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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
MAPESLeverett S.Chester TownshipA252 (13 Jul) 1873(18 Nov) 1955 NO          with Sarah R.
MAPESMilan L.Chester TownshipA252 (24 Sep) 1901(3 Sep) 1922 NO           
MAPESSarah R.Chester TownshipA252 (18 Jan) 1877(2 Dec) 1933 NO HENDERSON         with Leverett S.
DITTOHarry A.Chester TownshipA253 1886(cr14 Mar) 1980 NO          with Mary M.
DITTOMary M.Chester TownshipA253 1893(27 Oct) 1988(94y)NO          with Harry A.
MONTAGUEBettyChester TownshipA253  5 Nov 2010 NO           
MONTAGUEPaul Chester TownshipA253 12 Jan 191813 May 2009 41           
WICKSCheryl JaneChester TownshipA254 1908(26 Mar) 1987(78y)NO BROTHERS        (cremains bur 3 Aug 1987)
WICKSHenry L.Chester TownshipA254 1865(cr29 Apr) 1950 NO          with Nellie A.
WICKSLewis E.Chester TownshipA254 1903(cr25 May) 1962 NO         Mason 
WICKSNellie A.Chester TownshipA254 1867(cr14 Dec) 1955 NO          with Henry L.
NICHOLSBertha A.Chester TownshipA255 18661926 NO           
NICHOLSGrant S.Chester TownshipA255 1864(cr 5 Jun) 1963 NO           
NICHOLSLillian K.Chester TownshipA255 18611951 NO  m       monument has Lillie, 1861-1951
BIDGOODCarl W.Chester TownshipA256 1927(15 May) 1934 NO          Sonny Boy is above name.
BIDGOODKatherineChester TownshipA256 1903(30 Jul) 1993(90y)NO          with Lawrence
BIDGOODLawrenceChester TownshipA256 1889(17 Apr) 1942 NO          with Katherine
BIDGOODLawrence H. Jr.Chester TownshipA256 (24 Sep) 1929(10 Dec) 1993 50Sgt US Army          
MAPESGeorge F.Chester TownshipA257 1884(cr14 Feb) 1958 NO          with Rachel M.
MAPESRachel M.Chester TownshipA257 1883(cr 5 Jan) 1963 NO          with George F.
THWINGNettieChester TownshipA257 18651940 NO PATTERSON         
BATEMANS.J., Mrs. Chester TownshipA258  (no date) NO        S.J. BATEMAN  
MURFELLO? Child Chester TownshipA259    NO          No stone, no record of dates.
MURFELLOBertha Chester TownshipA259  (26 Oct 1991)(86y)NO          (cremains)
MURFELLOWilliam Chester TownshipA259  (no date) NO           
PERRYLeita IonaChester TownshipA259  16 Mar 2005 NO          transferred from Ethel SCHELOSKY
SCHELOSKYLeo D.Chester TownshipA259 18891942 NO  husb(Ethel)       
FIRSTJames J.Chester TownshipA260 18681944 NO           
FIRSTMary A.Chester TownshipA260 18721938 NO           
PERRYDavid W. Chester TownshipA260  (cr22 Nov 1977) NO          Ashes were buried. No stone.
PERRYJohn WesleyChester TownshipA260 18621939 NO  f        
PERRYJosephettaChester TownshipA260 18691938 NO  m        
PERRYTod F. Chester TownshipA260  (cr21 Mar 1960) NO          Ashes were buried. No stone.
BATTLESCora BelleChester TownshipA261 (cr28 Dec) 1927(cr23 Dec) 1933 NO           
BATTLESLawrence O.Chester TownshipA261 30 Jul 189513 Mar 1985 31Cpl. US Army WW I (h/o)(Mattie FREEMAN)     GrangeCharter Members of Chester Grange #2479.
