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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
REITERChristinaChester TownshipA113 18251905 NO           
REITERMartinChester TownshipA113 18261905 NO           
REITERMartin J.Chester TownshipA113  1859 ?1yNO  s/oMartin & Christina      Stone is illegible.
HATCHERFrancesChester TownshipA114 18261895 NO  hw        
HATCHERRobertChester TownshipA114 18241905 NO           
HATCHERWm Chester TownshipA114  (no date) NO          No stone. Clerk's record.
LACOUNTC.C. (Clarsi)Chester TownshipA115 18401920 NO           
LACOUNTDennis M.Chester TownshipA115 1 Mar 186723 Mar 1898 NO           
LACOUNTHamilton S.Chester TownshipA115 (6 Aug) 1871(5 Jan) 1914 NO          Surname not on stone.
LACOUNTJ.D. (John)Chester TownshipA115 18291900 NO           
PHELPSLovinaChester TownshipA116  15 June 184685yNO  w/oSamuel    W. PHELPS Stone illegible. Widow's Rev. War pensioner.
LYMANAgnesChester TownshipA117  10 Jan 18603y 9m 22dNO  c/oI. and Mary      name on the monument in Lot 105
LYMANKateChester TownshipA117  17 Oct 18512m 3dNO  c/oI. and Mary      Monument on lot 105.
LYMANMaryChester TownshipA117  5 Dec 18471m 23 dNO  c/oI. and Mary      monument on lot 105
LYMANThomasChester TownshipA117  10 Feb 18601y 6mNO  c/oI. and Mary      monument on lot 105.
MORRELLB.E.Chester TownshipA117  24 Aug 18493yNO           
MORRELLF.L.Chester TownshipA117  14 Aug 18514m 20dNO           
LYMANFrankChester TownshipA118  (no dates) NO          first name only on this stone
LYMANNettieChester TownshipA118  15 Jul 189730NO  w/oA.E. LYMAN      monument on lot 105.; first name only on this stone
STEPHENSONL.Chester TownshipA118  28 Nov 18514yNO          Also see Lot 105
LYMANAlonzo Chester TownshipA119  (no date) NO          clerks's record
LYMANCharles Chester TownshipA119  (no date) NO          clerks's record
LYMANElihu OsmanChester TownshipA119  9 Nov 186412yNO          Stone is illegible.
LYMANHenry NewmanChester TownshipA119  12 Nov 186424yNO          Stone is illegible.
LYMANJulia AnnChester TownshipA119  12 Jun 188564yNO  hw   ClevelandOH  Stone is illegible.
LYMANMary EmmaChester TownshipA119  16?18 Nov 186422yNO          Stone is illegible.
LYMANNewman R.Chester TownshipA119  29 Oct 186452yNO      Chester   Stone is illegible.
HOBARTAmeliaChester TownshipA120 18201915 NO  w/oDonley       
HOBARTDonleyChester TownshipA120 18211921 NO           
HOBARTEllaChester TownshipA120 18591940 NO  d/oDonley & Amelia      Surname not on stone.
LYMANN.R. (1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA120    NO           
SHAPARDTimothyChester TownshipA120  5 Oct 184783y01(Pvt Wells Conn Reg)         Should be SHEPARD
SHEPARDTimothy Chester TownshipA120 (18 Jun 1764)(5 Oct 1847) 01(Pvt Wells Conn Reg)         stone has SHAPARD
TAMBLINGS.A., Dea.Chester TownshipA120  17 Feb 184477yNO           
HOBARTAmeliaChester TownshipA121 18201915 NO  w/oDonley       
HOBARTDonleyChester TownshipA121 18211921 NO           
HOBARTEllaChester TownshipA121 18591940 NO  d/oDonley & Amelia       
WHITLOCKJosiahChester TownshipA122  1 May 185078yNO           
WHITLOCKSallyChester TownshipA122  20 Feb 185373y 10mNO  w/oJosiah       
GRIEGERJohn (Gust)Chester TownshipA123  (14 Jun 1950) NO        F. GRIEGER No stone. Clerk's record.
GRIEGERMaryChester TownshipA123 18691925 NO  m     F. GRIEGER  
WEYHEWilma Chester TownshipA123  (cr18 Nov 1966) NO        F. GRIEGER No Stone. Clerk's record.
BLAKEGeo. W.Chester TownshipA124 1830(10 Aug) 1913 19Co.E.196th O.V.I.       G.H. BLAKE Separate stone says G.W.Blake. Jacobs is on East side of Monument.
JACOBSDaisy D.Chester TownshipA124 1873(cr31 Dec) 1963 NO        G.H. BLAKE Jacobs is engraved on east side of Blake Monument.
JACOBSElmer C.Chester TownshipA124 18691943 NO        G.H. BLAKE Jacobs is engraved on east side of Blake Monument.
BARNUMJerushaChester TownshipA125  18 May 188087yNO  m        
FRENCHCarrieChester TownshipA125 18601940 NO          Marker off base.
