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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
QUIGLEYAlice K.Chester TownshipA25 18531930 NO WORRALLO      J. QUIGLEY (map)  
QUIGLEYAnna L.Chester TownshipA29 18501929 NO  m       (Dicey in sexton's book)
QUIGLEYEarnest L.Chester TownshipA25  30 Aug 18867yr 3moNO  sonGeorge & Alice    J. QUIGLEY (map) Monument is almost illegible. Has own illegible marker.
QUIGLEYEvelyn S.Chester TownshipA298 19151989 NO          No record of death.
QUIGLEYGeorge Chester TownshipA25  (cr 5May 1937) NO        J. QUIGLEY (map)  
QUIGLEYGeorge C.Chester TownshipA25 1873(cr 11Dec) 1956 31Kinney Rec.       J. QUIGLEY (map)  
QUIGLEYJulianChester TownshipA298 11 Sep 191915 Jan 2001 NO           
QUIGLEYMarguerite B.Chester TownshipA298 1930(cr17 Aug) 1964 NO           
QUIGLEYRalph Chester TownshipA24  (8 Dec 1998)(80y)NO           
QUIGLEYRichard J.Chester TownshipC448  24-Dec-2006 NO           
QUIGLEYSamuelChester TownshipA29 1849(20 Jul) 1926 19Co.M 2ndReg HA f        
QUIGLEYWilliam Ernest Chester TownshipA24  (cr 15Jan 1976) 41Army          
QUIRKJ.G. BlaineChester TownshipA107 18771878 NO           
QUIRKMarilla M.Quirk229  3 Sep 185625y 5m 8dNO  d/oWm. A. & Mary (NORTON) QUIRK       
QUIRKSusan N.Chester TownshipA107 18331911 NO  w/oWilliam       
QUIRKWilliamChester TownshipA107 18331887 NO           
RADELJames R.Chester TownshipC450  9-Jan-2003 NO           
RANNEYAliceChester TownshipA141 18 Mar 18403 Jul 1930 NO           
RANNEYEmeline Chester TownshipA141  (cr - no date) NO           
RANNEYHelen J.Chester TownshipA140 13 Mar 184313 Jun 1900 NO           
RANNEYJulius B.Chester TownshipA140 5 Jun 18312 Dec 1907 NO           
RANNEYKatherineChester TownshipA127    NO        R. RANNEY No Surname on Stone. No dates available.
RANNEYLynda A.Chester TownshipA141 23 May 18007 Oct 1887 NO           
RANNEYMabel C.Chester TownshipA127 1883(cr13 Jun) 1973 NO  m     R. RANNEY  
RANNEYMadelyn M.Chester TownshipA277 1914(cr16 Jun) 1983 NO  m        
RANNEYOliverChester TownshipA141 19 Sep 179614 Sep 1876 NO           
RANNEYOliver A.Chester TownshipA127 1883(cr1 Feb) 1969 NO f      R. RANNEY  
RANNEYPaul R. (deed)Chester TownshipC415    NO        Site 4, 31 Jul 1998  
RANNEYRobert C.Chester TownshipA277 (6 Dec) 1911(17 Dec 1995)(84y)41Army          
RANNEYThomas M. Chester TownshipC416 (19 Jul 1948)(30 Jun 1998)(49y)61USAAF       Sites 1 & 2, 31 Jul 1998  
RANNEYThomas StowChester TownshipA141 9 Sep 182628 Nov 1842 NO           
RARICKTimothy Chester TownshipC391  (2 May 2000)(28y)NO        Site 1, 11 May 2000, Thomas RARICK  
REEBELAlbert ScottChester TownshipA308 21 Jun 189715 Jun 1962 31Oh CE US Navy WW I          
REEDCharles T.Old Settlement 1  30 Jul 18741y 7m 19dNO  s/oS.L. & L.S.      has another stone that has Charles T; no surname
REEDLaura S.Old Settlement 1  16 Jul 187423y 29dNO  w/oS.L.       
REIDWilliamChester TownshipA203 18461916 19Army          
REITERChristinaChester TownshipA113 18251905 NO           
REITERHowardChester TownshipA205 1899(cr 3 Mar) 1976 NO           
REITERMartinChester TownshipA113 18261905 NO           
REITERMartin J.Chester TownshipA113  1859 ?1yNO  s/oMartin & Christina      Stone is illegible.
REITERRuthChester TownshipA205 1898(6 Jun 1999)(101y)NO           
REPASElvira E.Chester TownshipC338  14 May 1979 NO        Michael REPAS, 1/2 lot "Only her body died."
