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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
MELVINAchsahChester TownshipA53  18 Apr 185891 yrsNO  w/oR. Melvin       
MELVINKezia S.Chester TownshipA53  15 Jul 183232NO           
MELVINR. (Reuben)Chester TownshipA53 (12 Nov 1760)28 Aug 183777 yrs01(Pvt Dickinson's MA         Regt)
MELVINReuben L.Chester TownshipA53  17 Jul 18484yr? 9 moNO  s/oA. & R      Stone is illegible.
GARRATTWilliam, Jr.Chester TownshipA54 31 JUl 18008 Jan 1832 NO    New Lisbon, Oswego Co.     Illegible stone.
COLSONHannahChester TownshipA55  Nov 185184yNO(pensioner on basis (w/o)(m1,Christopher COLSON;m2,John HALL)      of Christopher COLSON); Stone is illegible.
HALLHannahChester TownshipA55  Nov 185184yNO(pensioner on basis (w/o)(m1,Christopher COLSON;m2,John HALL)      of Christopher COLSON); Stone is illegible.
HALLIsabellaChester TownshipA55    NO          Stone is illegible.
HALLManilusChester TownshipA55    NO          Stone is illegible.
PRATTEugene B.Chester TownshipA55  12 Oct 185821NO          Stone is illegible.
PRATTWilliamChester TownshipA55  16 Aug 185562NO          Stone is illegible.
DAYAlonzoChester TownshipA56 1843(7 May) 1919 19Army          
DAYHenriettaChester TownshipA56 1845(cr10Mar) 1911 NO           
DAYPheobeChester TownshipA56 18061888 NO           
FELLOWSParkerChester TownshipA56 (13 Oct 1762/3)(bef 26Jun)1820 01Sprout's Mass Regt.         Pvt. in Rev. War.
HATHAWAYAdeline LChester TownshipA57 18421911 NO CAROTHERS          
HATHAWAYCharles S.Chester TownshipA57 18391905 NO           
FERRYMaryChester TownshipA58  13 Aug 187262yr 9 mo 11 daNO LYMAN w/oSolomon C       
FERRYSolomon C.Chester TownshipA58 9 Sep 18066 Apr 1891 NO           
FERRYSolomon C.Chester TownshipA58  9 May 18392y 6mNO  s/oSolomon C. & Mary       
FERRYSophia M.Chester TownshipA58  9 Jun 18508y 6mNO  d/oS.C. & M.L.       
SAVERYHiramChester TownshipA58 2 Oct 182817 Feb 1865 NO    Pittsfield    MasonStone is illegible.
JONESMary L.Chester TownshipA59  20 Nov 187773 yr 1 moNO  w/o(name buried)       
PACKARDAlmonChester TownshipA59  8 Nov 1839in his 13th yrNO           
PACKARDChristianaChester TownshipA59  4 Nov 1838in her 16th yrNO           
PACKARDJohnChester TownshipA59  11 Apr 184359NO           
JONESA.S., Rev.Chester TownshipA60  2 Apr 188381yr 3moNO           
CULVERLauraChester TownshipA62  9 Dec 186252?NO  w/oL.       
CULVERLeviChester TownshipA62 18071873 NO           
CULVERMarciaChester TownshipA62  3 Feb 184134?NO  w/oLevi       
GREENAldaChester TownshipA63 18851904 NO           
GREENAlmon A.Chester TownshipA63 18411920 19Army f        
GREENAmna L.Chester TownshipA63 18481920 NO  m        
AMESM. LenoraChester TownshipA64 186931 Jul 1890 NO  d/oB.D. & M.E.       
AMESMary E.Chester TownshipA64 18451872 NO  w/oB.D.       
AMESMary (cr)Chester TownshipA65    NO          (perhaps w/o Mason; no stone or dates)
AMESMasonChester TownshipA65  18 Jan 187871yr 9moNO           
AMESEdwardChester TownshipA66  23 Dec 185419 yrNO  s/oMason & Mary       
AMESFreemanChester TownshipA66  1? Oct 186420yr 5mo 16daNO          Stone is almost illegible and broken.
AMESJohn H.Chester TownshipA66  16 Nov 185421 yrNO  s/oMason & Mary       
AMESMary L.Chester TownshipA66  3 Apr 185514 yrNO  d/oMason & Mary       
POSTJennetteChester TownshipA67 18401912 NO           
POSTJohn F.Chester TownshipA67 18281914 NO           
PUGSLEYEmmaChester TownshipA67  19 Mar 187223NO  w/oCyrus      Also daughter of C. Ames
POSTFrankChester TownshipA68  22 Aug 188421NO  s/oJ. & J.       
