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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
SALAMONDaleChester TownshipC443  17-Feb-2011 NO           
SALISBURYHenry S.Quirk239  31 May 185129y 5m 15dNO  s/oA. & M.       
SATTERLEESamuel Old Settlement   (1769)(aft 1832) 01(cabin boy on Linch)          
SAVAGEFlorenceChester TownshipA282 1860(cr20 Nov) 1947 NO          with Thomas
SAVAGEHattie M.Chester TownshipB65 1886(cr20 Sep) 1941 NO  m     Robert & Grace BARNES  
SAVAGELloyd A.Chester TownshipA282 1889(cr 3 Sep) 1971 NO           
SAVAGEThomasChester TownshipA282 1856(cr 4 May) 1948 NO          with Florence
SAVERYHiramChester TownshipA58 2 Oct 182817 Feb 1865 NO    Pittsfield    MasonStone is illegible.
SAWYERCaroline (?)Chester TownshipA82  18 Nov 187572 yrNO  m     E. SAWYER (map) Stone is illegible.
SAWYERMaria S.Chester TownshipA81 18261905 NO          Stone is illegible.
SCHELOSKYLeo D.Chester TownshipA259 18891942 NO  husb(Ethel)       
SCHNEIDEREdithChester TownshipA183 1875(cr 26 Aug)1955 NO GILMORE         
SCHNEIDERHomer LemarChester TownshipA183 18731942 NO           
SCHOENKNECHTNorbertChester TownshipC331 17 Feb 19326 Aug 1979 NO        Christa, one grave  
SCHULTZClifford L.Chester TownshipA14  3 Jan 2006 NO           
SCHULTZEugene Chester TownshipC405  8 Aug 2009 NO           
SCHULTZHarold E.Chester TownshipA14 1915(cr 22Mar) 1985 NO  husbRuth M.      Father, Grandfather. Deed transfer from Grant Battles 1981.
SCHULTZJacqueline T.Chester TownshipC405  9-Aug-2009 NO           
SCHULTZRuth M.Chester TownshipA14 1922(23 Apr) 1991(68y)NO  w/oHarold E.      Mother, Grandmother
SCHUMAKERLawrenceChester TownshipA249 18611940 NO          with Lena
SCHUMAKERLenaChester TownshipA249 1863(cr25 May) 1956 NO          with Lawrence
SCHUMAKERWalter J.Chester TownshipA249 1896(cr10 Nov) 1982 NO           
SCHUTZJames J.Chester TownshipC375 8 May 19274 May 1992 41US Marine Corps WWII         cremains
SCHWANCarolyn (deed for OPPENHEIM)Chester TownshipC363    NO        Carolyn SCHWAN  
SCHWARZ? BabyChester TownshipA25 19311931 NO        J. QUIGLEY (map)  
SCHWEDDonald WilliamChester TownshipC456  2-Sep-2009 NO           
SCOTTAretasOld Settlement 1  12 Dec 187563y 1m 13dNO  f        
SCOTTBetseyOld Settlement 44  14 Aug 182441y10  w/oJohn       
SCOTTCreighton E.Quirk116  18 Sep 1865 NO  s/oP. & I.      illegible
SCOTTDavidOld Settlement 13  7 Jul 187970y 8mNO           
SCOTTEdeth I.Chester TownshipA216 1885(cr23 Feb) 1976 NO         OES 
SCOTTElijah W.Old Settlement 69  10 Sep 187161y 10m 28dNO           
SCOTTElmer D.Chester TownshipA216 1886(cr4 Jun) 1953 NO         Mason 
SCOTTEthel M.Chester TownshipA111 18771911 NO           
SCOTTJohnOld Settlement 44 (1779)18 Nov 185879y 8m10Army          
SCOTTLucy J.Chester TownshipA111 18461919 NO  w/oRansom D.       
SCOTTMartha A.Old Settlement 1  24 Mar 189781y 1m 9dNO  w/oAretas       
SCOTTMary A.Old Settlement 13  26 Jul 189276y 5mNO           
SCOTTNancy M.Old Settlement 69  15 Feb 187260y 10m 4dNO  w/oE.W.       
