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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
KAISERArdellaChester TownshipA195 1870(cr28 Jun)1952 NO  m        
KAISEREthel Chester TownshipA195  (no date) NO          Clerk's records. No stone.
KAISERGustChester TownshipA195 1870(cr22 Oct)1954 NO  f        
ELDERAnita GraceChester TownshipA196 19211925 NO  d/oH.A. & Pearl       
ELDEREvelyn Maude Chester TownshipA196  (no date) NO          could be the same as Maude
ELDERGeo. DwightChester TownshipA196 18371924 19Co E 105 OVI         Surname not on the stone
ELDERLovinaChester TownshipA196 18451916 NO          Surname not on the stone
ELDERMaudeChester TownshipA196 18751915 NO          Surname not on stone.
DUSENBURYBetsey E.Chester TownshipA197 18451911 NO DOANEw/oOscar       
DUSENBURYOscarChester TownshipA197 1843(3 Nov) 1934 19Army          
LAMOREAUXAmeliaChester TownshipA198 1918(cr25 Jun) 1980 NO  w/o(m. 1, Murray LAMOREAUX; m. 2, ? VOREL)      Stone has Amelia LAMOREAUX VOREL with Murray
LAMOREAUXMabel R.Chester TownshipA198 18811928 NO           
LAMOREAUXMarkChester TownshipA198 1870(cr17 Jul) 1957 NO           
LAMOREAUXMurray EdwinChester TownshipA198 1916(cr11 Sep) 1974 41Pfc US Army         Has second gov't stone.
VORELAmelia LaMOREAUXChester TownshipA198 1918(cr25 Jun) 1980 NO  w/o(m. 1, Murray LAMOREAUX; m. 2, ? VOREL)      Stone has Amelia LAMOREAUX VOREL with Murray
HAMILTONHuldahChester TownshipA199 18581885 NO MILLS         with Mother, Mary MILLS
MILLSMaryChester TownshipA199 18331893 NO JENKINSw/oWilliam MILLS      Mother with Huldah HAMILTON
MILLSWilliamChester TownshipA199 18231911 NO  f        
GUERNEYA.Chester TownshipA200    NO        GUERNEY 3 graves no names or dates.
GUERNEYA. (map)Chester TownshipA200    NO        A. GUERNEY Owns 3 graves. No names or dates.
ARCHERInfant DaughterChester TownshipA201  (1830 or 1850) NO  d/oJames & Sally       
ARCHERSallyChester TownshipA201  2 Dec 1830? 50?26yNO  w/oJames       
BARNESElizabeth WidowChester TownshipA201  28 Sep 183680yNO  (w/o)(Comfort)      Pensioner of Revolutionary War.
FROSTJohn D.Chester TownshipA202  1 Dec 187668y 11m 6dNO           
YOUNGOrson C.Chester TownshipA202  11 Mar 186543yNO           
BECKWITHJames Chester TownshipA203  (9 Oct 1863) 19Army          
BECKWITHLucien Chester TownshipA203  (10 Apr 1863) 19Army          
BISBEEAsaChester TownshipA203  25 Dec 1905over 80yNO           
HARRISONRobert Chester TownshipA203    NO          No Stone. No dates. Clerk's record.
HOLSONHarryChester TownshipA203 19101914 NO           
REIDWilliamChester TownshipA203 18461916 19Army          
BRAWNClawson E.Chester TownshipA204 1904(cr19 Jul) 1957 NO           
BRAWNClifford L.Chester TownshipA204 1888(cr21 Apr) 1962 NO           
BRAWNClorieceChester TownshipA204 1864(13 Nov) 1932 NO          with Fred F.
BRAWNEdithChester TownshipA204 1907(6 Apr) 1987(79y)NO   (m. 1, Clawson BRAWN; m. 2, R. GRIBBLE)      (bp has Edith BRAWN GRIBBLE)
BRAWNFred F.Chester TownshipA204 18651942 NO           
GRIBBLEEdith BRAWNChester TownshipA204 1907(6 Apr) 1987(79y)NO   (m. 1, Clawson BRAWN; m. 2, R. GRIBBLE)      (bp has Edith BRAWN GRIBBLE)
MAPESJames E.Chester TownshipA205 1869(cr30 Apr) 1958 NO           
MAPESSadie A.Chester TownshipA205 18631939 NO           
REITERHowardChester TownshipA205 1899(cr 3 Mar) 1976 NO           
REITERRuthChester TownshipA205 1898(6 Jun 1999)(101y)NO           
DEWEEREmlieChester TownshipA207 18631922 NO           
MAINSWalter H. Chester TownshipA207    NO        Julian POT No stone. Clerk's record. NO dates.
