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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
STAGEHubert J.Chester TownshipB1 1892(cr 12 Oct)1963 NO        E. LAW: E. STAGE  
STAGEIrene MaeChester TownshipB1 19251944 NO        E. LAW: E. STAGE  
STAGEKathryne B.Chester TownshipB1 1904  NO        E. LAW: E. STAGE  
VARGACarol JuneChester TownshipB2 12 Jun 193726 Mar 1955 NO  dau     J. VARGA  
VARGAEleanor J. Chester TownshipB2  (28 Oct 1994)(83y)NO        J. VARGA (cremains bur 2 Nov 1994)
VARGAJosephChester TownshipB2 17 Feb 19081 Apr 1984 NO  husb     J. VARGA  
WALKUPVirginia Chester TownshipB2  (10 Jan 1994)(59y)NO        J. VARGA (cremains bur 21 Jan 1994)
MUSSERClaire A.Chester TownshipB3 19291977 NO  dau       No record of date of death.
MUSSERHayden I.Chester TownshipB3 1904(cr29 Apr) 1970 NO         Mason 
MUSSERSadie E.Chester TownshipB3 1896(4 Mar) 1988(91y)NO           
BEBOUTLaura C.Chester TownshipB4 1906(cr15 Feb) 1974 NO        J.J. BROWN  
BEBOUTWilliam E., Jr.Chester TownshipB4 1904(cr 2 Nov) 1965 NO        J.J. BROWN  
BEBOUTWilliam F. Chester TownshipB4  (18 Dec 1996)(63y)61Kinney Rec.       J.J. BROWN  
BROWNSylvia R.Chester TownshipB4 1919(cr 7 Jul) 1959 NO        J.J. BROWN  
SPERRYDorothea L.Chester TownshipB5 1905(cr18 Sep)1969 NO         FPLE 223with Kenneth J.
SPERRYKeithChester TownshipB5 1935(23 Nov) 1995 NO           
SPERRYKenneth J.Chester TownshipB5 1905(2 Nov) 1991(86y)NO         FCB 6823 
SPERRYLovina M.Chester TownshipB5 1883(cr 24Dec) 1948 NO          with Elwood Rd.
THAYERLester (deed)Chester TownshipB5    NO          Clerk's records. Says there are 2 sites.
PATTERSONIonaChester TownshipB6  24 Jun 2008 NO           
PATTERSONSamuel Chester TownshipB6 23 Apr 191010 Sep 1999 NO           
PATTERSONJ. VernonChester TownshipB7 1913(cr 23May) 1978 NO           
PATTERSONSamuel (deed for part)Chester TownshipB7    NO           
PATTERSONThelma E.Chester TownshipB7 1914(cr5 Mar) 1958 NO HAND         
GRIBBLENorma L.Chester TownshipB8 1930(6 Aug) 1992(61y)NO        Raymond GRIBBLE, Jr.  
GRIBBLERaymond E. Jr.Chester TownshipB8 192418-Nov-2006 NO           
McCRACKENBuryl (deed for 1/2)Chester TownshipB8    NO           
SHERMANLeRoyChester TownshipB9 1890(cr24 Sep) 1946 NO        R. SHERMAN with Nellie
SHERMANNellieChester TownshipB9 1896(cr23 Mar) 1967 NO        R. SHERMAN with LeRoy
SHERMANWade J.Chester TownshipB9 1926(cr Feb) 1938 NO  son     R. SHERMAN  
DE GREENAltaChester TownshipB10 1893(cr 2 Dec) 1975 NO           
DE GREENJohnChester TownshipB10 1894(cr19 Jun) 1956 NO           
SHERMANNellie (Mrs. Roy, deed)Chester TownshipB10    NO           
DE GREENDonald (deed)Chester TownshipB11    NO        Donald DE GREEN  
FORTNEYIsabelle C.Chester TownshipB11 1919  NO        Donald DE GREEN  
FORTNEYLovell D.Chester TownshipB11 1913(cr17 Oct) 1979 NO        Donald DE GREEN  
GRIBBLEHazel W. (Winona)Chester TownshipB12 1901(cr 6 Sep) 1972 NO           
GRIBBLERaymond E.Chester TownshipB12 1902(b20 Feb 1999) NO          ashes
McCRACKENBuryl L. (Lawrence)Chester TownshipB12 15 Oct 194328 Oct 1967 61SP 4 US ARMY          
VIHEREsther MarieChester TownshipB12 24 Jun 191930 Sep 1975 NO        Buryl Mc CRACKEN  
