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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
TAMBLINGHarriet S.Chester TownshipA132  13 Sep 185642yNO MORGANw/oV.A. TAMBLING       
TAMBLINGS.A., Dea.Chester TownshipA120  17 Feb 184477yNO           
TANNERAlzinaOld Settlement 19 18131891 NO TIFFANYw/oChester       
TANNERAmandaOld Settlement 31  15 Feb 182820yNO  d/oSilas & Mary       
TANNERChesterOld Settlement 19 18101875 NO           
TANNERJamesOld Settlement 25  11 Feb 184844y 7m 6dNO           
TANNERLucinaOld Settlement 31  10 Jan 182318y 9mNO  w/oH.       
TANNERMaryOld Settlement 31  16 Feb 184667yNO  w/oSilas       
TANNERSilasOld Settlement 31  5 Mar 183111y 6mNO  s/oSilas & Mary       
TANNERSilas P.Old Settlement 25  11 Jun 185215y 6m 7dNO  s/oJames       
TANNERTrumanOld Settlement 25  14 Jan 184919y 10mNO  s/oH. & P., only son       
TASTEDorothy C.Chester TownshipB96 1930(cr14 Jan) 1977 NO   (m. 1, James ROSS; m. 2, ? TASTE)      with James ROSS
TAYLORErnest F.Chester TownshipB101 1910(4 Jun) 1991(80y)NO           
TAYLORFrances L.Chester TownshipB101 1910(cr26 Nov) 1971 NO           
TAYSEDorothy (deed)Chester TownshipC326    NO        Dorothy TAYSE  
TESREAURichard H., IIIChester TownshipC344 1939(cr20 Dec) 1974 NO           
THAYERLester (deed)Chester TownshipB5    NO          Clerk's records. Says there are 2 sites.
THAYEROpalChester TownshipA193  12 Jan 199891yNO      Concord, LakeOH   
THOMAS? Baby Chester TownshipA150    NO          No stone. Clerk's records. No dates
THOMASAllen P.Chester TownshipC351 7 Aug 190727 Nov 1984 41Maj US Army WW II       John J. THOMAS, Site 4  
THOMASFranklin B.Chester TownshipA290 1876(cr 1 Oct) 1951 NO          with Lena A.
THOMASHarold B.Chester TownshipA289 30 May 190121 Aug 1974 41Maj US Army          
THOMASHoward H.Chester TownshipA150 (cr 19 May)1881(cr 21 Jul)1962 NO           
THOMASJ.J. (deed)Chester TownshipC352    NO        J.J. THOMAS, Sites 1 & 2  
THOMASLena A.Chester TownshipA290 18781930 NO          with Franklin B.
THOMASLouise R.Chester TownshipA289 14 Dec 190524 Feb 1995(89y)NO          (bp has Hannah Louise)
THOMASSherman P.Chester TownshipC419  8-Jan-2011 NO           
THOMPSONA.N. (Newton)Chester TownshipA295 18761943 NO  f     Ireta TROOK  
THOMPSONDelia L.Chester TownshipA74 18311897 NO  w/oJ.R.       
THOMPSONJ.R., Rev.Chester TownshipA74 18331918 NO           
THOMPSONLaura A.Chester TownshipA74 18411916 NO  w/oJ.R.       
THWINGAnn ElizaChester TownshipA22 27 Feb 185521 Sep 1937 NO KEYTm        
THWINGElecta M.Chester TownshipA26 18321907 NO HINE          
THWINGIrwinChester TownshipA26 28 Aug 182811 Jun 1898 NO           
THWINGLeman I.Chester TownshipA27 18551915 NO        PARKER: E. & T. THWING  
THWINGLillianChester TownshipA27 18621941 NO POOLER  (m. 1, Willis THWING; m. 2, ? HERRICK)    PARKER: E. & T. THWING cr has Lillian Pooler Thwing; Herrick on stone.
THWINGNettieChester TownshipA257 18651940 NO PATTERSON         
THWINGWillis E.Chester TownshipA27  13 Apr 189744yrNO        PARKER: E. & T. THWING  
TIFFANYAnnieQuirk12  9 Oct 18594yNO  d/oGeo. & M.A.       
TIFFANYAnnie Chester TownshipA210  Oct 18594 yrNO  d/oGeorge & M.A.      Stone missing in 1983.
