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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
WAGNER? Baby BoyChester TownshipA48  21 Mar 1954 NO           
WAGNEREdward C.Chester TownshipA217  27 Jul 2009 NO        Sites 3 & 4, 9 Nov 1999  
WALKEREdgar EugeneChester TownshipA187 18491928 NO           
WALKERMary AnnChester TownshipA187 18531904 NO MILLS         
WALKUPVirginia Chester TownshipB2  (10 Jan 1994)(59y)NO        J. VARGA (cremains bur 21 Jan 1994)
WALTERSElla MaeChester TownshipC341 1907(cr 1 Oct) 1974 NO        BROOCKER, Frank Sites 3 & 4  
WASCHURAMary R.Chester TownshipC384  15-Nov-2008 NO           
WEBSTERAsahelChester TownshipA96 18101900 NO           
WEBSTEREmilyChester TownshipB25 1889(12 Oct) 1987(98y)NO           
WEBSTERLucinda S.Chester TownshipA96  21 Nov 1839 NO  w/oAsahel       
WEISSHerman A.Chester TownshipC334 1905(cr 16Dec) 1975 NO           
WEISSPaulineChester TownshipC334 1914  NO           
WELDYT. Chester TownshipA50  (no dates) NO        Fred WELDY  
WELLSLee (deed)Chester TownshipC337    NO        WELLS, 1/2 lot  
WENDTAlbertChester TownshipA292 1894(cr17 Jun) 1964 31Kinney Rec.          
WENDTAmandaChester TownshipA40 18961909 NO          Surname not on stone.
WENDTAnnaChester TownshipA40 1862(cr 17Jun) 1935 NO ENSSLIN        Surname not on stone.
WENDTHilda M.Chester TownshipA292 19051930 NO  m        
WENDTMaryChester TownshipA40 18691910 NO          Surname not on stone.
WENDTMary S.Chester TownshipA291 1899(26 Jun) 1989(89y)NO  w/o(m. 1) Dale DITTO; (m. 2, ? WENDT)      (bp has Mary S. WENDT)
WENDTRobertChester TownshipA40 1862(cr 9Oct) 1946 NO          Surname not on stone.
WENGERDoris J.Chester TownshipB24 1927  NO           
WENGERRussell J.Chester TownshipB24 1924  NO           
WENTZWilliam H. Chester TownshipA294  (cr 17Oct 1936) NO        Jos. OPATRNY, Sr.  
WENZLIKHelen G. Chester TownshipC367  (27 Feb 2000)(76y)NO        Sites 1 & 2; 23 Jun 1993  
WENZLIKJohn H. Chester TownshipC367  15-Sep-2010 NO        Sites 1 & 2; 23 Jun 1993  
WERMELSKIRCHENDorothy S.Chester TownshipC396  13-Aug-2004 NO           
WERMELSKIRCHENLouis M. Chester TownshipC396 (19 Dec 1924)(22 May 1995)(70y)41Kinney Rec.       Site 2, 23 Sep 1996, Dorothy (cremains bur 12 Sep 1996)
WESLEYRonald J. (deed for 4)Chester TownshipC352    NO        Ronald WESLEY, Sites 3 & 4 Site 3 for Helen AUSTIN
WEYHEWilma Chester TownshipA123  (cr18 Nov 1966) NO        F. GRIEGER No Stone. Clerk's record.
WHEELERCoraChester TownshipA177  21 Feb 1868y 3m 4dNO  c/oV & M       
WHEELERDoraChester TownshipA177  8 Jan 1869y 1m 21dNO  c/oV & M       
WHEELERMelissaChester TownshipA176 18291912 NO           
WHEELERVelorusChester TownshipA176  11 Nov 187648y 5m 14dNO           
WHITAKERDanny B.Chester TownshipB95 9 Sep 195721 Nov 1980 NO  son     Duane INKSTER Dear Son and Brother
WHITCOMBRichard G. Chester TownshipC379  (19 Jan 1996)(23y)NO        Faith & Richard WHITCOMB, Sites 1 & 2  
WHITEDelilah H. Chester TownshipB85  (23 Jul 1997)(79y)NO           
WHITEJohn P.Chester TownshipB85 19 July 19147 Apr 1963 41OH Pfc HQ Co 65 Inf.          