POSTJanette Chester TownshipA68    NO          Stone missing in both 1983 and 1995.
BATTLESAlmon S.Chester TownshipA69 14 Jul 185923 Mar 1898 NO          Also has a single marker.
BATTLESClaraChester TownshipA69 (cr6Jun) 1864(cr1Aug) 1917 NO DEWEYhwAlmon S.       
EAMESLucinda C.Chester TownshipA69  1 Nov 18503yr 1mo 16daNO  d/oWm & M       
WOODWORTHCordelia L.Chester TownshipA70  24 May 1835 NO  w/oTheron    F. WOODWORTH  
FRISSELLAugustus W.Chester TownshipA71 (cr14Aug) 1849(cr26Feb) 1900 NO           
FRISSELLFrankChester TownshipA71 (10 Apr) 1847(23 May) 1864 19Co.C 1st OVA          
FRISSELLRhodaChester TownshipA71 (cr2Sep) 1806(cr11May) 1881 NO LYMAN hwSeth       
FRISSELLSethChester TownshipA71 (cr12Dec) 1799(cr12Feb) 1878 NO           
FRISSELLRuthChester TownshipA72  3 Mar 184673yNO GOLDTHWAITE w/oCaleb M.      m 1 William FRISSELL, Jr.; m. 2, Caleb STREET; name on stone in lot 71
MITCHELLRobert T.Chester TownshipA72 1871(cr13Jun) 1956 NO           
MITCHELLSusie M.Chester TownshipA72 1874(cr18May) 1957 NO           
STREETRuthChester TownshipA72  3 Mar 184673yNO GOLDTHWAITE w/oCaleb M.      m 1 William FRISSELL, Jr.; m. 2, Caleb STREET; name on stone in lot 71
WISNERSamuelChester TownshipA72  31 Dec 183844 ?NO           
HUMISTONJohn Chester TownshipA73    19Army?          
MITCHELLBert R.Chester TownshipA73 18741919 NO        R. MITCHELL: WM MITCHELL  
MITCHELLDelmer J.Chester TownshipA73 19 Jun 189823 Mar 1963 31Ohio Co E 112 Engrs.       R. MITCHELL: WM MITCHELL Pvt. WWI
MITCHELLEthelChester TownshipA73  18 Feb 18963 or 5 mo.NO        R. MITCHELL: WM MITCHELL Surname not on stone.
MITCHELLGeorgieChester TownshipA73 18891890 NO        R. MITCHELL: WM MITCHELL Surname not on stone.
NICHOLSAnn EudociaChester TownshipA74  13 Sep 18503 yr 9 moNO  d/oG & S       
THOMPSONDelia L.Chester TownshipA74 18311897 NO  w/oJ.R.       
THOMPSONJ.R., Rev.Chester TownshipA74 18331918 NO           
THOMPSONLaura A.Chester TownshipA74 18411916 NO  w/oJ.R.       
FREEMANEmma L.Chester TownshipA75 1863(cr27May) 1947 NO           
FREEMANRoderick D.Chester TownshipA75 18561930 NO           
JOHNSTONHeman D.Chester TownshipA76  24 May 185852 yrsNO           
JOHNSTONJames M.Chester TownshipA76  16 Jan 186228 yrsNO           
JOHNSTONLouisa F.Chester TownshipA76  10 Nov 187662 yrsNO  w/oH.D.       
AMESM.C. RUST, Mrs.Chester TownshipA77 29 Nov 180828 Jan 1890 NO   (m. 1, ? RUST; m. 2, AMES)      cr has Mercy RUST AMES
RUSTHarriet D.Chester TownshipA77  2 Apr 187343yr 9moNO  d/oJoel & Mercy       
RUSTJoelChester TownshipA77  6 Dec 183731yr 6mo 6daNO           
RUSTM.C. RUST, Mrs.Chester TownshipA77 29 Nov 180828 Jan 1890 NO   (m. 1, ? RUST; m. 2, AMES)      cr has Mercy RUST AMES
JOHNSTONElgieChester TownshipA78  14 Jan 18623yr 4moNO  d/oWalter & Lydia      Surname not on stone.
JOHNSTONLydia H.Chester TownshipA78 18371889 NO          Surname not on stone.