TIFFANYBeecherOld Settlement 71  29 Jul 186516yNO           
TIFFANYCarolineOld Settlement 19  24 Mar 186851y 10m 6dNO           
TIFFANYCharles RomaineChester TownshipA210 18461916 NO           
TIFFANYElizabethOld Settlement 71  2 May 184128yNO          missing in Oct 1983
TIFFANYEllenChester TownshipA210 1848(cr18 Mar) 1935 NO COVERTw/oCharles Romaine TIFFANY       
TIFFANYGeorge FatherQuirk11 1814(cr 23May) 1883 NO           
TIFFANYLizzieOld Settlement 71  16 Aug 186410yNO           
TIFFANYMariahQuirk12  11 Sep 185911yNO  d/oGeo. & M.A.       
TIFFANYMariah Chester TownshipA210  Sep 185911yrNO  d/oGeorge & M.A.      Stone missing in 1983.
TIFFANYMary Ann MotherQuirk11 (11 Apr) 1822(19 Oct) 1909 NO ALMY          
TIFFANYPattyOld Settlement 71 23 Jul 18199 Feb 1894 NO  w/oWarren      missing in Oct 1983
TIFFANYWarrenOld Settlement 70  4 May 187466yNO           
TIFFANYWaylandOld Settlement 70  24 Mar 18543yNO           
TINKEREdwin B.Chester TownshipA267 (28 Nov) 1880(10 Feb) 1953 NO          Surname not on stone.
TINKERElviraChester TownshipA101 21 Aug 182029 Aug 190584y 8dNO  w/o       Stone is illegible.
TINKEREthan V.Chester TownshipA267 (8 Jun) 1847(28 Nov) 1926 NO          Surname not on stone.
TINKERJane F.Chester TownshipA101 Jan 18457 Dec 186318y 11m 2dNO          Stone is illegible. Additional single marker for Jane.
TINKERJohn H.Chester TownshipA101 6 Apr 181819 Nov 188466y 7m 13dNO          Stone is illegible.
TINKERMartha O.Chester TownshipA267 (17 Jan) 1853(24 Jun) 1944 NO BATTLES         Surname not on stone.
TINKERMartha P.Chester TownshipA267 (1 Oct) 1880(3 Sep) 1965 NO SHERMAN         Surname not on stone.
TINKERMaryChester TownshipA101 10 Nov 182516 Aug 188761y 9mNO  w/oJ.H.      Stone is illegible.
TITUSCecil P., Dr.Chester TownshipB20 27 Jan 19001 Dec 1970 NO           
TITUSClare M.Chester TownshipB20 15 Feb 18981 Dec 1964 NO           
TITUSJohnathon David Chester TownshipB20  (cr 7Mar 1975) NO          No stone. Clerk's record.
TOFFANTPaul F.Chester TownshipC359 17 Oct 191631 Jul 1979 41SSgt US Army WW II       Virginia TOFFANT, Sites 3 & 4  
TOFFANTVirginia E. Chester TownshipC359  (4 Jan 2000)(87y)NO        Virginia TOFFANT, Sites 3 & 4  
TOMALAAnna Chester TownshipA310  (cr 12Jun 1999) NO          ashes
TOTHDavid McBrideChester TownshipB87 29 Jul 194725 Oct 1967 61OH SP4 CoB 12 Inf         199 Lt. Inf BDE
TOTHDonaldChester TownshipB68 1924(cr13 Oct) 1984 41Pfc US Army WW II          
TOTHHelenChester TownshipB68 1900(cr23 Mar) 1965 NO  m        
TOTHJames A. Chester TownshipC356  28-Aug-2007 NO        Site 4  
TOTHJames A. (deed)Chester TownshipC373    NO        Site 4, 31 Dec 1987  
TOTHJohnChester TownshipB68 18941919 31OH Pfc 5 Ammo TN         5 Div WW I.
TOTHJohn Chester TownshipB68  (cr 12Aug 1961) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
TOTHPatricia AnnChester TownshipC356 29 Sep 195724 Jul 1985 NO           
TOTTENKenneth (deed for SHEFFIELD)Chester TownshipB18    NO           
TRAVELSTEDMay Belle, Mrs. (deed)Chester TownshipA283    NO        Mrs.Hazel CURD: Mrs.May Belle TRAVELSTED only burial is Cora KELLY
TRI-COUNTYCremation ServiceChester TownshipC374 19831990 NO        Tri County Cremation Service-Gattozzi Mass burial of urns.
TRI-COUNTYCremation ServiceChester TownshipC375 19911994 NO        Tri-County Cremation Service Sites 1,2 Child's vault buried 30 Aug 1994. Doll basket, Birthday card.