WHITEJohn P.Chester TownshipC355 1951(cr24 Apr) 1986 NO           
WHITINGFannie M.Chester TownshipA304 22 Mar 191610 Jun 2010 NO           
WHITINGGerald B.Chester TownshipA272 22 Jul 191022 Dec 1973 41OH Pvt. US Army          
WHITINGHannahChester TownshipA176  25 Nov 187871y 6m 2dNO  w/oJohn      First name might be Hanna H.
WHITINGHelen E.Chester TownshipA272 1892(cr30 Aug) 1963 NO           
WHITINGJohn Chester TownshipA176  (no date) NO          Clerk's record. No stone.
WHITINGJoyce BabyChester TownshipA272  1939 NO           
WHITINGLura L.Chester TownshipA279 18571927 NO  m        
WHITINGPaulChester TownshipA304 28 Apr 189927 May 1982 NO           
WHITINGRalphChester TownshipA279 5 Feb 189716 Mar 1966 31US Army WW I          
WHITINGRobert W. Chester TownshipC385  (23 Aug 1999)(60y)NO        Sites 1 & 2,10 Sep 1999, Marilyn WHITING  
WHITINGSamuel G.Chester TownshipA272 1888(cr20 Jan) 1967 NO           
WHITINGT.D.Chester TownshipA279 18561934 NO           
WHITINGWilliam P.Chester TownshipA304 13 Feb 193725 Nov 1989 NO           
WHITLOCKJosiahChester TownshipA122  1 May 185078yNO           
WHITLOCKSallyChester TownshipA122  20 Feb 185373y 10mNO  w/oJosiah       
WHITMANAbigailChester TownshipA94  23 Nov 188182y 2m 7dNO  w/oBarzillai       
WHITMANAlden E.Chester TownshipA94  9 Mar 18642319Co C 1st OVA         Died at Stewart's Creek TN Stone is almost illegible.
WHITMANBarzillaiChester TownshipA94  25 Aug 187066y 4m 7dNO           
WHITMANGeorgeChester TownshipA134 18441928 NO           
WHITMANIsiahChester TownshipA128  12 Jul 185666yNO           
WHITMANMary Chester TownshipA94  (cr, no dates) NO           
WHITMANMary E.Chester TownshipA134 18471912 NO  w/oZebedee       
WHITMANMeradonChester TownshipA94  12 Oct 187421y 5m 2dNO          Our Beloved Son Surname is not on stone.
WHITMANN.D.Chester TownshipA134 1838(20 Jan) 1911 19Bat C 1st OLA          
WHITMANZebedeeChester TownshipA134 1840(22 Nov) 1924 19Bat C lst OLA          
WHITNEYLillianChester TownshipA283 18901978 NO          Ashes Sep 1979.
WHITNEYSimon E.Chester TownshipA283 18851941 NO           
WICKSCheryl JaneChester TownshipA254 1908(26 Mar) 1987(78y)NO BROTHERS        (cremains bur 3 Aug 1987)
WICKSHenry L.Chester TownshipA254 1865(cr29 Apr) 1950 NO          with Nellie A.
WICKSHenry LewisChester TownshipA241 21 Oct 192519 Feb 1945 415th Div 27th Marine         Died in action on Iwo Jima.
WICKSLewis E.Chester TownshipA254 1903(cr25 May) 1962 NO         Mason 
WICKSNellie A.Chester TownshipA254 1867(cr14 Dec) 1955 NO          with Henry L.