JOHNSTONWalterChester TownshipA78 18341907 NO          Surname not on stone.
BARBERAmandaChester TownshipA79 1802(31 Dec) 1880 NO          No surname on stone
BARBERElijahChester TownshipA79 17981884 NO          No surname on stone
JOHNSTONW. (1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA79    NO           
BARBERChauncyChester TownshipA80 1830(31 Mar) 1913 NO          No Surname on stone.
BARBEREmma E.Chester TownshipA80 18281904 NO          No Surname on stone.
BARBERHattie E.Chester TownshipA80 18711902 NO BARBER ( ? )        No Surname on stone. Recorded as HANDERSON in Clerk's record.
GATESLumanChester TownshipA80  4 May 183841NO           
HANDERSONHattie E.Chester TownshipA80 18711902 NO BARBER ( ? )        No Surname on stone. Recorded as HANDERSON in Clerk's record.
GILMOREAsenathChester TownshipA81 18051888 NO GATES          
GILMOREEmmerillaChester TownshipA81 18501850 NO           
GILMORELuman GatesChester TownshipA81 17961805 NO           
GILMOREReubenChester TownshipA81 18181892 NO           
SAWYERMaria S.Chester TownshipA81 18261905 NO          Stone is illegible.
BRAWNC. OliveChester TownshipA82 1834(10 Oct) 1891 NO  hwThomas    E. SAWYER (map)  
BRAWNCharles W.Chester TownshipA82 18731878 NO        E. SAWYER (map)  
BRAWNThomasChester TownshipA82 18331913 NO        E. SAWYER (map)  
BRAWNWilliam S.Chester TownshipA82 18691871 NO        E. SAWYER (map)  
HERRICKCarrie B.Chester TownshipA82 18601946 NO        E. SAWYER (map) (Ashes of both Emory J. and Carrie B. were buried Sep 1947)
HERRICKEmory J.Chester TownshipA82 18551943 NO        E. SAWYER (map) (Ashes of both Emory J. and Carrie B. were buried Sep 1947)
SAWYERCaroline (?)Chester TownshipA82  18 Nov 187572 yrNO  m     E. SAWYER (map) Stone is illegible.
SOMERSLydia A.Chester TownshipA82  3 Apr 187336 yrNO SAWYER ( ? )w/oF.H. SOMERS    E. SAWYER (map) Stone is illegible. Cl___Texas is on stone.
BATTLESAlexanderChester TownshipA83 11 Jan 183319 Nov 1872 NO          Stone replaced.
BATTLESElizabethChester TownshipA83 5 Dec 18392 Mar 1914 NO FRISSELL         Stone replaced.
BROWNT. (1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA83    NO           
HOVEYLouise A.Chester TownshipA84 18461912 NO  m        
MOREYEdward W.Chester TownshipA84 18141894 NO           
MOREYSylviaChester TownshipA84 18191893 NO EAGERhwEdward W.       
LAMOREAUXIsaacChester TownshipA85 29 Aug 1812?21 Sep 1886 NO          Stone is hard to read.
LAMOREAUXSophia A.Chester TownshipA85 11 Jan 181918 Jun 1896 NO  w/oIsaac      Stone is hard to read.
REXMary E. Chester TownshipA85    NO          No Stone. Names are from Clerk's record.
ANDREWSDollyChester TownshipA86  11 June 183870NO  w/oE.S.       
ANDREWSE.B. Chester TownshipA86    19Kinney Rec.          
REXMuriel Chester TownshipA86    NO          No Stone. Names are from Clerk's record.
HAMMONDGuy Chester TownshipA87    NO          No Stone. Clerk's record
PACKARDCharlieChester TownshipA88 18351918 NO          Surname not on stone.
PACKARDClarindaChester TownshipA88 18061881 NO          Surname not on stone
PACKARDJoshuaChester TownshipA88 18061887 NO          Surname not on stone.
PACKARDSarahChester TownshipA88 18311912 NO WISE        Surname not on stone
BARNETTHarry L. Chester TownshipA89 (6 Jan 1936)(11 May 1990) 50USAF          
GILBERTCriscildaChester TownshipA89 18 May 178613 Feb 1835 NO  w/oJoel       
GILBERTDariusChester TownshipA89 20 Nov 184320 Sep 1863 19Bat C 1st OVA         Killed at Chattanooga; prob buried there
GILBERTJoelChester TownshipA89 3 Oct 178927 Mar 1852 10Army          
GILBERTNaomiChester TownshipA89 10 May 18023 Jul 1884 NO  w/oJoel       
GILBERT?, GrandmotherChester TownshipA90  Jan 183784yNO          no first name given; monument is on lot 89
GILBERTCriscildaChester TownshipA90 28 Sep 182016 Apr 1841 NO          Monument is on lot 89
GILBERTDwightChester TownshipA90 20 Apr 182527 Sep 1855 NO          Monument is on lot 89.