DEGREENHarryChester TownshipB13 3 Sep 189129 May 1956 31OH Pvt Co L 348 Inf.       Mrs. Roy SHERMAN  
HELMERCoraChester TownshipB13 1881(cr 3 Feb) 1958 NO        Mrs. Roy SHERMAN  
HELMERWadeChester TownshipB13  29 Jun 2006 NO           
SHERMANNellie (deed)Chester TownshipB13    NO        Mrs. Roy SHERMAN for DeGREEN & HELMER)
DEGREENHilda J.Chester TownshipB14 18861967 NO        Marvin DeGREEN  
DEGREENPeterChester TownshipB14 1882(cr26 Sep) 1959 NO        Marvin DeGREEN  
BURRISCharles AndrewChester TownshipB15  21 Feb 200873yNO           
DEGREENDoreen PegChester TownshipB15 1911(cr 3 Sep) 1985 NO  w/o     Marvin DeGREEN Mother & Grandmother
DEGREENMarvin E.Chester TownshipB15 1899(cr23 Mar) 1965 NO  husb      MasonFather & Grandfather
DEGREENMarvin Jr.Chester TownshipB15 1933(cr16 Apr) 1960 50Army husb       Father
DEGREENMarvin (deed)Chester TownshipB16    NO           
DEGREENPolly A. Chester TownshipB16  (20 Jul 1997)(56y)NO        Marvin DeGREEN  
CARLISLEAnnette L. Chester TownshipB17  (4 Jan 1992)(55y)NO        Frederick & Margaret PAINTER No Stone. Clerk's record.
PAINTERCarl E.Chester TownshipB17 1935(cr15 Aug) 1949 NO  son        
PAINTEREliana Lee Baby Chester TownshipB17  (cr 22Jun 1976) NO          No Stone. Clerk's record.
PAINTERFrederick G.Chester TownshipB17 1909(cr18 Jan) 1971 NO  f        
PAINTERMargaret E.Chester TownshipB17 1908(11 Jun) 1989(80y)NO  m        
METTLERFlorence E.Chester TownshipB18 1904(cr 4 Oct) 1949 NO           
METTLERWilliam E.Chester TownshipB18 1892(cr13 Jan) 1964 NO           
OSTERHELDAlbert C. Sr. Chester TownshipB18  (cr 9 Nov) 1949 NO          No Stone. Clerk's records.
SHEFFIELDLaura M. Chester TownshipB18  (cr 21Apr 1956) NO        Kenneth TOTTEN No Stone. Clerk's records.
TOTTENKenneth (deed for SHEFFIELD)Chester TownshipB18    NO           
LANGAAAndrew Chester TownshipB19  (2 Jun 2000)(74y)NO           
LANGAAJohanna E.Chester TownshipB19 22 Feb 189830 Apr 1966 NO  m        
LANGAAMartin A.Chester TownshipB19 2 Apr 188630 Mar 1959 NO  f        
TITUSCecil P., Dr.Chester TownshipB20 27 Jan 19001 Dec 1970 NO           
TITUSClare M.Chester TownshipB20 15 Feb 18981 Dec 1964 NO           
TITUSJohnathon David Chester TownshipB20  (cr 7Mar 1975) NO          No stone. Clerk's record.
HAHNJosephChester TownshipB21 1903(26 Jul) 1992(88y)NO        Joseph HAHN (cremains)
HAHNMarieChester TownshipB21 19061945 NO        JOSEPH HAHN  
STONEWilliamChester TownshipB21  6 Oct 2009 41           
BARSTOWBarbara JChester TownshipB22 14 May 19445 Feb 1945 NO        Thomas & Helen BARSTOW  
BARSTOWCarol JeanChester TownshipB22  29 May 2006 NO           
BARSTOWRichard KerwinChester TownshipB22  24 Nov 2009 NO           
BATTLESArthur F.Chester TownshipB23 8 Mar 1897(19 Oct) 1989(92y)NO  husb     Arthur BATTLES  
BATTLESMary A.Chester TownshipB23 11 May 1901(4 Dec) 1990(89y)NO  w/o     Arthur BATTLES  
SILVERNAILAda Chester TownshipB23 (6 Feb 1870)(30 Jul 1955) NO GREEN (d/o)(Almond Green)  Pope Home, Troy, GeaugaOHHarris SILVERNAIL  
SILVERNAILStephen Chester TownshipB23  (cr 21Jan 1955) NO        Harris SILVERNAIL No Stone. Clerk's records.