BATTLESMattie G.Chester TownshipA261 24 Feb 1902 13 Apr 2002 NO FREEMAN (w/o)(Lawrence)     GrangeCharter Members of Chester Grange #2479.
BATTLESClarenceChester TownshipA262 (cr 1 May) 1888(cr 8 Jun) 1968 NO          Surname not on stone.
BATTLESMargaretChester TownshipA262 (cr 5 Oct) 1869(cr 3 Mar) 1951 25Army NurseUBERT         Surname not on stone.
BATTLESNewtonChester TownshipA262 (cr25 Aug) 1861(cr13 Jul) 1925 25Kinney Rec.         Surname not on stone.
BATTLESSiphaChester TownshipA262 5 Aug 1890(cr18 Mar) 1968 NO PARR         Surname not on stone.
BONDBeverly J.Chester TownshipA263 1919(5 Feb) 1933 NO           
BONDEthel M.Chester TownshipA263 1899(cr19 Aug) 1972 NO          with Howard A.
BONDHoward A.Chester TownshipA263 1899(cr16 May) 1980 NO          with Ethel M.
BATTLESFlorence B.Chester TownshipA264 24 Mar 1896(cr 9 Apr) 1983 NO BOND         with Lynn D.
BATTLESLynn D.Chester TownshipA264 (28 Aug) 1890(21 Apr) 1975 NO          with Florence B.
STEVENSONJoyce ElaineChester TownshipA264 24 Apr 194617 Jan 1948 NO          Our Darling Joy
WORTSAlbert C.Chester TownshipA265 1882(cr12 Jul) 1974 NO          with Elsie
WORTSByron W.Chester TownshipA265 18501924 NO           
WORTSElsie M.Chester TownshipA265 1882(cr22 Sep) 1973 NO          with Albert C.
WORTSLucy A.Chester TownshipA265 18511925 NO           
RYBAK? BabyChester TownshipA266 13 Feb 192520 Feb 1925 NO           
RYBAKEmilyChester TownshipA266 1888(cr21 Oct) 1977 NO  m       with Joseph
RYBAKHelenChester TownshipA266 19151944 NO  dau        
RYBAKJosephChester TownshipA266 1888(cr19 Dec) 1969 NO  f       with Emily
TINKEREdwin B.Chester TownshipA267 (28 Nov) 1880(10 Feb) 1953 NO          Surname not on stone.
TINKEREthan V.Chester TownshipA267 (8 Jun) 1847(28 Nov) 1926 NO          Surname not on stone.
TINKERMartha O.Chester TownshipA267 (17 Jan) 1853(24 Jun) 1944 NO BATTLES         Surname not on stone.
TINKERMartha P.Chester TownshipA267 (1 Oct) 1880(3 Sep) 1965 NO SHERMAN         Surname not on stone.
RYBAKAnnaChester TownshipA268 18641932 NO          with Anton
RYBAKAntonChester TownshipA268 18481930 NO          with Anna
RYBAKEmil A.Chester TownshipA268 1903(cr20 Feb) 1971 NO          with Florence
RYBAKFlorence G.Chester TownshipA268 1910(31 Mar) 1988(78y)NO          with Emil A.
BATTLESArathusaChester TownshipA269 4 Oct 179618 Mar 1864 NO PORTER w/oLuther       
BATTLESLutherChester TownshipA269 (17 Oct 1792)14 Jan 1883 10Army         Soldier of the War of 1812.
BATTLESMaryChester TownshipA269 22 Feb 182224 Jan 1888 NO          Stone is illegible.
BATTLESSarahChester TownshipA269 21 Aug 17714 Sep 185683 yrNO GRIMES w/om. 1, Deland BATTLES; m. 2, L. WOODWORTH       
JONESEvanChester TownshipA269  3 May 187973 yrNO           
JONESMaryChester TownshipA269  3 Dec 187074 yrNO  w/oEvan       
WOODWORTHSarahChester TownshipA269  4 Sep 185683 yrNO GRIMES w/om. 1, Deland BATTLES; m. 2, L. WOODWORTH       
BATTLESEdwin D.Chester TownshipA270 22 Jul 182017 Mar 1911 NO           
BATTLESFernandesChester TownshipA270 20 Nov 185217 Oct 1872 NO  w/oO.T.       