REPASMichaelChester TownshipC338  16-Sep-2010 NO           
REXMary E. Chester TownshipA85    NO          No Stone. Names are from Clerk's record.
REXMuriel Chester TownshipA86    NO          No Stone. Names are from Clerk's record.
REYNOLDSDorothy D.Chester TownshipC373 191331-Jan-2005 NO          with Kenneth who is buried in Lot 372
REYNOLDSFrank W.Chester TownshipB89 1873(cr22 Sep) 1956 NO  f        
REYNOLDSGale DouglasChester TownshipB33 1951(cr11 Apr) 1951 NO           
REYNOLDSKenneth W.Chester TownshipC372 1909(18 Nov) 1993(84y)NO        Site 4 With Dorothy who will be buried in Lot 373
REYNOLDSMaude I.Chester TownshipB89 1876(cr14 Aug) 1948 NO           
RHODESWilliamSunnybrook Farms Nursery    28 May 187373y 7mNO           
RICHMOND? Baby Chester TownshipA194  (no date) NO        F. RICHMOND Clerk's record. No stone.
RICHMONDAvelda+B1563Chester TownshipB83 1907(cr 8 Oct) 1985 NO           
RICHMONDClarence EdwardChester TownshipB194  30 May 2001cremated41           
RICHMONDClarence L.Chester TownshipA188 (cr2 Jan) 1885(cr29 Apr) 1904 NO           
RICHMONDDonald (deed)Chester TownshipB59    NO        sites 1&2, from Millicent RICHMOND  
RICHMONDEbba C.Chester TownshipA194 (17 Dec) 1884(15 Dec) 1939 NO PAULSON       F. RICHMOND  
RICHMONDFannie V.Chester TownshipA304 21 Oct 187419 Aug 1965 NO LUTZ (?)        with WHITING; stone has Fannie V. LUTZ RICHMOND
RICHMONDFlorence C.Chester TownshipB54 1900(12 Feb) 1992(91y)NO  m       Husband is in Lot 55
RICHMONDFloyd Chester TownshipA194  (no date) NO        F. RICHMOND Clerk's record. No stone; could be the Baby in the record
RICHMONDHarold J.Chester TownshipB55 1897(cr24 Jan) 1983 31Army f       wife Florence is in Lot 54
RICHMONDHarvey E.Chester TownshipA194 (1 Sep) 1922(22 Jun) 1943 41SSgt Army Air Corps       F. RICHMOND Gave his life in service of his country. Lost in the Mediterranian.
RICHMONDJames N.Chester TownshipA188 (cr4 Aug) 1889(cr24 Jul) 1936 NO  son        
RICHMONDJeffrey (deed)Chester TownshipB58    NO        sites 1&2, from Millicent RICHMOND  
RICHMONDJohn F.Chester TownshipB83 1909(20 May) 1994(85y)NO           
RICHMONDKaren L.Chester TownshipB54  20 Mar 2002 NO           
RICHMONDLeonard (deed)Chester TownshipB57    NO        sites 3&4, from Millicent RICHMOND  
RICHMONDLucille B.Chester TownshipB53  3 Aug 2002 NO           
RICHMONDManley G.Chester TownshipA194 (16 Oct) 1882(7 Dec) 1948 NO        F. RICHMOND  
RICHMONDMarjorieChester TownshipB55  9-Jul-2001 NO           
RICHMONDMarthaChester TownshipB54 1930(cr Sep) 1942 NO  dau     Raymond RICHMOND  
RICHMONDMelissa L.Chester TownshipA188 (cr25 Dec)1860(cr16 Sep) 1936 NO BATTLES m        
RICHMONDMichael (deed)Chester TownshipB58    NO        sites 3&4, from Millicent RICHMOND  
RICHMONDMillicent A.Chester TownshipB53 1869(cr 4 Aug) 1961 NO           
RICHMONDRaymond Edward Chester TownshipB53  (23 Mar 1997)(87y)NO           
RICHMONDRoland J.Chester TownshipB57 1892(cr 9 Jul) 1966 31Army WW I f     sites 1&2, R.J. from Millicent RICHMOND  
RICHMONDThomasChester TownshipB53 1869(cr17 Jun) 1941 NO           
RICHMONDThomas C.Chester TownshipB55 1901(cr 7 Dec) 1960 NO           
RICHMONDThomas, Jr. (deed)Chester TownshipB56    NO        T. RICHMOND  
ROBINSONJosephOld Settlement 134  3 Jul 185872y 3mNO           
ROBINSONMaryOld Settlement 134  3 Mar 184452y 4mNO  w/oJoseph       
ROSSDonald K.Chester TownshipC417  13-Aug-2005 NO           
ROSSDorothy C.Chester TownshipB96 1930(cr14 Jan) 1977 NO   (m. 1, James ROSS; m. 2, ? TASTE)      with James ROSS; bp Dorothy TASTE
ROSSJames H.Chester TownshipB96 (19 Aug) 1927(9 Oct) 1967 41Oh SL USNR         Also has a Gov't stone. Service Info. came from that.