TROJANBarbaraChester TownshipA223 18451926 NO  hwJoseph       
TROJANJosephChester TownshipA223 18401919 NO           
TROJANJoseph.Chester TownshipA223 1875(cr15 Mar) 1935 NO           
TROJANPeterChester TownshipA223 1872(cr12 Mar) 1951 NO  f        
TROJANTheresaChester TownshipA223 18721934 NO  m        
TROOKIreta (deed, 4')Chester TownshipA295    NO        Ireta TROOK for A.N. THOMPSON
TURNERAustinChester TownshipA45  22 May 1843 (?)44 yrNO          Marker illegible.
TURNERAustin, Jr.Chester TownshipA45  ? Feb 18426 moNO  s/oAustin & Laura      Marker illegible.
TURNERBeecherChester TownshipA45  22 May 18438yr 7 moNO  s/oAustin & Laura      DOD "on the same day" as Austin Turner. Illegible Marker.
TURNERLauraChester TownshipA46  14 Jan 186360NO  w/oAustin      "Our Mother" on west side of marker.
TURNERRosmie E.Chester TownshipA51 18661904 NO  d/oThomas W.    F. TURNER (map)  
TURNERThomas W.Chester TownshipA51 18311903 NO        F. TURNER (map)  
TURSICDonna J.Chester TownshipC388  2-Oct-2010 NO           
UBERTEdChester TownshipA295 1876(cr27 Dec) 1964 NO           
VAN HORNCharles H.Chester TownshipB63 18901959 NO  f        
VAN HORNKathryn A.Chester TownshipB63 1892(cr13 Jul) 1984 NO  m        
VARGACarol JuneChester TownshipB2 12 Jun 193726 Mar 1955 NO  dau     J. VARGA  
VARGAEleanor J. Chester TownshipB2  (28 Oct 1994)(83y)NO        J. VARGA (cremains bur 2 Nov 1994)
VARGAJosephChester TownshipB2 17 Feb 19081 Apr 1984 NO  husb     J. VARGA  
VARGOCarole F. (ashes)Chester TownshipC382  (26 May 2000)(67y)NO        Site 4, 9 Jun 2000, David VARGO  
VARGOLouis P.Chester TownshipC311 1909(3 Feb 1999)(89y)NO          Parents and Grandparents (ashes)
VARGOMargaret A.Chester TownshipC311 1910(10 Mar) 1993(82y)NO          Parents and Grandparents (cremains)
VARGORose Barbara Chester TownshipC395  (15 Jun 1997)(85y)NO        William & Dorothy CAMPBELL (cremains bur 3 Jul 1997)
VARGOWilliam J.Chester TownshipC382  23-Dec-2011 41           
VICICStaniChester TownshipC315  1 Apr 1981 NO m      Frank SMERDEL  
VIDIANMary BATTLES Chester TownshipA188  8 Mar 1911 NO STEWART w/o(m. 1, Newton BATTLES; m. 2, ? VIDIAN)       
VIHEREsther MarieChester TownshipB12 24 Jun 191930 Sep 1975 NO        Buryl Mc CRACKEN  
VILDHermanChester TownshipB25 1908(25 Sep 1997)(89y)NO           
VILDMarie A.Chester TownshipB25 191214 Aug 2003 NO           
VORACHEKJoseph F.Chester TownshipA280 18981934 NO        Christine VORACHEK  
VOREL? Baby Chester TownshipA278    NO          Clerk's records. No dates or stone.
VORELAmelia LaMOREAUXChester TownshipA198 1918(cr25 Jun) 1980 NO  w/o(m. 1, Murray LAMOREAUX; m. 2, ? VOREL)      Stone has Amelia LAMOREAUX VOREL with Murray
VORELDouglas J.Chester TownshipB71 1943(cr27 Sep) 1960 NO  son     Walter J. VOREL  
VORELIrene B.Chester TownshipB71 1927(cr25 Feb) 1978 NO  (w/o)        
VORELJames H.Chester TownshipA278 1882(cr 6 Feb) 1958 NO           
VORELMaryChester TownshipA278 1889(cr 3 Jul) 1957 NO           
VORELWalter James Chester TownshipB71 (21 May 1916)(17 Jul 1991)(75y)41USAAF       Walter J. VOREL No stone. Clerk's record.
VRANICAntoniaChester TownshipC461  4-May-2006 NO          
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