MURFELLOTony Chester TownshipA207    NO          No stone. Clerk's record. No dates.
MURFELLOWilliamChester TownshipA207 19 Jan 189514 Nov 1964 31OH Pvt 23 Co 158       Julian POT Depot Brigade WW I
POTFrederic Gustof Chester TownshipA207  (cr30 Mar 1957) NO        Julian POT No stone. Clerk's records. Julian owner.
FULLEREarl C.Chester TownshipA208 18891941 NO        C.W. FULLER  
FULLERGraceChester TownshipA208 19171919 NO        C.W. FULLER  
FULLERJennie R.Chester TownshipA208 1890(1 Jan) 1990(99y)NO        C.W. FULLER  
FULLERLincoln C.Chester TownshipA208 19221941 NO        C.W. FULLER  
BATTLESBelleChester TownshipA209 (2 Jan) 1890(22 Jan) 1975 NO BURTON         Lyle and Belle were married in 1910.
BATTLESIrmaChester TownshipA209 (27 Apr) 1922(18 May 2000) NO  (w/o)(Roy)      ashes
BATTLESLawrenceChester TownshipA209 (12 Jan 1918)(2 Feb) 1918 NO  (s/o)(Lyle & Belle)       
BATTLESLyleChester TownshipA209 (23 Oct) 1888(30 Nov) 1981 NO          Belle and Lyle were married in 1910.
BATTLESRoyChester TownshipA209 (6 Aug) 191120 Apr 2004 NO  (s/o)(Lyle & Belle)       
TIFFANYAnnie Chester TownshipA210  Oct 18594 yrNO  d/oGeorge & M.A.      Stone missing in 1983.
TIFFANYCharles RomaineChester TownshipA210 18461916 NO           
TIFFANYEllenChester TownshipA210 1848(cr18 Mar) 1935 NO COVERTw/oCharles Romaine TIFFANY       
TIFFANYMariah Chester TownshipA210  Sep 185911yrNO  d/oGeorge & M.A.      Stone missing in 1983.
INEMANFrankChester TownshipA211 (28 Mar) 1879(13 Jul) 1916 NO           
INEMANGeorgeChester TownshipA211 18831924 NO           
INEMANJames Sr. Chester TownshipA211 (25 Jan 1837)(2 Mar 1923)(86y 2m 5d)NO    Bohemia     No stone or dates.
INEMANMary Chester TownshipA211  (17 Apr 1923)(80y 16d)NO STUPKA         No stone or dates.
GRAUIreneChester TownshipA212 1868(cr 3 Feb) 1965 NO  hwJohn M. GRAU       
GRAUJohn M. Dr.Chester TownshipA212 18641916 NO           
GREEN? Infant GrandsonChester TownshipA213  (cr17 Feb) 1959 NO           
GREENAmos G.Chester TownshipA213 1895(cr15 Apr) 1968 NO          cr has 15 Apr 1969
GREENEda W.Chester TownshipA213 1900(cr21 Apr) 1948 NO          with Infant Grandson
GREENGeorge R.Chester TownshipA213 5 Aug 185419 Dec 1915 NO          with Ida M.
GREENIda M.Chester TownshipA213 4 Feb 186020 Feb 1937 NO          with George R.
BARNESMaxine I.Chester TownshipA214 1909(26 Oct) 1915 NO           
DAVISJohn MichaelChester TownshipA214 1906(20 Mar) 1991(84y)NO  (h/o)(Nancy BARNES)      Married 21 Aug 1953. "Bro" is above John Michael.
DAVISNancyChester TownshipA214 192227 Jun 2009 NO BARNES(w/o)(John Michael)      Married 21 Aug 1953.