BATTLESHarriet N.Chester TownshipA270 20 Sep 18242 May 1893 NO BRAINARD          
SWEETChas A.Chester TownshipA271 1875(cr17 Mar 1967) NO  f        
SWEETMaud RChester TownshipA271 19131939 NO           
SWEETNettie M.Chester TownshipA271 1878(cr28 Apr) 1956 NO  m        
WHITINGGerald B.Chester TownshipA272 22 Jul 191022 Dec 1973 41OH Pvt. US Army          
WHITINGHelen E.Chester TownshipA272 1892(cr30 Aug) 1963 NO           
WHITINGJoyce BabyChester TownshipA272  1939 NO           
WHITINGSamuel G.Chester TownshipA272 1888(cr20 Jan) 1967 NO           
KRUKAnna DeloresChester TownshipA273 20 Mar 193322 Sep 2005 NO          with Walter
KRUKFrankChester TownshipA273 1889(cr23 Mar) 1955 NO           
KRUKSophiaChester TownshipA273 1886(cr 8 Dec) 1958 NO           
KRUKWalter L.Chester TownshipA273 9 Dec 19244 Aug 1979 41S.Sgt US Army WW II h/oAnna D.      Has second Military Stone.
HEATHMartha E.Chester TownshipA274 18481930 NO        Forrest Bond  
McMELLONJames Chester TownshipA274    NO        Forrest Bond No Stone or dates.
CRAIGMary Chester TownshipA275    NO          No Stone or dates.
McHAFFIEJohn C. Chester TownshipA275  (cr30 Dec 1950) NO          No Stone.
PAINTERBeverly J.Chester TownshipA276 17 Dec 192526 Mar 2011 NO           
PAINTERHazel G. (Geraldine)Chester TownshipA276 6 May 190626 Apr 1956 NO SMITH          
PAINTERHoward E.Chester TownshipA276 10 Feb 190313 Apr 1975 NO           
PAINTERHoward, Jr.Chester TownshipA276  192510 mo.NO           
EDMONDSGracie A.Chester TownshipA277 18741925 NO        Harrison ELDER, 1/2 lot  
EDMONDSRichardChester TownshipA277 1867(cr 2 May) 1950 NO        Harrison ELDER, 1/2 lot  
ELDERHarrison (deed 1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA277    NO        Harrison ELDER, 1/2 lot for Richard & Gracie A. EDMONDS
RANNEYMadelyn M.Chester TownshipA277 1914(cr16 Jun) 1983 NO  m        
RANNEYRobert C.Chester TownshipA277 (6 Dec) 1911(17 Dec 1995)(84y)41Army          
VOREL? Baby Chester TownshipA278    NO          Clerk's records. No dates or stone.
VORELJames H.Chester TownshipA278 1882(cr 6 Feb) 1958 NO           
VORELMaryChester TownshipA278 1889(cr 3 Jul) 1957 NO           
CROWEMabel B.Chester TownshipA279 1886(1 Sep) 1934 NO  m        
WHITINGLura L.Chester TownshipA279 18571927 NO  m        
WHITINGRalphChester TownshipA279 5 Feb 189716 Mar 1966 31US Army WW I          
WHITINGT.D.Chester TownshipA279 18561934 NO           
VORACHEKJoseph F.Chester TownshipA280 18981934 NO        Christine VORACHEK  
OPATRNYCharles J.Chester TownshipA281 1930(cr15 May) 1935 NO          Sonny Boy
OPATRNYJoseph F.Chester TownshipA281 1898(cr 9 Apr) 1977 NO  f        
OPATRNYMaeChester TownshipA281 1903(cr 9 Sep) 1985 NO  m        
SAVAGEFlorenceChester TownshipA282 1860(cr20 Nov) 1947 NO          with Thomas
SAVAGELloyd A.Chester TownshipA282 1889(cr 3 Sep) 1971 NO           
SAVAGEThomasChester TownshipA282 1856(cr 4 May) 1948 NO          with Florence
CURDHazel, Mrs. (deed)Chester TownshipA283    NO        Mrs.Hazel CURD: Mrs.May Belle TRAVELSTED only burial is Cora KELLY
KELLYCora Chester TownshipA283    NO        Mrs.Hazel CURD: Mrs.May Belle TRAVELSTED No Stone or dates.