SCOTTOlgaChester TownshipC443  15-May-2003 NO           
SCOTTPemberton F.Old Settlement 13  Nov 191667yNO           
SCOTTPersis W.Old Settlement 13  17 Sep 183627yNO           
SCOTTPlympton B.Old Settlement 13  4 Oct 186935yNO           
SCOTTPomeroy C.Old Settlement 13  27 Nov 185825y 6mNO           
SCOTTRansom D.Chester TownshipA111 18441914 NO           
SCOTTReubenOld Settlement 27  12 Jan 188164yNO           
SCOTTSpencerOld Settlement 13  192477yNO           
SCULLYFrancisChester TownshipC325 1902(cr26 Aug) 1974 NO        BOWERS, 1/2 lot  
SCULLYMillie A.Chester TownshipC325 1899(cr 9 Jun) 1987 NO        BOWERS, 1/2 lot  
SEARSAlbertQuirk127  18 Jul 187482yNO          23' tall; 5 pieces brought by oxen; $2000 in will; 27 tons
SEARSMarcus A.Quirk127  30 Jul 187377yNO  (bro)(Albert)      $300 in Albert's will
SEUFERCharles A.Chester TownshipC324 1909(6 Aug) 1991(82y)NO        SEUFER, 1/2 lot Great Grandfather
SEUFERMarjorieChester TownshipC324 191214-Mar-2002 NO        SEUFER, 1/2 lot Great Grandmother
SEWELL? Chester TownshipA100    NO          No Stone. Clerk's records.
SHACKLETONRobert V.Chester TownshipA218 1915(cr30 Dec) 1964 NO          ashes
SHACKLETONYvette S.Chester TownshipA218 1915(cr31 Oct) 1986 NO          ashes
SHAFFER? Baby Chester TownshipB76  (cr18 Jun 1964) NO        Detmer No stone.
SHAPARDTimothyChester TownshipA120  5 Oct 184783y01(Pvt Wells Conn Reg)         Should be SHEPARD
SHARPAlvin R.Chester TownshipB75 17 Aug 191225 Aug 1994 NO        Alvin R. Sharp Married 18 May 1931.
SHARPElizabethChester TownshipB74 4 Jul 191311-Oct-2004 NO        Alvin R. Sharp Married 18 May 1931.
SHARPGordon M.Chester TownshipB74 1886(cr 6 Aug) 1952 NO        Alvin R. Sharp  
SHARPMinnie M.Chester TownshipB74 1892(cr26 Jul) 1966 NO        Alvin R. Sharp  
SHARPSam Chester TownshipB74  (cr 9Dec 1995) NO        Alvin R. Sharp cremation
SHARPSamuel EdwardChester TownshipB74  23 Apr 2007 NO           
SHAWC.C.Chester TownshipA139 18411867 NO           
SHAWCorwin B.Chester TownshipA139 18661887 NO           
SHAWFlora E.Chester TownshipA139 18421887 NO           
SHEFFIELDCharlotteOld Settlement 55 1785(12 Mar) 1856(71y 10m)NO          stone replaced between 1925 & 1983
SHEFFIELDG.W.Chester TownshipA157  (26 Jul 1894) 19Pvt Co.D 109 Reg.         govt stone has 109; Indigent soldier record has 103
SHEFFIELDHarveyOld Settlement 55 1777(12 Aug) 1856(79y 5m)NO          stone replaced between 1925 & 1983
SHEFFIELDIda Chester TownshipA157  (cr23 Sep 1952) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
SHEFFIELDLaura M. Chester TownshipB18  (cr 21Apr 1956) NO        Kenneth TOTTEN No Stone. Clerk's records.
SHEFFIELDLydia Chester TownshipA157  (no date) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
SHEFFIELDMary Chester TownshipA157    NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
SHEPARDJamesQuirk128  3 Aug 186843y 8mNO           
SHEPARDLaura A.Quirk128  1 Dec 187649y 6mNO  w/oJames       
SHEPARDLaura C.Quirk128  9 Oct 187919yNO  d/oJames & Laura A.       
SHEPARDTimothy Chester TownshipA120 (18 Jun 1764)(5 Oct 1847) 01(Pvt Wells Conn Reg)         stone has SHAPARD
SHERMANClifford C.Chester TownshipA19 1876(cr 2Jun) 1954 NO           
SHERMANLeRoyChester TownshipB9 1890(cr24 Sep) 1946 NO        R. SHERMAN with Nellie
SHERMANNellieChester TownshipB9 1896(cr23 Mar) 1967 NO        R. SHERMAN with LeRoy
SHERMANNellie (deed)Chester TownshipB13    NO        Mrs. Roy SHERMAN for DeGREEN & HELMER)
SHERMANNellie (Mrs. Roy, deed)Chester TownshipB10    NO           
SHERMANWade J.Chester TownshipB9 1926(cr Feb) 1938 NO  son     R. SHERMAN  
SHERMANZula M.Chester TownshipA19 18781941 NO         OES, FPLE 
SHINGARAEdward S. Chester TownshipC398  (1 Mar 1998)(74y)41Kinney Rec.       Site 3, Micki R. SHINGARA, 20 Mar 1998 ashes
SHIPLETTMargaret M. Chester TownshipC381  (15 Jan 1997)(73y)NO        R. & C. LINN  
SHIPLETTWilliam F. Chester TownshipC381 (7 Sep 1921)(5 Oct 1998) 41Army       R. & C. LINN  
SIBERTMichael PaulChester TownshipB64 21 Jan 189718 Jun 1969 31Pvt Med Det 332       Maggie KAY Infantry Pennsylvania WW I.