LYMANElgin O.Chester TownshipA215 18821918 NO           
BIDGOODAnna J.Chester TownshipA216 1855(9 Feb) 1929 NO          with John W. BIDGOOD
BIDGOODJohn W.Chester TownshipA216 1857(15 May) 1939 NO          with Anna J. BIDGOOD
BIDGOODRobert J.Chester TownshipA216 1891(27 Apr) 1919 NO           
SCOTTEdeth I.Chester TownshipA216 1885(cr23 Feb) 1976 NO         OES 
SCOTTElmer D.Chester TownshipA216 1886(cr4 Jun) 1953 NO         Mason 
MAPESS. AsaChester TownshipA217 18581920 NO           
MAPESS. ElnoraChester TownshipA217 18521923 NO           
WAGNEREdward C.Chester TownshipA217  27 Jul 2009 NO        Sites 3 & 4, 9 Nov 1999  
KRIETERoberta S.Chester TownshipA218  7 Nov 2005 NO           
SHACKLETONRobert V.Chester TownshipA218 1915(cr30 Dec) 1964 NO          ashes
SHACKLETONYvette S.Chester TownshipA218 1915(cr31 Oct) 1986 NO          ashes
SMALLCora A.Chester TownshipA218 1871(cr12 Jan) 1951 NO           
SMALLPeter A.Chester TownshipA218 18601921 NO           
FERRY? BabyChester TownshipA219 18861887 NO          Surname on monument - not on stone.
FERRYAsa C.Chester TownshipA219 18541923 NO          Surname on monument - not on stone.
FERRYFrances O.Chester TownshipA219 18551932 NO          Surname on monument - not on stone.
EVANSEstherChester TownshipA220 190517 Dec 2003 NO PETERSEN        with Franklyn Wade EVANS
EVANSFranklyn WadeChester TownshipA220 1903(14 Jan) 1992(88y)NO           
GEHRI? Baby Chester TownshipA220  (cr 29May 1958) NO           
GEHRIBetty JuneChester TownshipA220 19201923 NO           
DARTAlfred R.Chester TownshipA221 1920(28 Oct) 1920gs has 1921NO           
DARTEdward M.Chester TownshipA221 1889(cr21 Jan) 1966 NO  f        
DARTEdwin A.Chester TownshipA221 1914(11 May) 1929 NO           
DARTEmma B.Chester TownshipA221 18891966 NO  m        
DARTKenneth R.Chester TownshipA221 29 Dec 192111 Nov 1943 41Oh Pvt 30 Inf Div         Dates from second gov't stone. Clerk's records show burial 20 Mar 1949
DARTPhillip R.Chester TownshipA221 19421942 NO  s/oKenneth R.       
HERRICKFloyd C.Chester TownshipA222 1877(cr 9 Mar) 1949 NO  f        
HERRICKJennie L.Chester TownshipA222 18821930 NO  m        
JOLLYLottie Chester TownshipA222  (cr 4 Feb 1960) NO          No stone.
JOLLYWm. Clinton Chester TownshipA222    NO          No stone or dates for this individual.
TROJANBarbaraChester TownshipA223 18451926 NO  hwJoseph       
TROJANJosephChester TownshipA223 18401919 NO           
TROJANJoseph.Chester TownshipA223 1875(cr15 Mar) 1935 NO           
TROJANPeterChester TownshipA223 1872(cr12 Mar) 1951 NO  f        
TROJANTheresaChester TownshipA223 18721934 NO  m        
IBOSHFrank Chester TownshipA224    NO        John IBOSH No stone, no dates.
JACOBSElva A.Chester TownshipA225 9 Jun 187811 Nov 1919 NO  m        
JACOBSHarmon O.Chester TownshipA225 1 Mar 196823 Feb 1918 NO  f        
JACOBSRalph L.Chester TownshipA225 19041939 NO           
MILLSBernice AnnChester TownshipA226 21 Sep 190921 Aug 2001 NO          Room for another name with Virgil
MILLSGeraldineChester TownshipA226 19101917 NO          Surname not on stone.