GILBERTIda M.Chester TownshipA90  26 Sep 18624NO  d/oW.C. & E.M.       
GILBERTMarthaChester TownshipA90 11 Jan 181911 Apr 1821 NO          Monument is on lot 89.
GILBERTRominaChester TownshipA90 9 Jul 183625 Oct 1839 NO          Monument is on lot 89.
GILBERTJoel (1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA91    NO           
PHELPSCharlotteChester TownshipA91 8 Jun 184127 Apr 1914 NO GILBERT         
PHELPSWalter G.Chester TownshipA91 8 Aug 18443 Jun 1901 19Army          
PHELPSFlora A.Chester TownshipA92  3 Aug 188414yr 6mo 18daNO          Monument is on Lot 91.
BARNESWillard Chester TownshipA93  (5 Jun 1864) 19Army          
CRAINFlaviaChester TownshipA93  14 Apr 185556yr 8mNO  w/oEdward       
CRANEFlorence E.Chester TownshipA93  22 Nov 18592yr 1m 15dNO  d/oE & E.C.       
CRANEMarcus O.Chester TownshipA93  28 Feb 18351yr 16dNO  sonE & F       
GURNEYCharlesChester TownshipA93  8 Jun 183537NO           
GURNEYRebecca J.Chester TownshipA94  4 May 186335y 5m 16dNO HULBERTw/oJ.R. GURNEY       
HULBERTMatilda A.Chester TownshipA94  22 May 186329y 1m 3dNO          with Rebecca GURNEY
WHITMANAbigailChester TownshipA94  23 Nov 188182y 2m 7dNO  w/oBarzillai       
WHITMANAlden E.Chester TownshipA94  9 Mar 18642319Co C 1st OVA         Died at Stewart's Creek TN Stone is almost illegible.
WHITMANBarzillaiChester TownshipA94  25 Aug 187066y 4m 7dNO           
WHITMANMary Chester TownshipA94  (cr, no dates) NO           
WHITMANMeradonChester TownshipA94  12 Oct 187421y 5m 2dNO          Our Beloved Son Surname is not on stone.
NORTONL. PomeroyChester TownshipA95  3 Apr 18285yNO  s/o       Only son
NORTONLebbeusChester TownshipA95 (1788)3 Dec 18758510Army          
NORTONNancyChester TownshipA95  30 Aug 186571y 6m 21dNO  w/oLebbeus      DOD could be 1863. Stone is illegible
PHILBRICKN.A. (Nancy)Chester TownshipA95 29 Apr 181610 Nov 1893 NO           
PHILBRICKS.B.Chester TownshipA95 6 Sep 180029 Apr 1885 NO           
BATESErastusChester TownshipA96  11 Mar 183637NO           
BATESMehitableChester TownshipA96  7 Jun 184062NO  w/oAbner       
BATESSusan T.Chester TownshipA96  25 Feb 187065NO  w/oErastus       
WEBSTERAsahelChester TownshipA96 18101900 NO           
WEBSTERLucinda S.Chester TownshipA96  21 Nov 1839 NO  w/oAsahel       
PARKERJoan N.Chester TownshipA97  28 Apr 188364y 11mNO  w/oDea N.       
PARKERN., Dea. (Nelson)Chester TownshipA97  22 Oct 188870y 10mNO          stone has Dea. N.
BOYDI.A.Chester TownshipA98 18231899 19Kinney Rec.          
BOYDLouisa J.Chester TownshipA98 1831(4 Jun) 1893 NO           
PARREdna Chester TownshipA98    NO          No stone. Information from Clerk's records.
PARRFrancis E. Chester TownshipA98    NO          No Stone. Information from Clerk's records
HUDSONClaude WadeChester TownshipA99 (5 Apr) 1909(9 Aug) 1910 NO  (s/o)(Claud & Cora (SANDERS) HUDSON)       
HUDSONCora AlbertaChester TownshipA99 18711933 NO           
BRAILEYJ.A. Chester TownshipA100    NO        BRAILEY, J.A.(on map) No Stone. Clerk's records.