SIEGENTHALERIrma E. Chester TownshipC396  (8 Jul 1990)(82y)NO        Site 3, 16 Aug 1996 (cremains bur Aug 1996)
SIEGENTHALERRalph J. Chester TownshipC396  (15 May 1983)(82y)NO        Site 3, 16 Aug 1996 (cremains bur Aug 1996)
SIEGENTHALERRalph J., Jr. Chester TownshipC396  (28 Jul 1996)(63y)NO        Site 3, 16 Aug 1996 (cremains bur Aug 1996)
SILVERNAILAda Chester TownshipB23 (6 Feb 1870)(30 Jul 1955) NO GREEN (d/o)(Almond Green)  Pope Home, Troy, GeaugaOHHarris SILVERNAIL  
SILVERNAILStephen Chester TownshipB23  (cr 21Jan 1955) NO        Harris SILVERNAIL No Stone. Clerk's records.
SIMMONSColettaChester TownshipC345 1938(cr Jul) 1981 NO        Clay LAWRENCE, Site 4  
SIMPSONMary Ann Chester TownshipA178  (no date) NO          Clerk's records. No stone.
SIMPSONS.Chester TownshipA178 18361912 NO          Clerk's records show first name is Sidney.
SMALLCora A.Chester TownshipA218 1871(cr12 Jan) 1951 NO           
SMALLPeter A.Chester TownshipA218 18601921 NO           
SMERDELRalphChester TownshipC315 18971972 NO        Frank SMERDEL Clerk's record show burial 22 Jan 1971.
SMITHAlanson B.Chester TownshipA186 9 Jan 185916 Apr 1910 NO           
SMITHAnnisOld Settlement 81 2 Jan 18254 Jul 1899 NO CLARKm        
SMITHCleoraOld Settlement 75  18 May 1852(25y)NO  w/oWm. L.       
SMITHCora Chester TownshipA186  (cr18 Feb 1977) NO          Clerk's record. No stone.
SMITHFrancisChester TownshipA299 1922(cr13 Dec) 1961 NO           
SMITHFrank J.Chester TownshipA186 23 May 18965 Mar 1954 31OH SSgt USMC WWI          
SMITHPairs PaulChester TownshipA306 24 May 189326 Sep 1968 31Washington SFC       Jeanette SMITH, 4' Quartermaster Corp. WW I.
SMITHRalph R.Chester TownshipC335 2 Sep 191515 Aug 1979 41CCM US Navy WW II       Miriam SMITH, Sites 1 & 2  
SMITHRose Marie Chester TownshipB81  (26 Jul 1997)(64y)NO           
SMITHWilliam M.Old Settlement 81 17842 Aug 1849 10Army          
SMITHWm. L.Old Settlement 81 30 Aug 18229 Aug 1891 NO  f        
SOJKAYaroChester TownshipB78 1899(cr19 Sep) 1961 NO  f     Rebecca SOJKA  
SOMERSLydia A.Chester TownshipA82  3 Apr 187336 yrNO SAWYER ( ? )w/oF.H. SOMERS    E. SAWYER (map) Stone is illegible. Cl___Texas is on stone.
SOUCEKMaryChester TownshipA236 18471927 NO           
SOUTHWELLFrederick H.Chester TownshipC455  1-Feb-2001 NO           
SOUVEYAurora J., Baby Chester TownshipC318  (cr26 Apr 1966) NO        Mrs. Pearl PAINTER No stone.
SOUVEYSidney Chester TownshipC318 (7 Jul 1942)(7 May 1988) 61Navy       Mrs. Pearl PAINTER No stone. (cremains)
SPAINFrancesChester TownshipC351 1934(cr20 Nov) 1982 NO CARSONm        
SPAINJack L., Sr.Chester TownshipC351 (27 Sep) 1929(16 Jan) 1987 50USAF f        
SPAINMichael S.Chester TownshipC351 1957(cr15 Mar) 1980 NO           
SPENCERDoretta J. Chester TownshipC392  (22 Dec 1998)(76y)NO        Site 1, 31 Dec 1998, Roger SPENCER  
SPENCERLydia AnnOld Settlement 77  25 Mar 186750y 10mNO           
SPERRYDorothea L.Chester TownshipB5 1905(cr18 Sep)1969 NO         FPLE 223with Kenneth J.
