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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
RUSSELLEmily LouiseChester TownshipA1 14 Jun 187521 Oct 1930 NO MORLEYw/oGeorge Clark       
RUSSELLGeorge Clark M.D.Chester TownshipA1 13 Apr 185322 May 1929 NO           
FRISSELLMaryChester TownshipA2 18431911 NO MARTIN w/oThomas       
FRISSELLThomas B.Chester TownshipA2 (5 Oct) 1836(26 Apr) 1922 19Co.C 88 OVI          
MARTINNelsonChester TownshipA2 6 Feb 180810 Oct 1893 NO           
HAZENAdelia J.Chester TownshipA3 18 Feb 18513 Jul 1893 NO MARTINd/oA.W. & A.D.       
MARTIN? Infant Dau.Chester TownshipA3  no dates NO           
MARTINAbigail D.Chester TownshipA3 11 Feb 18161 Feb 1888 NO PRATTw/oAnthony W.       
MARTINAnthony W.Chester TownshipA3 12 Mar 18165 Apr 1897 NO           
MARTINSarahChester TownshipA3 15 Jan 18452 Mar 1891 19Kinney Rec. d/oA.W. & A.D.       
MARTINSarahChester TownshipA3 27 Feb 178319 May 1844 NO WYLIEw/oR. Martin       
LITTLEJOHNGeneva MayChester TownshipA4 19091914 NO           
LITTLEJOHNNormanChester TownshipA4 1872(cr14Nov) 1956 NO           
LITTLEJOHNSusanChester TownshipA4 18341908 19Kinney Rec.         Surname not on stone
LITTLEJOHNWilliamChester TownshipA4 18351887 NO          Surname not on stone
BARNES? BabyChester TownshipA5  (cr13 Aug 1947) NO  (c/o)(Louis)       
GILLMORED.W. (Duane W.)Chester TownshipA5 19 Dec 182817 Jun 1915 19Army          
GILLMOREJamesChester TownshipA5 19 Mar 179012 Oct 1868 10Army          
GILLMORERhodaChester TownshipA5 20 Dec 183826 Aug 1901 NO  w/oD.W.       
GILLMORETemperanceChester TownshipA5 11 Sep 17925 Mar 1873 NO HULBERT          
JACOBSGlennChester TownshipA6 26 Dec 188928 Nov 1898 NO  s/oM. & L.B.    JACOBS, T. Also has single marker
JACOBSLindaChester TownshipA6 1869(cr 2 May) 1967 NO WHITMAN w/oMilan    JACOBS, T.  
JACOBSMilanChester TownshipA6 1866(cr 25Nov) 1953 NO        JACOBS, T.  
HATCHERRosaChester TownshipA7 18711901 NO PAINTER         
PAINTER? InfantChester TownshipA7  1906 NO          Stone has surname, "The Three Infants", and DOD.
PAINTER? Infant.Chester TownshipA7  1912 NO          Stone has surname, "The Three Infants" and DOD.
PAINTER? Infant..Chester TownshipA7  1923 NO          Stone has surname, "The Three Infants" and DOD.
PAINTERElizabethChester TownshipA7 18481899 NO  w/oFrederick       
PAINTERFrederickChester TownshipA7 18481899 NO           
PAINTERRobert H.Chester TownshipA8 1878(cr21Sep) 1965 NO           
PAINTERTressa M.Chester TownshipA8 1882(cr18Mar) 1961 NO           
BIERERM.E. (Martin)Chester TownshipA9 1886(2 Aug) 1921 NO           
COTTRELLLloyd McGregorChester TownshipA9 19111914 NO           
MILLSClara BelleChester TownshipA9 19111945 NO COTTRELL        OES 
LAWCorneliusChester TownshipA10 1886(cr27Mar) 1958 NO         Mason 
LAWEthel C.Chester TownshipA10 1885(cr28Aug) 1971 NO         OES DAR 
LAWJohn S.Chester TownshipA10 18821929 NO         Mason 
LAWMyrtleChester TownshipA10 18911925 NO         OES 
ZIMMERMANBaby Chester TownshipA10  (cr19 Dec 1935) NO           
RUSSELLG. (map)Chester TownshipA11    NO        G. RUSSELL  
MAPESCleoraChester TownshipA12 (cr 24Sep) 1843(cr 29Dec) 1922 NO KEYT          
MAPESSethChester TownshipA12 (3 Jan) 1840(3 Feb) 1918 19Co E 103 OVI          
BATTLESEvaChester TownshipA13 7 May 18575 Sep 1859 NO  c/oH. & V.       