FRENCHEdward J.Chester TownshipA125 18551943 NO           
FRENCHJanetteChester TownshipA125 18281913 NO           
FRENCHOscarChester TownshipA125 18271901 NO           
MILLERAnna S.Chester TownshipA126  19 Apr 187689y 8dNO  w/oJohn      Stone is illegible.
MILLERBarton S.Chester TownshipA126  22 Aug 186541y 4mNO          Stone is illegible.
MILLEREleanor F.Chester TownshipA126  15 Jul 186510y 4mNO  c/oJ. & A. Miller      Stone is illegible.
MILLERHoward B.Chester TownshipA126  4 Feb. 186710y 7mNO  c/oJ. & A. Miller      Stone is illegible.
MILLERJohnChester TownshipA126 (1796)21 Feb 186973y10Army         Stone is illegible.
MILLERJuliaChester TownshipA126  6 Feb. 18675y 4mNO  c/oJ. & A. Miller      Stone is illegible.
RANNEYKatherineChester TownshipA127    NO        R. RANNEY No Surname on Stone. No dates available.
RANNEYMabel C.Chester TownshipA127 1883(cr13 Jun) 1973 NO  m     R. RANNEY  
RANNEYOliver A.Chester TownshipA127 1883(cr1 Feb) 1969 NO f      R. RANNEY  
KNIGHTHittyChester TownshipA128  4 Jun 185363yNO           
WHITMANIsiahChester TownshipA128  12 Jul 185666yNO           
LYMANCelia EllenChester TownshipA129 19651903 NO           
LYMANClara T.Chester TownshipA129 18551867 NO           
LYMANFrances E.Chester TownshipA129 18471847 NO           
LYMANFrances M.Chester TownshipA129 18461846 NO           
LYMANTertius C.Chester TownshipA129 18501852 NO          Also has separate stone with no surname.
LYMANThomas S.R.Chester TownshipA129 18441850 NO          Also has separate stone with no surname.
LYMANAzariahChester TownshipA130 17771857 NO           
LYMANE.O.Chester TownshipA130 18171892 NO           
LYMANEmily R.Chester TownshipA130 18281901 NO           
LYMANSarahChester TownshipA130 17841859 NO BARTLETT          
LYMANN.R. (cr)Chester TownshipA131    NO          cr has burials here; monument is on Lot 119
TAMBLINGHarriet S.Chester TownshipA132  13 Sep 185642yNO MORGANw/oV.A. TAMBLING       
HERRICKByron AsaChester TownshipA133 18531931 NO           
HERRICKEdwin A.Chester TownshipA133  19 Jan 187645?yNO          Stone is illegible.
HERRICKMaryChester TownshipA133 18551914 NO CARROLL         
WHITMANGeorgeChester TownshipA134 18441928 NO           
WHITMANMary E.Chester TownshipA134 18471912 NO  w/oZebedee       
WHITMANN.D.Chester TownshipA134 1838(20 Jan) 1911 19Bat C 1st OLA          
WHITMANZebedeeChester TownshipA134 1840(22 Nov) 1924 19Bat C lst OLA          
HOVEYFredChester TownshipA135 1856(cr 2 Aug) 1935 NO          Blocks for 2 more names on stone.
HOVEYMyra Chester TownshipA135  (cr 1 Jun 1953) NO          Not entered on Hovey stone and no separate stone. Info from clerk's.
HOVEYNeal Chester TownshipA135  (cr 24 Nov 1977 NO          Not entered on Hovey stone and no separate stone. Info from clerk's.
DANFORTHAlidaChester TownshipA136 1857(30 Sep) 1905 NO        L.E. DANFORTH  
DANFORTHMyrtle BabyChester TownshipA136    NO        L.E. DANFORTH  
GEARYDorothyChester TownshipA137  30 Jul 187686yNO  hwEdward       
GEARYEdwardChester TownshipA137  16 May 186266y19Army         (Leader of Band - Civil War - Clerk's records)
GEARYJulius V.Chester TownshipA137 18541922 NO           
GEARYRebeccaChester TownshipA137  29 Oct 1875(46y)NO  w/oJulius       
LYMANAdaChester TownshipA138 18571946 NO           
LYMANLyndaChester TownshipA138 18931944 NO           
LYMANW.I. (Dr.)Chester TownshipA138  17 Feb 189433yNO           
MARSHALLHerbert, Mrs. Chester TownshipA138  (cr11 Jun 1944) NO          No Stone.
LYMANAlice L.Chester TownshipA139 18581887 NO           
SHAWC.C.Chester TownshipA139 18411867 NO           
SHAWCorwin B.Chester TownshipA139 18661887 NO           
SHAWFlora E.Chester TownshipA139 18421887 NO           
RANNEYHelen J.Chester TownshipA140 13 Mar 184313 Jun 1900 NO           
RANNEYJulius B.Chester TownshipA140 5 Jun 18312 Dec 1907 NO