SPERRYKeithChester TownshipB5 1935(23 Nov) 1995 NO           
SPERRYKenneth J.Chester TownshipB5 1905(2 Nov) 1991(86y)NO         FCB 6823 
SPERRYLovina M.Chester TownshipB5 1883(cr 24Dec) 1948 NO          with Elwood Rd.
SPRAFKAJosephChester TownshipC368 1900(cr26 Dec) 1980 NO           
SPRAFKAMaryChester TownshipC368 1905(cr 4 Apr) 1981 NO           
STAGEHubert J.Chester TownshipB1 1892(cr 12 Oct)1963 NO        E. LAW: E. STAGE  
STAGEIrene MaeChester TownshipB1 19251944 NO        E. LAW: E. STAGE  
STAGEKathryne B.Chester TownshipB1 1904  NO        E. LAW: E. STAGE  
STANNARDMarilla E.Old Settlement 128  30 Aug 184411mNO  c/oH.R. & C.A.       
STANNARDSpencerOld Settlement 128  23 Nov 186211y 2m 2dNO  c/oH.R. & C.A.       
STEBNERErnest (cr)Chester TownshipA50    NO        FRED WELDY  
STEBNERIda (cr)Chester TownshipA50    NO        FRED WELDY  
STEFANCINNicholas P.Chester TownshipC365  23-Oct-2002 NO        Nicholas STEFANCIN, Site 4  
STEPHENSONHannahChester TownshipA105  19 Nov 186163NO  w/oT.B.      Separate stone with H.A.S.
STEPHENSONL.Chester TownshipA118  28 Nov 18514yNO          Also see Lot 105
STEPHENSONT.B.Chester TownshipA105  4 Nov 186163NO          Separate stone with T.B.S. on it.
STEVENSONJoyce ElaineChester TownshipA264 24 Apr 194617 Jan 1948 NO          Our Darling Joy
STEWARTElla MayChester TownshipB103 10 Apr 189628 Dec 1980 NO  m        
STEWARTGlenva RomeChester TownshipB104 11 Jun 192316 Jul 2011 NO           
STEWARTJennifer MaryChester TownshipB103  9 Feb 199838yNO          cr 11 Feb 1998
STEWARTKathleenChester TownshipB104 22 Dec 196323 Dec 1963 NO           
STEWARTScottChester TownshipB104 28 Aug 192528 Mar 1984 41Sgt. US Marine Corps         Military information is on second stone.
STEWARTShawnChester TownshipB104 17 Dec 19547 Aug 1988 NO           
STILLMANEsther C.Chester TownshipA109  8 Jan 189673yNO  w/oRiley F.Danby,      
STILLMANRiley F.Chester TownshipA109  8 Apr 187654yNO          "of Austinburg, OH"
STILLMANRiley F. (1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA110    NO           
STILLWELLGlenn Lee, Baby Chester TownshipA293    NO          Clerk's records. No stone or dates.
STONEDorothy P.Chester TownshipB61  (30 Mar 1995)(92y)NO   (m. 1, Arlie HENDRICK; m. 2, ? STONE)      (with Arlie HENDRICK; bp Dorothy STONE)
STONEWilliamChester TownshipB21  6 Oct 2009 41           
STREETRuthChester TownshipA72  3 Mar 184673yNO GOLDTHWAITE w/oCaleb M.      m 1 William FRISSELL, Jr.; m. 2, Caleb STREET; name on stone in lot 71
STROKEAnna, BabyChester TownshipA238  1922 NO           
STROKENickChester TownshipA238 18851922 NO        Sopha STROKE  
STRONGClara K.Chester TownshipA103 18171892 NO           
STRONGCorinthaChester TownshipA103 18101857 NO           
STRONGJoel K.Chester TownshipA102 1840(31 Dec) 1862 19Army         Killed in Battle Murfreesboro.
STRONGLewisChester TownshipA103 18171897 NO           
STRONGLewis F.Chester TownshipA103 18471868 NO           
STRONGStatira L.Chester TownshipA103 18391840 NO           
STRONGSusan A.Chester TownshipA103 18421843 NO           
SWEETChas A.Chester TownshipA271 1875(cr17 Mar 1967) NO  f        
SWEETMaud RChester TownshipA271 19131939 NO           
SWEETNettie M.Chester TownshipA271 1878(cr28 Apr) 1956 NO  m        
SWEETTheresa H.Chester TownshipA232 1885(cr Oct) 1933 NO  m        
SWEETWilliam A.Chester TownshipA232 1879(cr 6 Feb) 1963 25Army f        
SWETIR?, Mrs. Chester TownshipA112    NO   (m. 1, Chas. CHILSON; m. 2, ? SWETIR)    Chas. CHILSON No stone. cr has Mrs. Chilson Swetir ("These may be reversed."
SWINERTONMelanie RaeChester TownshipC410  1 Jan 2011 NO          
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