BATTLESEvrettChester TownshipA13 8 Sept 185920 Sep 1863 NO  c/oH. & V.       
BATTLESHenryChester TownshipA13 18 Sep 183014 Dec 1894 NO           
BATTLESMilonChester TownshipA13 28 May 18548 Aug 1856 NO  c/oH. & V.       
BATTLESVestaChester TownshipA13 1 Jan 183312 Jun 1917 NO MAPES          
BATTLESGrantChester TownshipA14 (22 Aug) 1965(24 Jun) 1944 NO           
BATTLESIdaChester TownshipA14 (25 Mar) 1867(24 May) 1937 NO CLEVERDON          
SCHULTZClifford L.Chester TownshipA14  3 Jan 2006 NO           
SCHULTZHarold E.Chester TownshipA14 1915(cr 22Mar) 1985 NO  husbRuth M.      Father, Grandfather. Deed transfer from Grant Battles 1981.
SCHULTZRuth M.Chester TownshipA14 1922(23 Apr) 1991(68y)NO  w/oHarold E.      Mother, Grandmother
BARNESAlice R.Chester TownshipA15 1878(cr 30Aug) 1957 NO  mMyrtle May, Wilberta Dorothy       
BARNESGeorge E.Chester TownshipA15 1875(cr 5Apr) 1954 NO  fMyrtle May, Wilberta Dorothy       
BARNESMyrtle MayChester TownshipA15 10 Mar 188926 Apr 18897 weeksNO          Has separate stone with name, age 7 weeks
BARNESWilberta DorothyChester TownshipA15 5 May 190512 May 1906 NO           
DOWNEYJames R.Chester TownshipA16 (cr 11Dec) 1861(cr 26Feb) 1948 NO          No Surname on stone. Records indicate marriage on 27 Dec 1884.
DOWNEYJennie D. (Dilla)Chester TownshipA16 (cr 26Feb) 1863(cr 9Jun) 1923 NO PARR         No Surname on stone.
PATTERSONSiphaChester TownshipA16 18361928 NO           
GREGGJoseph Chester TownshipA17  (b16 May 1976) 41Army          
KIEFFERE.H.Chester TownshipA17 18541909 NO           
KIEFFERMaryChester TownshipA17 18521938 NO           
POSTEdward K.Chester TownshipA17 1904  NO           
POSTEthelChester TownshipA17 18821909 NO           
BAILEYJennieChester TownshipA18 (12 Mar) 1861(7 Apr) 1911 NO  w/oL.A.      Footstones, Jennie and Merion.
BAILEYL.A. (Lloyd Almeron)Chester TownshipA18 (28 Oct) 1856(18 Mar) 1909 NO          Footstones, Jennie and Merion.
SHERMANClifford C.Chester TownshipA19 1876(cr 2Jun) 1954 NO           
SHERMANZula M.Chester TownshipA19 18781941 NO         OES, FPLE 
BATTLESFord T.Chester TownshipA20 (13 Sep) 1893(30 Nov) 1921 NO           
BATTLESHattie M.Chester TownshipA20 (24 Feb) 1872(5 Feb) 1936 NO BASTER m        
BATTLESOscar A.Chester TownshipA20 (9 Oct) 1867(28 Jul) 1941 NO  f        
RUSSELLFrancesChester TownshipA21 5 Apr 183226 Feb 1859 NO TURNER         
RUSSELLGeorge AlpheusChester TownshipA21 7 Mar 18214 Mar 1907 16Army          
RUSSELLLaura Elizabeth, InfantChester TownshipA21  22 Dec 1858 NO           
RUSSELLMary FrancesChester TownshipA21 15 May 185625 Feb 1873 NO           
KEYTJames E.Chester TownshipA22 18161909 NO           
KEYTZerviahChester TownshipA22 (8or18Dec) 1818(30 Mar) 1902 NO BATTLESw/oJ.E.       