MILLSHarry S.Chester TownshipA226 1870(cr14 Jun) 1950 NO           
MILLSLena B.Chester TownshipA226 1879(cr11 Sep) 1975 NO           
MILLSMichael Smith Chester TownshipA226  (6 Jan 1999)(55y)NO          ashes
MILLSVirgil B.Chester TownshipA226 1906(cr16 Jul) 1976 NO          Room for another name
DITTOFrank S.Chester TownshipA227 18571942 NO           
DITTOMary J.Chester TownshipA227 1859(cr11 Aug) 1950 NO HAND          
DOSKOCILBarbara L.Chester TownshipA227 1897(cr 5 Mar) 1977 NO  m        
HUDSONRichardChester TownshipA227 19301934 NO           
HUDSONCarl E.Chester TownshipA228 (12 Sep 1923)(8 Oct) 1923(26d)NO  (s/o)(Sterling & Hazel (DITTO) HUDSON)       
HUDSONDale A.Chester TownshipA228 19181921 NO           
HUDSONHarold H.Chester TownshipA228 (30 Sep) 1920(10 Oct) 1923 NO  (s/o)(Sterling & Hazel (DITTO) HUDSON)       
HUDSONHazelChester TownshipA228 18991934 NO  m        
HEARNCarolChester TownshipA229 7 Nov 1956(cr 8 Nov 1956) NO          No DOD on stone.; with Martine (Marie)
HEARNMartine (Marie)Chester TownshipA229 21 Jul 195421 Aug 1954 NO           
JACOBSLawrence GailChester TownshipA229 1897(cr28 Jan) 1967 NO           
JACOBSMarie A.Chester TownshipA229 18931939 NO           
BARBERAnson C.Chester TownshipA230 1854(24 Jan) 1942 NO          with Rhoda J.
BARBERArthur L.Chester TownshipA230 1884(cr 6 Aug) 1959 NO          with Emma S.
BARBEREmma S.Chester TownshipA230 1880(cr26 Mar) 1951 NO          with Arthur L.
BARBERRhoda J.Chester TownshipA230 1854(31 Dec) 1921 NO          with Rhoda J.
LAMOREAUXHiram D.Chester TownshipA231 18641922 NO          with Irene
LAMOREAUXIrene A.Chester TownshipA231 1865(cr 4 Jun) 1937 NO          with Hiram
PALMEREleanor A.Chester TownshipA232  12 Feb 2006 NO           
SWEETTheresa H.Chester TownshipA232 1885(cr Oct) 1933 NO  m        
SWEETWilliam A.Chester TownshipA232 1879(cr 6 Feb) 1963 25Army f        
PETERSENElaine SandraChester TownshipA233 1946  NO          with Martha Ann
PETERSENMartha AnnChester TownshipA233 1949(cr12 Oct) 1959 NO          with Elaine Sandra
PETERSENPeter III DadChester TownshipA233 25 Jan 193211 Apr 1994 50Army f        
PETERSENPeter, Jr.Chester TownshipA233 1891(cr11 Mar) 1975 NO          with Ruby L.
PETERSENRuby L.Chester TownshipA233 1897(cr20 Sep) 1971 NO          with Peter, Jr.
PETERSENSandra MaeChester TownshipA233 1938(cr24 Oct) 1944 NO          with Wesley Paul, Jr.
PETERSENWesley Paul, Jr.Chester TownshipA233 19391939 NO          with Sandra Mae
BEECHAlfred J.Chester TownshipA234 1872(cr20 Oct) 1917 NO          with Floy
BEECHElmer J.Chester TownshipA234 10 Jan 18973 Feb 1970 31OH Pvt 51 Ambulan.Co          
BEECHFloyChester TownshipA234 1878(cr 9 May) 1958 NO          with Alfred J.
HARMONEdlaChester TownshipA235 1904(cr 6 Apr) 1977 NO          with William W.
HARMONHarold W.Chester TownshipA235 14 Dec 193710 Nov 1945 NO           
HARMONJeanetteChester TownshipA235 19261927 NO           
HARMONWilliam W.Chester TownshipA235 1885(cr17 Jul) 1965 NO          with Edla
GIBBONSAlby M.Chester TownshipA236 18951927 NO        Geo. GIBBONS  
SOUCEKMaryChester TownshipA236 18471927 NO           
INEMANJamesChester TownshipA237 1868(cr13 Jan) 1951 NO           
INEMANMaryChester TownshipA237 (3 Aug) 1878(21 Apr) 1920(42y 8m 18d)NO BRABENEC hwJames       
POCTAEvelynChester TownshipA237 19051943 NO INEMANdauJames INEMAN       
BRABENECJohnChester TownshipA238 1853(cr27 Jul) 1936 NO           
BRABENECMaryChester TownshipA238 1858(23 Apr) 1920 NO           
STROKEAnna, BabyChester TownshipA238  1922 NO           
STROKENickChester TownshipA238 18851922 NO        Sopha STROKE  
FREEMANArthur C.Chester TownshipA239 18681939 NO           
FREEMANCora B.Chester TownshipA239 18661921 NO           
FREEMANMarjorie L.Chester TownshipA239 27 Jan 1907(25 Oct 1999)(92y)NO          with Shirley W.