ROSSNancy Chester TownshipC417  13 Aug 2005 NO           
RUMBOLDJane SmithChester TownshipC441  31-Jul-2011 NO           
RUSSELLBlanche E.Chester TownshipB36 1893(cr29 May) 1979 NO           
RUSSELLElizabethOld Settlement 100 23 Feb 184623 Dec 1877 NO MILLERw/oSeth C.      missing Oct 1983
RUSSELLEmily LouiseChester TownshipA1 14 Jun 187521 Oct 1930 NO MORLEYw/oGeorge Clark       
RUSSELLErnest S.Chester TownshipA28 1867(cr 13Dec) 1945 NO           
RUSSELLFrancesChester TownshipA21 5 Apr 183226 Feb 1859 NO TURNER         
RUSSELLFrances (cr)Chester TownshipA46    NO        G. RUSSELL : S. HOBART  
RUSSELLG. (map)Chester TownshipA11    NO        G. RUSSELL  
RUSSELLGeorge AlpheusChester TownshipA21 7 Mar 18214 Mar 1907 16Army          
RUSSELLGeorge Clark M.D.Chester TownshipA1 13 Apr 185322 May 1929 NO           
RUSSELLGlenn A.Chester TownshipB36 1891(cr23 Apr) 1981 NO           
RUSSELLJennie A.Chester TownshipA28 18681930 NO           
RUSSELLLaura Elizabeth, InfantChester TownshipA21  22 Dec 1858 NO           
RUSSELLMarilyn (deed)Chester TownshipC346    NO        Sites 1 & 2  
RUSSELLMary FrancesChester TownshipA21 15 May 185625 Feb 1873 NO           
RUSSELLRobert (deed)Chester TownshipC346    NO        Sites 1 & 2  
RUSTHarriet D.Chester TownshipA77  2 Apr 187343yr 9moNO  d/oJoel & Mercy       
RUSTJoelChester TownshipA77  6 Dec 183731yr 6mo 6daNO           
RUSTM.C. RUST, Mrs.Chester TownshipA77 29 Nov 180828 Jan 1890 NO   (m. 1, ? RUST; m. 2, AMES)      cr has Mercy RUST AMES
RYANAnna W.Chester TownshipB97 1890(cr14 Feb) 1964 NO WILHELM         Surname is on Monument.
RYANDaniel P.Chester TownshipB97 1889(cr13 Nov) 1963 NO          Surname is on Monument.
RYANGeorge HilpertChester TownshipB102 6 Aug 19191 Nov 1969 41OH AMMF2 USNR          
RYANRussell R.Chester TownshipB102 13 Jun 19474 Aug 1974 61Sgt. US Air Force          
RYANVirginiaChester TownshipB102 1927(cr26 Oct) 1978 NO DAVISm        
RYBAK? BabyChester TownshipA266 13 Feb 192520 Feb 1925 NO           
RYBAKAnnaChester TownshipA268 18641932 NO          with Anton
RYBAKAntonChester TownshipA268 18481930 NO          with Anna
RYBAKCharlesChester TownshipB89 21 Sep 189114 Jan 1953 31Oh Cpl 365 Co MTC          
RYBAKEdwardChester TownshipB90 1898(cr20 May) 1954 NO           
RYBAKEmil A.Chester TownshipA268 1903(cr20 Feb) 1971 NO          with Florence
RYBAKEmilyChester TownshipA266 1888(cr21 Oct) 1977 NO  m       with Joseph
RYBAKFlorence G.Chester TownshipA268 1910(31 Mar) 1988(78y)NO          with Emil A.
RYBAKHelenChester TownshipA266 19151944 NO  dau        
RYBAKJosephChester TownshipA266 1888(cr19 Dec) 1969 NO  f       with Emily
RYBAKRuthChester TownshipB90 1903(cr30 Dec) 1967 NO          
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