THWINGAnn ElizaChester TownshipA22 27 Feb 185521 Sep 1937 NO KEYTm        
HERBERTBertherChester TownshipA23 18261907 NO  f     F.M. HERBERT  
HERBERTCharles B.Chester TownshipA23 1886(cr 11Jan) 1950 NO  son     F.M. HERBERT  
HERBERTPauline Chester TownshipA23  (urn 30Aug 1995 NO        F.M. HERBERT  
HERBERTRay Chester TownshipA23  (urn 30Aug 1995 31Kinney Rec.       F.M. HERBERT  
CHILSONMary IChester TownshipA24  28 Feb 185743y 3m 24dNO  w/oOrrin       
NICHOLSTheronChester TownshipA24  14 Dec 185028y 10m 21dNO  s/oJ & R       
QUIGLEYRalph Chester TownshipA24  (8 Dec 1998)(80y)NO           
QUIGLEYWilliam Ernest Chester TownshipA24  (cr 15Jan 1976) 41Army          
QUIGLEYAlice K.Chester TownshipA25 18531930 NO WORRALLO      J. QUIGLEY (map)  
QUIGLEYEarnest L.Chester TownshipA25  30 Aug 18867yr 3moNO  sonGeorge & Alice    J. QUIGLEY (map) Monument is almost illegible. Has own illegible marker.
QUIGLEYGeorge Chester TownshipA25  (cr 5May 1937) NO        J. QUIGLEY (map)  
QUIGLEYGeorge C.Chester TownshipA25 1873(cr 11Dec) 1956 31Kinney Rec.       J. QUIGLEY (map)  
SCHWARZ? BabyChester TownshipA25 19311931 NO        J. QUIGLEY (map)  
WORRALLOCharles W.Chester TownshipA25 24 Nov 18306 Nov 1883 19Army       J. QUIGLEY (map) Monument is almost illegible.
HINEClarissaChester TownshipA26 18071879 NO           
HINELoron P.Chester TownshipA26  18 Sep 186720yr 3moNO  s/oWilliam R. & Clarissa       
HINEWilliam R.Chester TownshipA26 11 Feb 180321 Feb 1889 NO           
THWINGElecta M.Chester TownshipA26 18321907 NO HINE          
THWINGIrwinChester TownshipA26 28 Aug 182811 Jun 1898 NO           
HERRICKLillian ThwingChester TownshipA27 18621941 NO POOLER  (m. 1, Willis THWING; m. 2, ? HERRICK)    PARKER: E. & T. THWING CR has Lillian Pooler Thwing; Herrick on stone.
THWINGLeman I.Chester TownshipA27 18551915 NO        PARKER: E. & T. THWING  
THWINGLillianChester TownshipA27 18621941 NO POOLER  (m. 1, Willis THWING; m. 2, ? HERRICK)    PARKER: E. & T. THWING cr has Lillian Pooler Thwing; Herrick on stone.
THWINGWillis E.Chester TownshipA27  13 Apr 189744yrNO        PARKER: E. & T. THWING  
RUSSELLErnest S.Chester TownshipA28 1867(cr 13Dec) 1945 NO           
RUSSELLJennie A.Chester TownshipA28 18681930 NO           
PAINTERGeorge W.Chester TownshipA29 1875(cr 26Feb) 1969 NO           
PAINTERJennieChester TownshipA29 1876(cr 6Nov) 1957 NO QUIGLEY         
QUIGLEYAnna L.Chester TownshipA29 18501929 NO  m       (Dicey in sexton's book)
QUIGLEYSamuelChester TownshipA29 1849(20 Jul) 1926 19Co.M 2ndReg HA f        
PATTERSONAugustus G.Chester TownshipA30 1855(cr 20Jan) 1936 NO  f      Mason 
PATTERSONDora M.Chester TownshipA30 18501919 NO  m       No Surname on stone
PATTERSONMabel G.Chester TownshipA30 1880(cr 13Dec) 1957 NO           
PATTERSONN.C. FerryChester TownshipA30 1880(cr 26Sep) 1966 NO           
HAWESCorneliaChester TownshipA31 6 Mar 181630 Jul 183822yr llmoNO           
HAWESIramChester TownshipA31 20 Sep 178620 Oct 186983NO           
HAWESPollyChester TownshipA31 11 Sep 179014 Feb 185969NO RANNEY         
COTTRELLArland RupertChester TownshipA32 1897(15 Sep) 1922 31M.T.C. Co. 571         No Surname on stone.
COTTRELLClarkChester TownshipA32    NO  c/oM.W. & Mary      No Surname on stone. No visible dates
COTTRELLEllen R.Chester TownshipA32 28 Jan 184812 Jan 1935 NO          No Surname on stone.
COTTRELLFrancisChester TownshipA32    NO  c/oM.W. & Mary      No Surname on stone. No visible dates
COTTRELLFredChester TownshipA32    NO  c/oM.W. & Mary      No Surname on stone. No visible dates
COTTRELLHenry C.Chester TownshipA32 1843(1 Mar) 1914 19Bat. C 1st O.L.A.         No Surname on stone.