WICKSOlive EdithChester TownshipA241 7 Jun 192212 Jan 1928 NO           
WIDOLolaChester TownshipC383  10-Dec-2009 NO        Sites 1 & 2; 9 Aug 1999  
WIEGANDDorothy (deed)Chester TownshipC362    NO        WIEGAND, 3 & 4, 1 Sep 1992  
WIEGANDMarlin Chester TownshipC362  (6 Nov 1997)(74y)NO        WIEGAND, 3 & 4, 1 Sep 1992  
WILBURNArleneChester TownshipA190 1914(cr19 Dec)1983 NO          No Surname on stone.
WILLIAMS? Infant SonChester TownshipA159  20 Apr 18704dNO  s/oS. & J.    L. PARR: L. WILLIAMS  
WILLIAMSAbishaChester TownshipA161 (23 Apr 1793)11 Jan 186973 or 78y 8m10Army         Stone is illegible.
WILLIAMSAnnaQuirk230  9 May 186972y 6m 24dNO  w/oDavid, Jr.       
WILLIAMSAugustus A.Quirk233 10 Sep 182522 Nov 1887 NO           
WILLIAMSAureliaQuirk230  21 Aug 185031y 4m 6dNO  d/oDavid & Anna       
WILLIAMSCharles R.Quirk238 18331882 NO           
WILLIAMSDavidQuirk230 (1797)31 Aug 186197y 6m 21d10Army          
WILLIAMSDavid, Jr.Quirk230  11 Dec 185154y 5m 28d10           
WILLIAMSEliza S.Quirk233 18361875 NO           
WILLIAMSElmerQuirk238  1 Jan 18762y 2m 16dNO  s/oC.R. & E.A.       
WILLIAMSElmer D.Quirk231  25 Jul 185624yNO  s/oA.A. & L.A.      broken on date & age
WILLIAMSEstherChester TownshipA161  20 Feb 187982y 6m ?dNO  hwAbisha      Stone is illegible.
WILLIAMSHannah P.Chester TownshipB62 10 May 188418 Nov 1952 NO  m       Mother of Iva CULBERTSON
WILLIAMSHervey L.Chester TownshipA160 1867(cr12 Jan) 1956 NO           
WILLIAMSJaneChester TownshipA159 18381897 NO           
WILLIAMSJuliaChester TownshipA160 18671893 NO BACON         
WILLIAMSKate I.Chester TownshipA160 1867(cr 6 Dec) 1950 NO           
WILLIAMSLewisChester TownshipA159 18341916 NO           
WILLIAMSLoelQuirk233  8 May 18691y 9m 22dNO  s/oDavid & Eliza       
WILLIAMSLucinda A.Quirk233 22 Jan 183624 Nov 1915 NO BABCOCK          
WILLIAMSLynnQuirk232  21 Oct 18671y 18mNO  s/oA.A. & L.A.       
WILLIAMSRalphQuirk232  11 Nov 18664y 7mNO  s/oA.A. & L.A.       
WILLIAMSRhodaQuirk230  9 Jun 185996y 6m 24dNO  w/oDavid       
WILLIAMSSilas O. Quirk231  6 Sep 186328y 6mNO          missing 1983
WILLIAMSWalter B.Quirk232  10 Mar 18612y 3m 1d ?NO  s/oD.L. & E.S.       
WILLIAMSONAnnieChester TownshipA190 20 Feb 186722 Dec 1912 NO          Surname not on stone but on monument.
WILLIAMSONElsieChester TownshipA180 1899(cr 31 Dec)1971 NO          Surname is not on stone.
WILLIAMSONJennie E.Chester TownshipB49 1890(cr23 Dec) 1982 NO NICHOLS         
WILLIAMSONSpencerChester TownshipA180 1894(cr 10 Jun)1971 41Navy         Surname is not on stone.
WILLIAMSONWalter W.Chester TownshipB49 1891(cr20 Oct) 1971 NO           
WILLIAMSONWalter WayneChester TownshipB49 1926(cr30 Jul) 1944 NO  son       Surname not on stone.
WILLIAMSONWillieChester TownshipA190 26 Oct 186218 Feb 1895 NO          Surname not on stone but on monument.