BRAILEYRose Chester TownshipA100 (1876)(27 Oct 1945) NO        BRAILEY, J.A.(on map) No Stone. Clerk's records.
SEWELL? Chester TownshipA100    NO          No Stone. Clerk's records.
TINKERElviraChester TownshipA101 21 Aug 182029 Aug 190584y 8dNO  w/o       Stone is illegible.
TINKERJane F.Chester TownshipA101 Jan 18457 Dec 186318y 11m 2dNO          Stone is illegible. Additional single marker for Jane.
TINKERJohn H.Chester TownshipA101 6 Apr 181819 Nov 188466y 7m 13dNO          Stone is illegible.
TINKERMaryChester TownshipA101 10 Nov 182516 Aug 188761y 9mNO  w/oJ.H.      Stone is illegible.
CLAYTONThomas Chester TownshipA102    NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
STRONGJoel K.Chester TownshipA102 1840(31 Dec) 1862 19Army         Killed in Battle Murfreesboro.
PARRLeonardChester TownshipA103  7 Feb 188375y 11m 17dNO  f        
PARRRachel M or N.Chester TownshipA103  17 Jul 188070y 1m 1dNO HAMMOND w/oLeonard       
STRONGClara K.Chester TownshipA103 18171892 NO           
STRONGCorinthaChester TownshipA103 18101857 NO           
STRONGLewisChester TownshipA103 18171897 NO           
STRONGLewis F.Chester TownshipA103 18471868 NO           
STRONGStatira L.Chester TownshipA103 18391840 NO           
STRONGSusan A.Chester TownshipA103 18421843 NO           
LYMAN? Baby Chester TownshipA104  (no dates) NO        David LYMAN  
LYMANIraChester TownshipA105 27 Oct 181515 Sep 190085NO  f       Has separate first name stone.
LYMANMary S.Chester TownshipA105  28 Jan 190883NO  m       Has separate stone labeled Mary S.
STEPHENSONHannahChester TownshipA105  19 Nov 186163NO  w/oT.B.      Separate stone with H.A.S.
STEPHENSONT.B.Chester TownshipA105  4 Nov 186163NO          Separate stone with T.B.S. on it.
CLARKPamelia R.Chester TownshipA106  22 Aug 183739yNO  w/o1st wife of Quartus       
CLARKQuartusChester TownshipA106  20 Jul 184049NO           
METCALFEAda Chester TownshipA107  (1947) NO          No Stone. Information from Clerk's record.
QUIRKJ.G. BlaineChester TownshipA107 18771878 NO           
QUIRKSusan N.Chester TownshipA107 18331911 NO  w/oWilliam       
QUIRKWilliamChester TownshipA107 18331887 NO           
LYMANN.R. (map)Chester TownshipA108    NO        N.R. LYMAN  
CLARKChloeChester TownshipA109  10 Aug 187183yNO  hw        
CLARKHezekiahChester TownshipA109  29 Apr 186679yNO           
STILLMANEsther C.Chester TownshipA109  8 Jan 189673yNO  w/oRiley F.Danby,      
STILLMANRiley F.Chester TownshipA109  8 Apr 187654yNO          "of Austinburg, OH"
BENSONJanesChester TownshipA110 18271867 NO  f        
BENSONSally A.Chester TownshipA110 18341899 NO MANSFIELDm        
STILLMANRiley F. (1/2 lot)Chester TownshipA110    NO           
SCOTTEthel M.Chester TownshipA111 18771911 NO           
SCOTTLucy J.Chester TownshipA111 18461919 NO  w/oRansom D.       
SCOTTRansom D.Chester TownshipA111 18441914 NO           
CHILSON? Boy Chester TownshipA112    NO        C. CHILSON No stone. Clerk's record.
CHILSONCharles, Mrs. Chester TownshipA112    NO   (m. 1, Chas. CHILSON; m. 2, ? SWETIR)    Chas. CHILSON No stone. cr has Mrs. Chilson Swetir ("These may be reversed."
GRAUFrederickChester TownshipA112 18321908 NO        C. CHILSON  
GRAURosineChester TownshipA112 18291907 NO  hw     C. CHILSON  
SWETIR?, Mrs. Chester TownshipA112    NO   (m. 1, Chas. CHILSON; m. 2, ? SWETIR)    Chas. CHILSON No stone. cr has Mrs. Chilson Swetir ("These may be reversed."