WENGERDoris J.Chester TownshipB24 1927  NO           
WENGERRussell J.Chester TownshipB24 1924  NO           
MAGELAmandaChester TownshipB25 18641942 NO           
MAGELKarlChester TownshipB25 18641943 25Kinney Rec.         Incorrect marker; WWII
VILDHermanChester TownshipB25 1908(25 Sep 1997)(89y)NO           
VILDMarie A.Chester TownshipB25 191214 Aug 2003 NO           
WEBSTEREmilyChester TownshipB25 1889(12 Oct) 1987(98y)NO           
BUTLERIdaChester TownshipB26 1887(22 Jan) 1930 NO        Kenneth BUTLER  
BUTLERKenneth M. Chester TownshipB26  (25 May 2000)(86y)NO        Kenneth BUTLER  
BUTLERSarahChester TownshipB26  11 Jan 2007 NO           
BUTLERWilliamChester TownshipB26 1884(cr 8 May) 1950 NO        Kenneth BUTLER  
BONDA. DeweyChester TownshipB27 (3 Jan) 1923(25 May 2010) NO        Forrest BOND  
BONDForrest H.Chester TownshipB27 (12 Nov) 1891(17 Apr) 1967 NO        Forrest BOND  
BONDLennahChester TownshipB27 (4 Jul) 1892(8 Jan) 1975 NO BATTLES       Forrest BOND  
BONDRuthChester TownshipB27 (31 Jan) 1923(25 Apr) 1996 NO COLLAR      Forrest BOND  
BONDForrest (deed)Chester TownshipB28    NO        Forrest BOND  
DENNISTONDaniel C.Chester TownshipB29 18731925 NO  f       Moved from Woodland Cemetery Oct. 1950.
DENNISTONJessie S.Chester TownshipB29 1881(cr27 Nov) 1971 NO  m        
DENNISTONRobert W.Chester TownshipB29 13 Sep 192231 Oct 1952 41IL Sgt Co B         83 Medical BN WWII Has second Gov't stone.
GILMOREClifford F.Chester TownshipB30 18711959 NO           
GILMOREOuida F.Chester TownshipB30 1885(cr 1 Mar) 1966 NO           
DAVIDSONRussellChester TownshipB31 (1 Aug) 1897(2 Jan) 1989(91y)31Army         with Myrtle PURSIFUL
PURSIFULEwin G.Chester TownshipB31 1894(cr26 May) 1971 NO           
PURSIFULLottie MChester TownshipB31 1885(cr Aug) 1956 NO           
PURSIFULMyrtleChester TownshipB31 1904(23 Jan) 1994(90y)NO          with Russell DAVIDSON
KNIGHTMarjorie C.Chester TownshipB32 1906(cr10 Nov) 1979 NO          Married 3 Jun 1930.
KNIGHTWilliam H.Chester TownshipB32 1906(cr 1 Sep) 1982 NO          Married 3 Jun 1930.
MANSFIELDEunice I.Chester TownshipB32 1900(cr24 Dec) 1970 NO          Married 30 Jan 1924
MANSFIELDHarland G.Chester TownshipB32 1899(9 May) 1989(89y)NO          Married 30 Jan 1924
LA MOREAUXHarlan K.Chester TownshipB33 1903(cr28 May) 1944 NO           
LA MOREAUXHazel M.Chester TownshipB33 1908(22 Jul) 1993(84y)NO   (m. 1, LA MOREAUX; m. 2, ? PULSIFER)      (cremation as Hazel LaMOREAUX PULSIFER)
PULSIFERHazel M.Chester TownshipB33 1908(22 Jul) 1993(84y)NO   (m. 1, LA MOREAUX; m. 2, ? PULSIFER)      (cremation as Hazel LaMOREAUX PULSIFER)
REYNOLDSGale DouglasChester TownshipB33 1951(cr11 Apr) 1951 NO           
DOWELLBessie M.Chester TownshipB34 28 Sep 188322 Jun 1968 NO  w/o       Wife and "Nana"
DOWELLJesse L.Chester TownshipB34 15 May 188420 May 1955 31Pvt OH Co E 30 Infan          
HOVEYGeorge ForistChester TownshipB34 1876(cr1 Jan50)1949 NO  husb        
HOVEYMary BerthaChester TownshipB34 1891(cr17 Sep) 1968 NO  w/o        
BATTLESClara MargaretChester TownshipB35 (14 Apr) 191016 Mar 2003 NO GURA         
BATTLESHenryChester TownshipB35 (21 Sep) 1898(14 Jun) 1984 NO           
GURACharlesChester TownshipB35 1886(cr20 Jul) 1966 NO           
GURAMinnieChester TownshipB35 1889(cr19 Oct) 1979 NO           
HORTONMelvin L.Chester TownshipB36 2 Jan 192016 May 1980 41Pfc US Army WWII          
RUSSELLBlanche E.Chester TownshipB36 1893(cr29 May) 1979 NO           
RUSSELLGlenn A.Chester TownshipB36 1891(cr23 Apr) 1981 NO           
HILLLeonChester TownshipB37 11 Jul 187914 Dec 1957 NO           
HILLMyrtleChester TownshipB37 15 Dec 18819 Sep 1973 NO           
MANSFIELDElvaChester TownshipB37 1878(cr 6 Jan) 1963 NO           
MANSFIELDVivern S.Chester TownshipB37 1874(cr14 Jun) 1949 NO           
MANSFIELDShirley (deed)Chester TownshipB38    NO        Shirley MANSFIELD  
KOLSOMFred L.Chester TownshipB39 1891(cr28 May) 1954 NO           
KOLSOMKathrynChester TownshipB39 18871981 NO          NO Record.
