186120yNO           
PHILBRICKMaryQuirk125  14 Sep 188377yNO HILTONw/oClark      s has Melinda, Joshua, Horace, Hannah, Maria
PHILBRICKN.A. (Nancy)Chester TownshipA95 29 Apr 181610 Nov 1893 NO           
PHILBRICKS.B.Chester TownshipA95 6 Sep 180029 Apr 1885 NO           
PHINNEY?, Mother of E.C. Chester TownshipA163  (no date) NO        C.C. PHINNEY  
PHINNEYAbbie G.Chester TownshipA165  Aug 1864 NO  d/oWm.S & M.J.      Stone is illegible.
PHINNEYAlton C. Chester TownshipA164  (no date) NO           
PHINNEYClintonChester TownshipA154  21 Feb 186070yNO           
PHINNEYDavid G.Chester TownshipA164 18331903 NO           
PHINNEYEllen Jo Chester TownshipA163    NO  (w/o)(Emery C.)    C.C. PHINNEY Clerk's record - Name and that ashes were buried 16 May 1966.
PHINNEYEmery C.Chester TownshipA163 22 Apr 18905 Mar 1939 NO        C.C. PHINNEY  
PHINNEYEmory Chester TownshipA164  (no date) NO           
PHINNEYIsaiah C.Chester TownshipA154 18281860 NO  f        
PHINNEYLeon Chester TownshipA163  (no date) NO        C.C. PHINNEY  
PHINNEYMercy W.Chester TownshipA154  21 Feb 186969yNO  w/oClinton       
PHINNEYWilliamChester TownshipA165  8 Nov 1875 NO          Stone is illegible.
PINKERMANBarbara L.Chester TownshipB98  26 Jun 2004 NO           
POCTAEvelynChester TownshipA237 19051943 NO INEMANdauJames INEMAN       
PODOJILEdward J.Chester TownshipB77 1912(cr24 Oct) 1960 NO  f       Stone says father and husband.
PODOJILMarieChester TownshipB77 1914(19 Jul) 1995(80y)NO  m       Stone says wife and mother.
POLLARDM.Old Settlement 115  30 Jan 184331yNO           
POLLARDN.Sunnybrook Farms Nursery    30 Jan 184331y 1m 7dNO           
PORTERAustin E. Chester TownshipC424  18-Sep-2009 NO        Sites 1 & 2, 22 May 1998  
PORTERHelen M.Chester TownshipC424  7-Jun-2010 NO           
POSEYLynn (deed)Chester TownshipC366    NO        Site 4, 15 Sep 1994  
POST? Baby Chester TownshipA193  (no date) NO          Clerk's record. No stone.
POST? Baby Chester TownshipA193  (no date) NO          Clerk's record. No stone.
POST? Baby Chester TownshipB66    NO        John POST, Jr. No stone. Clerk's records show no dates.
POSTAlfred P.Old Settlement 6 18381905 NO          shaped like a tree stump
POSTCharlieOld Settlement 6  1 Sep 18661y 6m 11dNO  s/oA.P. & M.       
POSTEdward K.Chester TownshipA17 1904  NO           
POSTEmmaChester TownshipA38 1883(cr 15Jul) 1972 NO          Double stone. Husband? James is in Lot 39.
POSTEthelChester TownshipA17 18821909 NO           
POSTEvelynChester TownshipA194  urn 9 Sep 2010 NO           
POSTFrankChester TownshipA68  22 Aug 188421NO  s/oJ. & J.       
POSTFred CranstonChester TownshipA193 1877(cr13 Dec) 1962 NO           
POSTJabezOld Settlement 95 17961876 NO           
POSTJamesChester TownshipA39 1881(cr 4Oct) 1976 NO          Wife? Emma is in Lot 38.
POSTJanette Chester TownshipA68    NO          Stone missing in both 1983 and 1995.
POSTJean M.Chester TownshipA38 19191940 NO           
POSTJennetteChester TownshipA67 18401912 NO           
POSTJohn F.Chester TownshipA67 18281914 NO           
POSTLouisaOld Settlement 6  28 Jul 18696y 2m 11dNO  d/oA.P. & Maryann       
POSTMarthaChester TownshipA193 18871919 NO SCOTT         
POSTMary A.Old Settlement 6 18401885 NO          shaped like a tree stump
POSTMary A.Old Settlement 95 18111884 NO  w/oJabez       
POSTNellie B.Chester TownshipA39 1876(cr 26Feb) 1951 NO           
POSTOrsa J.Chester TownshipA38 (cr 22Sep) 1845(cr 4Nov) 1923 NO LANDERw/oWalter       
POSTWalterChester TownshipA38 (15 Jun) 1840(1 May) 1913 19Army          
POSTWilliamOld Settlement 95  14 Sep 18506yNO  s/oJ. & M.       
POSTWilliam L.Chester TownshipA39 1871(cr 31Dec) 1954 NO           
POTAdolph Chester TownshipB88  (cr17 Jan 1970) NO          No stone.
POTAlfred N.Chester TownshipB88 1898(cr22 Apr) 1985 NO           
POTFrederic Gustof Chester TownshipA207  (cr30 Mar 1957) NO        Julian POT No stone. Clerk's records. Julian owner.
POTTina M.Chester TownshipB88 1901(3 Jan) 1991(89y)NO          (cremation as Leontine M.)
POTTSDoris M.Chester TownshipB87 (23 Jul) 1915(6 Jul) 1991 NO         OES(cremains bur 15 Oct 1991)
POTTSJerry A.Chester TownshipB87 (cr 2 Mar) 1940(cr15 Mar) 1966 NO         Mason 
POTTSRene A.Chester TownshipB87 191017 Feb 2006 NO         Masonwith Doris
PRATTAbnerOld Settlement 83  24 Feb 183752yNO           
PRATTEugene B.Chester TownshipA55  12 Oct 185821NO          Stone is illegible.
PRATTHarrietOld Settlement 76  16 Apr 186678y 10m 14dNO  w/oAbner       
PRATTMurle (deed)Chester TownshipC340    NO        Site 1  
PRATTMurle L.Chester TownshipC339 3 Jul 191019 Nov 1987 41Tec 5 US Army WW II       1/2 lot  
PRATTRosa H.Old Settlement 82   24yNO           
PRATTSabrina T.Old Settlement 76  22 Sep 186233y 1m 15dNO  d/oA. & H.       
PRATTWilliamChester TownshipA55  16 Aug 185562NO          Stone is illegible.
PUGSLEYEmmaChester TownshipA67  19 Mar 187223NO  w/oCyrus      Also daughter of C. Ames
PULSIFERHazel M.Chester TownshipB33 1908(22 Jul) 1993(84y)NO   (m. 1, LA MOREAUX; m. 2, ? PULSIFER)      (cremation as Hazel LaMOREAUX PULSIFER)
PURSIFULEwin G.Chester TownshipB31 1894(cr26 May) 1971 NO           
PURSIFULLottie MChester TownshipB31 1885(cr Aug) 1956 NO           
PURSIFULMyrtleChester TownshipB31 1904(23 Jan) 1994(90y)NO          with Russell DAVIDSON
PUSTERHOFERAnne W. (deed)Chester TownshipC348    NO        Site 3, 26 Jul 1990  
PUSTERHOFERRonald J. (deed)Chester TownshipC348  30-Oct-2008 NO        Site 3, 26 Jul 1990 
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