FREEMANShirley W.Chester TownshipA239 24 Dec 190414 Aug 1989 NO          with Marjorie L.
CHAMPForest H.Chester TownshipA240 18801932 NO           
MILLEREdward Chester TownshipA240  (cr12 Apr 1946) NO          No Stone. Clerk's records.
MILLERMary K.Chester TownshipA240 19191920 NO           
WICKSHenry LewisChester TownshipA241 21 Oct 192519 Feb 1945 415th Div 27th Marine         Died in action on Iwo Jima.
WICKSOlive EdithChester TownshipA241 7 Jun 192212 Jan 1928 NO           
HENDRICKC.G. (Gladden)Chester TownshipA242 18951922 NO        A. Hendrick  
HENDRICKClairChester TownshipA242 19221923 NO        A. Hendrick  
HENDRICKGlenChester TownshipA242 18941922 NO        A. Hendrick  
HENDRICKMaudeChester TownshipA242 1889(cr26 May) 1976 NO        A. Hendrick  
PFEIFFERGeraldineChester TownshipA242 1914(cr17 Nov) 1965 NO HENDRICK      A. HENDRICK  
BATTLESLettie M.Chester TownshipA243 (cr23 Feb) 1856(cr 4 Oct) 1928 NO QUIGLEY m       with Tracy E.
BATTLESTracy F.Chester TownshipA243 (cr18 Feb) 1858(cr11 Dec) 1946 NO  f       with Lettie M.
BURWELLRuby E.Chester TownshipA243 1891(cr12 Aug) 1985 NO BATTLES         
MARTINJanice E.Chester TownshipA244 11 Dec 192110 Aug 1922 NO           
FERRY? Baby Chester TownshipA245  (cr 1 May 1961) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
FERRYEdwin M.Chester TownshipA245 18801938 NO         Mason 
PETERSENEvelyn H.Chester TownshipA246 1915  NO          with Wesley P.
PETERSENMarenChester TownshipA246 1869(cr 8 Dec) 1955 NO          with Peter
PETERSENPeterChester TownshipA246 1868(cr18 Aug) 1959 NO          with Maren
PETERSENWesley P.Chester TownshipA246 1915(30 Oct) 1989(74y)NO          with Evelyn H.
PETERSENCarl W.Chester TownshipA247 1895(5 Mar) 1987 NO          with Mabelle M.
PETERSENMabelle M.Chester TownshipA247 1899(cr 7 Nov) 1979 NO          with Carl W.
BIERMANHarry G.Chester TownshipA248 1895(cr 7 Apr) 1975 NO  husbMartha DART       
BIERMANMarthaChester TownshipA248 1896(cr 7 Jan) 1956 NO DART(d/o)(Alfred & Elizabeth)      on the stone with her parents; w/o Alfred DART
DARTAlfred W.Chester TownshipA248 1863(23 Jan) 1933 NO  (h/o)(Elizabeth)       
DARTElizabethChester TownshipA248 1864(cr11 Dec) 1946 NO  (w/o)(Alfred)       
SCHUMAKERLawrenceChester TownshipA249 18611940 NO          with Lena
SCHUMAKERLenaChester TownshipA249 1863(cr25 May) 1956 NO          with Lawrence
SCHUMAKERWalter J.Chester TownshipA249 1896(cr10 Nov) 1982 NO           
BONDFloyd D.Chester TownshipA250 (10 May) 1894(1 May) 1966 31OH Pvt US Army         Has second military stone. with Margaret M.
BONDMargaret M.Chester TownshipA250 1894(cr16 Dec) 1975 NO          with Floyd D.
BONDGrant H.Chester TownshipA251 1863(cr 6 Jul) 1935 NO          Surname on monument, not on stone.
BONDSarah A.Chester TownshipA251 1867(6 Nov) 1922 NO          Surname on monument, not on stone.