WILSONBillChester TownshipB81 1906(cr19 Jan) 1970 NO  f      Mason 
WILSONFrederick C.Chester TownshipB85 1895(cr14 Mar) 1970 NO.          
WILSONGeraldine H.Chester TownshipC372 1925(16 Jan) 1989(63y)NO  m     Gary WILSON, Site 1  
WILSONJohn W.Chester TownshipB81  16 Jul 2002 NO           
WILSONJosephineChester TownshipB81 1909(cr 2 Jan) 1961 NO  m        
WILTAnneliese "Lee"Chester TownshipC440  26-Oct-2006buriedNO           
WISETheodore R.Chester TownshipC360 1 Mar 190829 Nov 1976 41Cpl US Army WW II       Sites 1 & 2  
WISNERSamuelChester TownshipA72  31 Dec 183844 ?NO           
WOLNIKDavid FrancisChester TownshipC426  31-Jan-2008 NO           
WOLTERRuth (deed for KLAMER)Chester TownshipC354    NO        Ruth WOLTER  
WONGEdwardChester TownshipC366  10-Aug-2001 NO        Sites 1, 2, 3  
WOODRalph Chester TownshipA293    NO        1/4 lot Clerk's records. No stone or dates.
WOODWORTHCordelia L.Chester TownshipA70  24 May 1835 NO  w/oTheron    F. WOODWORTH  
WOODWORTHGershom M.Quirk237  5 Dec 18511y ?m 21dNO  s/oH. & B.      age buried
WOODWORTHSarahChester TownshipA269  4 Sep 185683 yrNO GRIMES w/om. 1, Deland BATTLES; m. 2, L. WOODWORTH       
WOOSTRobert (deed for HERVEY)Chester TownshipC320    NO        Robert W. WOOST  
WORRALLOCharles Chester TownshipA35  (cr no dates) NO           
WORRALLOCharles W.Chester TownshipA25 24 Nov 18306 Nov 1883 19Army       J. QUIGLEY (map) Monument is almost illegible.
WORRALLOCharles, Mrs. Chester TownshipA35  (cr, no date) NO           
WORRALLOMahalaChester TownshipA35 15 Sep 180011 Nov 1876 NO  w/oRev. W. S.      Stone is barely legible.
WORRALLOW.S., Rev.Chester TownshipA35 8 Oct 18019 Feb 184848 yrsNO          Stone is barely legible.
WORRALLOWilliam (1/2 of lot; map)Chester TownshipA34    NO           
WORTSAlbert C.Chester TownshipA265 1882(cr12 Jul) 1974 NO          with Elsie
WORTSByron W.Chester TownshipA265 18501924 NO           
WORTSElsie M.Chester TownshipA265 1882(cr22 Sep) 1973 NO          with Albert C.
WORTSLucy A.Chester TownshipA265 18511925 NO           
WRIGHTAurilla W.Old Settlement 116  27 Mar 184460y 1m 9dNO  w/oM.       
WRIGHTCaroline L.Old Settlement 116  12 Sep 184313y 22dNO  d/oM. & A.       
WRIGHTMajorOld Settlement 116  2 Feb 184461y 8m 12dNO           
YOUNGDavid & Mary (deed)Chester TownshipC416    NO        Sites 3 & 4, 31 Jul 1998, Paul RANNEY  
YOUNGOrson C.Chester TownshipA202  11 Mar 186543yNO           
ZAMISKAEllaChester TownshipC349 1902(5 Dec) 1988(86y)NO           
ZAMISKAThomasChester TownshipC349 1900(21 Mar) 1990(89y)NO           
ZIDDA. Wilma (Alice Wilma)Chester TownshipC334 1910(1 Jan) 1996(85y)NO           
ZIDDStanley J.Chester TownshipC334 31 May 18986 Apr 1979 31A S US Navy WW I          
ZIMMERMANBaby Chester TownshipA10  (cr19 Dec 1935) NO          
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