TRAVELSTEDMay Belle, Mrs. (deed)Chester TownshipA283    NO        Mrs.Hazel CURD: Mrs.May Belle TRAVELSTED only burial is Cora KELLY
WHITNEYLillianChester TownshipA283 18901978 NO          Ashes Sep 1979.
WHITNEYSimon E.Chester TownshipA283 18851941 NO           
MILLERAugust R.Chester TownshipA284 19001981 NO          with Rose F. and Hattie M. MILLER
MILLERHattie M.Chester TownshipA284 1886(cr19 Mar) 1952 NO          on a monument with August R. & Rose F., Sec B, Lot 93)
MILLERJohanna M.Chester TownshipA284 18611940 NO    w.     with Max
MILLERMax W.Chester TownshipA284 1860(cr18 Aug) 1947 NO          with Johanna M.
MILLERRose F.Chester TownshipA284 18991958 NO          with August R. & Hattie M. MILLER
HUBBLEArthur L.Chester TownshipA285 1896(22 Apr) 1980 31Pvt US Army WW I          
HUBBLEBetty J. Chester TownshipA285  (cr 10Feb 1988) NO           
HUBBLELucille S.Chester TownshipA285 18991943 NO  m        
BARTLETTBert RossChester TownshipA286 1888(cr29 Jun) 1951 NO           
LITTLEJOHNArthur R.Chester TownshipA286 18781941 NO           
LITTLEJOHNCaroline M.Chester TownshipA286 1878(cr16 Feb) 1970 NO           
LAWSGeraldine A.Chester TownshipA287 15 Aug 192521 Mar 2008 NO BOND         
LAWSRobert W.Chester TownshipA287 27 Mar 19195 Feb 1993 41TSgt US Air Force         WW II
BUTLER?, Mrs. Chester TownshipA288    NO          No stone, dates. Wood box.
BUTLERFred L.Chester TownshipA288 1900(cr 1 Dec) 1952 NO  husb        
THOMASHarold B.Chester TownshipA289 30 May 190121 Aug 1974 41Maj US Army          
THOMASLouise R.Chester TownshipA289 14 Dec 190524 Feb 1995(89y)NO          (bp has Hannah Louise)
THOMASFranklin B.Chester TownshipA290 1876(cr 1 Oct) 1951 NO          with Lena A.
THOMASLena A.Chester TownshipA290 18781930 NO          with Franklin B.
CROTTYRobert E. Chester TownshipA291  (23 Nov 1999)(75y)NO          ashes
DITTODale W.Chester TownshipA291 18931929 NO           
DITTOMary S.Chester TownshipA291 1899(26 Jun) 1989(89y)NO  w/o(m. 1) Dale DITTO; (m. 2, ? WENDT)      (bp has Mary S. WENDT)
WENDTMary S.Chester TownshipA291 1899(26 Jun) 1989(89y)NO  w/o(m. 1) Dale DITTO; (m. 2, ? WENDT)      (bp has Mary S. WENDT)
WENDTAlbertChester TownshipA292 1894(cr17 Jun) 1964 31Kinney Rec.          