JUDDMartin L.Chester TownshipB40 1909(cr19 Apr) 1972 NO           
JUDDViolet M.Chester TownshipB40 1915(cr16 Jun) 1960 NO           
CAINCleora B.Chester TownshipB42 1918(3 Feb) 1992(73y)NO        Lester CAIN  
CAINLester D.Chester TownshipB42 1921  NO  husb     LESTER CAIN Husband & Father
CAINMary "Nita"Chester TownshipB42 1926(cr29 Oct) 1959 NO  w/o     LESTER CAIN Wife & Mother
CARSEYLeonard L.Chester TownshipB43 (30 Jul) 1913(20 Aug) 1990(77y)41Navy husb        
CARSEYMildred E.Chester TownshipB43 1912(cr25 Aug) 1965 NO  w/o        
FOSTERIola "Ike"Chester TownshipB43 1924(10 Dec) 1994 NO  m       Loving Mother
GROVEEmily (deed)Chester TownshipB44    NO        Transfer by Court Order, Oct 1993  
FENSTERMAKERDoris A.Chester TownshipB45 (5 Nov) 1927(26 Mar) 1982 NO  m        
FENSTERMAKERMichael (Scott)Chester TownshipB45 8 May 195115 Feb 1952 NO           
FENSTERMAKERRichard M.Chester TownshipB45 1926(cr27 Aug) 1974 41Navy f       WW II Flag.
LYMANCorwin S.Chester TownshipB46 1885(cr 7 Aug) 1962 NO  f        
LYMANHarold C.Chester TownshipB46 1914(cr 27May) 1959 NO           
LYMANPearlChester TownshipB46 1883(cr25 May) 1972 NO  m        
HULBERTFrederick L.Chester TownshipB47 19 Nov 189630 Jul 1973 31OH Pfc US Army WW I       John M. LINCKS  
LINCKSDavid VincentChester TownshipB47  (cr 20 Jul)1946 NO        John M. LINCKS Baby
LINCKSElmer C.Chester TownshipB47 1 Aug 19051 Jul 1962 41OH Tec 4 US ArmyWWII       John M. LINCKS  
LINCKSRichard A.Chester TownshipB47 1924(cr12 Oct) 1982 41Pfc US Army WW II       John M. LINCKS  
GROVEEmily (deed)Chester TownshipB48    NO        Transfer by Court Order, Oct 1993  
KAYClarence L.Chester TownshipB48 1907(cr 7 Oct) 1962 NO        Emily GROVE  
KAYMaggie M.Chester TownshipB48 1910(2 Feb) 1992(81y)NO        Emily GROVE  
WILLIAMSONJennie E.Chester TownshipB49 1890(cr23 Dec) 1982 NO NICHOLS         
WILLIAMSONWalter W.Chester TownshipB49 1891(cr20 Oct) 1971 NO           
WILLIAMSONWalter WayneChester TownshipB49 1926(cr30 Jul) 1944 NO  son       Surname not on stone.
LYMAN? Baby Chester TownshipB50  (cr13 Sep) 1948 NO        Gerald LYMAN No stone. Clerk's record.