COTTRELLGertrude A.Chester TownshipA33 1873(cr 13Nov) 1946 NO           
COTTRELLJanes H.Chester TownshipA33 1877(Sep) 1940 NO         Mason FCBNo Surname on stone.
COTTRELLLenaChester TownshipA33 1879(cr 6Jan) 1958 NO   (m. 1, Janes COTTRELL; m. 2 ?, MOSS)     OES FPLENo Surname on stone. Lena COTTRELL MOSS on Clerk's record.
COTTRELLMarguerite L.Chester TownshipA33 1881(cr8Dec)1955 NO           
COTTRELLMead K., D.O.Chester TownshipA33 1873(Aug) 1958died in FloridaNO           
FULLERClarence (map; 3' of lot)Chester TownshipA33    NO           
HAMPTONHelen, D.O.Chester TownshipA33 19001948 NO COTTRELL         
MOSSLenaChester TownshipA33 1879(cr 6Jan) 1958 NO   (m. 1, Janes COTTRELL; m. 2 ?, MOSS)     OES FPLENo Surname on stone. Lena COTTRELL MOSS on Clerk's record.
FULLERClarence W.Chester TownshipA34 18661924 NO           
FULLERFlorence M.Chester TownshipA34 1869(cr 28Apr) 1956 NO           
FULLERVirgilChester TownshipA34 5 Dec 189430 May 1899 NO  s/oC.W. & F.M.       
WORRALLOWilliam (1/2 of lot; map)Chester TownshipA34    NO           
WORRALLOCharles Chester TownshipA35  (cr no dates) NO           
WORRALLOCharles, Mrs. Chester TownshipA35  (cr, no date) NO           
WORRALLOMahalaChester TownshipA35 15 Sep 180011 Nov 1876 NO  w/oRev. W. S.      Stone is barely legible.
WORRALLOW.S., Rev.Chester TownshipA35 8 Oct 18019 Feb 184848 yrsNO          Stone is barely legible.
FROSTGracie BellChester TownshipA36  6 Aug 18736 yrsNO  d/oJames E. & S.J.       
FROSTJoseph, Mrs. Chester TownshipA36  (cr, no date) NO           
JACKSONDolly A.Chester TownshipA37 18321896 NO FITCH          
JACKSONEdward G., BabyChester TownshipA37  18 Sep 19259 daysNO           
JACKSONGeorgeChester TownshipA37 18261906 NO           
GILMOREAlice P.Chester TownshipA38 (cr 15Nov) 1852(23 Dec) 1922 NO POST          
POSTEmmaChester TownshipA38 1883(cr 15Jul) 1972 NO          Double stone. Husband? James is in Lot 39.
POSTJean M.Chester TownshipA38 19191940 NO           
POSTOrsa J.Chester TownshipA38 (cr 22Sep) 1845(cr 4Nov) 1923 NO LANDERw/oWalter       
POSTWalterChester TownshipA38 (15 Jun) 1840(1 May) 1913 19Army          
BARTLETTMaryChester TownshipA39 18541944 NO          (cr has 20 Oct 1945)
POSTJamesChester TownshipA39 1881(cr 4Oct) 1976 NO          Wife? Emma is in Lot 38.
POSTNellie B.Chester TownshipA39 1876(cr 26Feb) 1951 NO           
POSTWilliam L.Chester TownshipA39 1871(cr 31Dec) 1954 NO           
BARNESArchie G.Chester TownshipA40 1898(cr 7Dec) 1988 NO          (moved from Sec. 6, Lot 376. gr 1)
BARNESCaroline O.Chester TownshipA40 1897(cr 24Nov) 1937 NO           
WENDTAmandaChester TownshipA40 18961909 NO          Surname not on stone.
WENDTAnnaChester TownshipA40 1862(cr 17Jun) 1935 NO ENSSLIN        Surname not on stone.
WENDTMaryChester TownshipA40 18691910 NO          Surname not on stone.
WENDTRobertChester TownshipA40 1862(cr 9Oct) 1946 NO          Surname not on stone.
BASSETTNellie G.Chester TownshipA41 1872(cr22Jul)1949 NO           
PALMEREmilineChester TownshipA41 10 Apr 183112 May 1832 NO           
PALMERHarrietChester TownshipA41 10 May 181523 Jun 1831 NO           
PALMERLucy R.Chester TownshipA41 19 Jul 179416 Mar 1838 NO           
PALMERUrbanChester TownshipA41 1 Jul 178730 Nov 1847 NO           
PALMERAchsah S.Chester TownshipA42 15 Jul 18107 May 1850 NO MELVIN          
PALMERAnn R.Chester TownshipA42 15 Jun 182021 May 1894 NO READ          
PALMERChesterChester TownshipA42 13 Dec 181221 May 1894 19Kinney Rec.          