WENDTHilda M.Chester TownshipA292 19051930 NO  m        
HATCHERFlorena R.Chester TownshipA293 1870(cr26 Mar) 1952 NO           
HATCHERThomas R.Chester TownshipA293 18601931 NO           
STILLWELLGlenn Lee, Baby Chester TownshipA293    NO          Clerk's records. No stone or dates.
WOODRalph Chester TownshipA293    NO        1/4 lot Clerk's records. No stone or dates.
OPATRNYJosephChester TownshipA294 1870(cr27 Jan) 1949 NO  f        
OPATRNYStellaChester TownshipA294 1879(cr4 Jan) 1936 NO  m        
WENTZWilliam H. Chester TownshipA294  (cr 17Oct 1936) NO        Jos. OPATRNY, Sr.  
BILLENSTEINFrances Matilda Chester TownshipA295  (cr 9 Jun 1965) NO          No Stone. Clerk's records.
DANIELSAnnie F.Chester TownshipA295 1882(18 May) 1943 NO          with HANSEL & FREEMAN
DANIELSClifford L.Chester TownshipA295 1886(12 Jun) 1944 NO          with HANSEL & FREEMAN
FREEMANGertrudeChester TownshipA295    NO          No dates. Urn. with DANIELS & HANSEL
HANSELFrank F.Chester TownshipA295 1908(cr 3 Aug 1971 NO          with DANIELS & FREEMAN
HANSELLillian D.Chester TownshipA295 19161 Apr 2006 NO          with DANIELS & FREEMAN
THOMPSONA.N. (Newton)Chester TownshipA295 18761943 NO  f     Ireta TROOK  
TROOKIreta (deed, 4')Chester TownshipA295    NO        Ireta TROOK for A.N. THOMPSON
UBERTEdChester TownshipA295 1876(cr27 Dec) 1964 NO           
ANELONESPeter Chester TownshipA296    NO          No Stone. No dates. Clerk's record.
EDDYB.W. (deed, 4')Chester TownshipA296    NO        B.W. EDDY for Gust JOHNSON
FRANKSEdward E.Chester TownshipA296 19051934 NO  f     Margaret FRANKS  
GIMMELAnnaChester TownshipA296 18571934 NO  m     G.A. GIMMEL  
JOHNSONGustChester TownshipA296 18671933 NO        B.W. EDDY  
MASSEYMarieChester TownshipA297 (cr 8 Dec) 1905(cr18 May) 1946 NO MEYERdau(William & Flora MEYER)       
MEYERFlora B.Chester TownshipA297 (cr18 Apr) 1870(cr 2 Feb) 1942 NO BATTLES m        
MEYERViolet M.Chester TownshipA297 (13 Mar) 1900(26 Apr) 1949 NO  dau        
MEYERWilliam E.Chester TownshipA297 (cr 1 Jun) 1868(cr28 Apr) 1952 NO  f        
BILLENSTEINJohn Frederick Chester TownshipA298  (cr19 Jul 1965) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
QUIGLEYEvelyn S.Chester TownshipA298 19151989 NO          No record of death.
QUIGLEYJulianChester TownshipA298 11 Sep 191915 Jan 2001 NO           
QUIGLEYMarguerite B.Chester TownshipA298 1930(cr17 Aug) 1964 NO           
GLAVOSEKN. JeanneChester TownshipA299 19271962 NO        Stephen GLAVOSEK  
HILLClarence (deed, 4')Chester TownshipA299    NO        Clarence, Grace, Jerry HILL, 4'  
SMITHFrancisChester TownshipA299 1922(cr13 Dec) 1961 NO           
HILLClarenceChester TownshipA300 1901(cr 2 Nov) 1960 NO          with Grace
HILLDeweyChester TownshipA300 18981975 NO          Clerk's records show burial was 2 Jan 1976. with Elsie
HILLElsieChester TownshipA300 1896(cr29 Sep) 1960 NO          with Dewey
HILLGraceChester TownshipA300 1905(5 May) 1989(83y)NO          with Clarence
HILLJerry T. Chester TownshipA300  (4 Jul 2000)(54y)NO          ashes centered in gravesite over Grace Hill
HILLNormaChester TownshipA300  4 Mar 2002 NO           
HILLDorothy Chester TownshipA301  12 Jun 2002 NO           
HILLSandra LynnChester TownshipA301 6 Feb 194924 Jan 1958 NO        Dorothy Hill  
FRITZ? Baby Chester TownshipA302  (cr11 Dec 1957) NO        Lawrence FRITZ, 4' No stone. Clerk's records.