LYMANElizabeth Chester TownshipB50  (bur 3 May 2000) NO        Gerald LYMAN ashes; urn on top of baby
LYMANGerald C.Chester TownshipB50 19211990 41US Army Air Corps       Gerald LYMAN WW II.; urn on top of baby
LYMANGerald LeeChester TownshipB50 1945(cr24 Aug) 1945 NO        GERALD LYMAN  
BARNESFrank M.Chester TownshipB51 1877(cr27 Jun) 1951 NO        John M. LINCKS  
HULBERTEsther Chester TownshipB51  (13 Mar 1998)(95y)NO           
LINCKSEsther L.Chester TownshipB51 1902(cr27 Jun) 1951 NO           
LINCKSJohn MerrillChester TownshipB51 1900(cr24 Aug) 1964 NO           
LYMANKenneth (deed)Chester TownshipB52    NO        Kenneth LYMAN  
RICHMONDLucille B.Chester TownshipB53  3 Aug 2002 NO           
RICHMONDMillicent A.Chester TownshipB53 1869(cr 4 Aug) 1961 NO           
RICHMONDRaymond Edward Chester TownshipB53  (23 Mar 1997)(87y)NO           
RICHMONDThomasChester TownshipB53 1869(cr17 Jun) 1941 NO           
RICHMONDFlorence C.Chester TownshipB54 1900(12 Feb) 1992(91y)NO  m       Husband is in Lot 55
RICHMONDKaren L.Chester TownshipB54  20 Mar 2002 NO           
RICHMONDMarthaChester TownshipB54 1930(cr Sep) 1942 NO  dau     Raymond RICHMOND  
RICHMONDHarold J.Chester TownshipB55 1897(cr24 Jan) 1983 31Army f       wife Florence is in Lot 54
RICHMONDMarjorieChester TownshipB55  9-Jul-2001 NO           
RICHMONDThomas C.Chester TownshipB55 1901(cr 7 Dec) 1960 NO           
RICHMONDThomas, Jr. (deed)Chester TownshipB56    NO        T. RICHMOND  
RICHMONDLeonard (deed)Chester TownshipB57    NO        sites 3&4, from Millicent RICHMOND  
RICHMONDRoland J.Chester TownshipB57 1892(cr 9 Jul) 1966 31Army WW I f     sites 1&2, R.J. from Millicent RICHMOND  
RICHMONDJeffrey (deed)Chester TownshipB58    NO        sites 1&2, from Millicent RICHMOND  
RICHMONDMichael (deed)Chester TownshipB58    NO        sites 3&4, from Millicent RICHMOND  
JACOBSFlorence (deed)Chester TownshipB59    NO        sites 3&4, from Millicent RICHMOND  
RICHMONDDonald (deed)Chester TownshipB59    NO        sites 1&2, from Millicent RICHMOND  
JACOBSFlorence R.Chester TownshipB60 4 Feb 190310 Apr 1992 NO        sites 1&2 from Millicent RICHMOND  
JACOBSGleason N.Chester TownshipB60 24 Dec 190531 Mar 1981 NO           
LA MOREAUXFrances R.Chester TownshipB60 1908(cr21 Nov) 1979 NO        sites 3&4 from Millicent RICHMOND  
LA MOREAUXIra M.Chester TownshipB60 1906(6 Sep) 1995(88y)NO           
FERGUSONDonald A.Chester TownshipB61  1 Sep 2003 NO           
FERGUSONJean M. Chester TownshipB61  (cr 1Nov 1984) NO        Hugh & Donald FERGUSON No stone. Clerk's record.; cremation
HENDRICKArleigh F.Chester TownshipB61 1897(cr22 May) 1945 NO           
HENDRICKDorothy M.Chester TownshipB61 1902(cr 3 Apr) 1995 NO   (m. 1, Arlie HENDRICK; m. 2, ? STONE)      with Arlie HENDRICK
STONEDorothy P.Chester TownshipB61  (30 Mar 1995)(92y)NO   (m. 1, Arlie HENDRICK; m. 2, ? STONE)      (with Arlie HENDRICK; bp Dorothy STONE)
CULBERTSONIva E.Chester TownshipB62 8 Sep 190614 Aug 1983 NO           
CULBERTSONRaymond W.Chester TownshipB62 19 Sep 189318 Feb 1969 31Cpl OH Co B 308 MTR         5UP TN. Has second Gov't stone.
HEDDENRalph E.Chester TownshipB62 21 Jun 192411 Nov 1982 41Pfc US Army WW II son       Has second Gov't stone
WILLIAMSHannah P.Chester TownshipB62 10 May 188418 Nov 1952 NO  m       Mother of Iva CULBERTSON
CARLISLEHarry E.Chester TownshipB63 (3 Jun) 1897(17 Sep) 1974 31Co. US Coast Guard f       Has second gov't stone with DOD as 18 Sep 1974.
CARLISLEHazel M.Chester TownshipB63 1897(cr19 Feb) 1957 NO  m        
CARLISLERobert J.Chester TownshipB63 (17 Nov) 1921(Oct) 1976(SS has Tolbert)41S Sgt Army Air Force         WW II. Card states no record of burial.
VAN HORNCharles H.Chester TownshipB63 18901959 NO  f        
VAN HORNKathryn A.Chester TownshipB63 1892(cr13 Jul) 1984 NO  m