PALMERChester C.Chester TownshipA42 18 Dec 185322 Jan 1854 NO           
PALMERJulius C.Chester TownshipA42 9 Jul 182925 Feb 1830 NO           
PETERSEN? BabyChester TownshipA43    NO        H.C. COTTRELL (map) No dates on stone.
PETERSENElsie O.Chester TownshipA43 18881919 NO        H.C. COTTRELL (map)  
HOBARTEarl E.Chester TownshipA44  15 Nov 185015NO  s/oHorace & Frances A.      Marker states "twin son of"
HOBARTErnest Chester TownshipA44  (cr, no date) NO           
HOBARTNewtonChester TownshipA44  31 July 184415NO  sonReuel & Rebecca       
HOBARTRebeccaChester TownshipA44  26 Feb 185865NO  w/oReuel      Stone is illegible.
MONROElectaChester TownshipA44  19 Nov 185055yrs 8m 3or5daNO  w/oJohn      "Resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan " on almost illegible stone.
TURNERAustinChester TownshipA45  22 May 1843 (?)44 yrNO          Marker illegible.
TURNERAustin, Jr.Chester TownshipA45  ? Feb 18426 moNO  s/oAustin & Laura      Marker illegible.
TURNERBeecherChester TownshipA45  22 May 18438yr 7 moNO  s/oAustin & Laura      DOD "on the same day" as Austin Turner. Illegible Marker.
HOBARTCassius (cr)Chester TownshipA46    NO        G. RUSSELL : S. HOBART  
HOBARTMary (cr)Chester TownshipA46    NO        G. RUSSELL : S. HOBART  
HOBARTShelby (cr)Chester TownshipA46    NO        G. RUSSELL : S. HOBART  
RUSSELLFrances (cr)Chester TownshipA46    NO        G. RUSSELL : S. HOBART  
TURNERLauraChester TownshipA46  14 Jan 186360NO  w/oAustin      "Our Mother" on west side of marker.
NEHER? BabyChester TownshipA47 3 Mar 18773 Mar 1877 NO          Stone is illegible.
NEHERCarolineChester TownshipA47 18 Dec 183114 Mar 1921 NO  w/oJoseph      Stone is illegible.
NEHERJosephChester TownshipA47 24 July 18255 Jan 1906 NO          Stone is illegible.
NEHERJosieChester TownshipA47 10 Dec 187219 Apr 1877 NO          Stone is illegible.
NEHERLulaChester TownshipA47 30 Mar 187029 Mar 1877 NO          Stone is illegible.
NEHERFrank C.Chester TownshipA48 19021940 NO  m       No Surname on stone.
NEHERJohn C.Chester TownshipA48 18631943 NO  f       No Surname on stone.
NEHERJulia MChester TownshipA48 18741964 NO  m       No Surname on stone.
NEHERLucille M.Chester TownshipA48 19061923 NO  m       No Surname on stone.
WAGNER? Baby BoyChester TownshipA48  21 Mar 1954 NO           
O'NEALFloraChester TownshipA49 18531906 NO WEBSTER         
O'NEALHarold MathewChester TownshipA49 18951899 NO           
STEBNERErnest (cr)Chester TownshipA50    NO        FRED WELDY  
STEBNERIda (cr)Chester TownshipA50    NO        FRED WELDY  
WELDYT. Chester TownshipA50  (no dates) NO        Fred WELDY  
TURNERRosmie E.Chester TownshipA51 18661904 NO  d/oThomas W.    F. TURNER (map)  
TURNERThomas W.Chester TownshipA51 18311903 NO        F. TURNER (map)  
BASSETTAlice A.Chester TownshipA52 9Feb 187020 May 1921 NO           
BASSETTFranche A.Chester TownshipA52 1864(13 Mar) 1932 NO           
BASSETTHarriet K.Chester TownshipA52 23 Apr 183628 Mar 1897 NO PALMER         
BASSETTMay LouiseChester TownshipA52 20 Jun 186431 Jan 1941 NO           
BASSETTNellie G.Chester TownshipA52 1872(22 Jul) 1949 NO           
BASSETTStephen H.Chester TownshipA52 26 Jan 18289 Sep 1914 NO