KRAUSEJ. WilliamChester TownshipA302 1902(cr 2 Jul) 1956 NO        Ruth KRAUSE Other side of stone is not cut.
KRAUSERuth E.Chester TownshipA302  (30 Aug 1998)(83y)NO           
MAJORJohn Chester TownshipA302  (cr18 Jan 1958) NO        Elizabeth MAJOR, 4' No stone. Clerk's records.
KENNYMuriel G.Chester TownshipA303 1905(21 Jan) 1990(84y)NO  m        
KENNYThomas W.Chester TownshipA303 1900(cr24 May 1960) NO  f        
MAJORCharlene Chester TownshipA303  (cr24 May 1961) NO    c   Elizabeth MAJOR, 1/2 lot No Stone. Clerk's records.
RICHMONDFannie V.Chester TownshipA304 21 Oct 187419 Aug 1965 NO LUTZ (?)        with WHITING; stone has Fannie V. LUTZ RICHMOND
WHITINGFannie M.Chester TownshipA304 22 Mar 191610 Jun 2010 NO           
WHITINGPaulChester TownshipA304 28 Apr 189927 May 1982 NO           
WHITINGWilliam P.Chester TownshipA304 13 Feb 193725 Nov 1989 NO           
BETTSFrankChester TownshipA305 1886(cr 9 Mar) 1956 NO           
BETTSMyrtleChester TownshipA305 1884(cr24 Oct) 1964 NO           
CONNELLRaymond J.Chester TownshipA306 1919(cr20 Nov) 1967 41Army f        
CONNELLRuth E.Chester TownshipA306 1917(cr18 Nov) 1966 NO  m        
EVANSMary (deed for JOLLY)Chester TownshipA306    NO        Mary EVANS, 4'  
JOLLYHoward Hastings Chester TownshipA306  (18 May 1967) NO        Mary EVANS, 4' No stone. Clerk's records.
SMITHPairs PaulChester TownshipA306 24 May 189326 Sep 1968 31Washington SFC       Jeanette SMITH, 4' Quartermaster Corp. WW I.
HALLJosephineChester TownshipA307 1891(cr 3 Jul) 1961 NO           
HALLWilliam J.Chester TownshipA307 9 Mar 188621 Dec 1951 31OH Pvt 4th Com.L162         Infantry. William has two stones.
McILRATHHelen E.Chester TownshipA307 1901(cr 20May) 1985 NO           
McILRATHWebster A. (Jr)Chester TownshipA307 1899(cr25 Feb) 1956 31Army          
REEBELAlbert ScottChester TownshipA308 21 Jun 189715 Jun 1962 31Oh CE US Navy WW I          
GREENEForrest O.Chester TownshipA309 28 May 191828 Jan 1978 41HQ 33rd Engrs s/oForrest W. & Rita F.      7th Armored Div. WW II.
GREENEMarian V.Chester TownshipA309 1 Mar 1914824 Jun 1968 NO TINKERd/oEdwin B. & Martha S. TINKER      Mother of Virginia E. & Carl L. BARBER
CSATARIAnnaChester TownshipA310 1892(cr 17Jan) 1972 NO  m        
FABIANGizellaChester TownshipA310  15 Jul 2002 NO           
TOMALAAnna Chester TownshipA310  (cr 12Jun 1999) NO          ashes