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Geauga County Cemeteries - Chester Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BirthDeathAgeVet.SER_ORGNEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
GOLDFUSSCecilia D.Chester TownshipB64 1915(cr 3 Sep) 1977 NO   (m. 1, Harold GOLDFUSS; m. 2, GRUMBLING    C. GOLDFUSS  
GOLDFUSSHarold J.G.Chester TownshipB64 12 Feb 191528 Sep 1962 41S Sgt OH US Army         WW II
GRUMBLINGCecilia D. GOLDFUSSChester TownshipB64 1915(cr 3 Sep) 1977 NO   (m. 2, ? GRUMBLING)      stone has Cecelia D. GOLDFUSS GRUMBLING
KAYMaggie (deed for SIBERT)Chester TownshipB64    NO           
OSTERHELDAlbert A.Chester TownshipB64  3-May-2004buriedNO           
OSTERHELDAnna S. Chester TownshipB64  18-Nov-1970 NO        Carolyn PAGET No Stone. Clerk's record.
PAGETCarolyn (deed for OSTERHELD)Chester TownshipB64    NO           
SIBERTMichael PaulChester TownshipB64 21 Jan 189718 Jun 1969 31Pvt Med Det 332       Maggie KAY Infantry Pennsylvania WW I.
BARNESGrace S.Chester TownshipB65 15 May 191613 Oct 1989 NO           
BARNESRobert L.Chester TownshipB65 20 Nov 191528 Feb 1995 NO           
SAVAGEHattie M.Chester TownshipB65 1886(cr20 Sep) 1941 NO  m     Robert & Grace BARNES  
POST? Baby Chester TownshipB66    NO        John POST, Jr. No stone. Clerk's records show no dates.
BAGARIAFrank K.Chester TownshipB67 1925(11 Oct) 1983 41Navy       Charles & Jean MOSS  
BAGARIAKathrynChester TownshipB67 1927  NO        Charles & Jean MOSS  
MOSSCharles R.Chester TownshipB67 1917(cr 16Jun) 1986 NO         Mason 
MOSSJean Denniston.Chester TownshipB67 191914 Jan 2007 NO         OES 
BOWSHOTFlorence M.Chester TownshipB68 1920(cr 9 Jun) 1961 NO  dau     John TOTH, Jr.  
TOTHDonaldChester TownshipB68 1924(cr13 Oct) 1984 41Pfc US Army WW II          
TOTHHelenChester TownshipB68 1900(cr23 Mar) 1965 NO  m        
TOTHJohnChester TownshipB68 18941919 31OH Pfc 5 Ammo TN         5 Div WW I.
TOTHJohn Chester TownshipB68  (cr 12Aug 1961) NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
FERGUSONHugh LandisChester TownshipB69 1885(cr28 Feb) 1952 NO  f        
FERGUSONNellie LouChester TownshipB69 1885(cr31 Mar) 1956 NO  m        
HEITCHJohanna Chester TownshipB70    NO        Woodruff R. and Mrs. LAW No stone. Clerk's record. No dates.
LAWW.R., Mrs. Chester TownshipB70  (cr 9 Mar 1951) NO          No stone. Clerk's record.
LAWWoodruff R. Chester TownshipB70  (cr 6May 1964) NO          No stone. Clerk's record.
VORELDouglas J.Chester TownshipB71 1943(cr27 Sep) 1960 NO  son     Walter J. VOREL  
VORELIrene B.Chester TownshipB71 1927(cr25 Feb) 1978 NO  (w/o)        
VORELWalter James Chester TownshipB71 (21 May 1916)(17 Jul 1991)(75y)41USAAF       Walter J. VOREL No stone. Clerk's record.
CAMPBELLCharline Chester TownshipB72  (cr 1 Jul)1967 NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
CAMPBELLGeorge H. Chester TownshipB72  (cr 4 Feb 1963 NO          No stone. Clerk's records.
MANSFIELDHoward L. (deed for 1/2 lot)Chester TownshipB72    NO           
ISCHAYKenneth H.Chester TownshipB73 1922(31 Mar) 1978 41Navy          
ISCHAYSusan E.Chester TownshipB73 1923(cr 25 Feb)1958 NO           
SHARPElizabethChester TownshipB74 4 Jul 191311-Oct-2004 NO        Alvin R. Sharp Married 18 May 1931.
SHARPGordon M.Chester TownshipB74 1886(cr 6 Aug) 1952 NO        Alvin R. Sharp  
SHARPMinnie M.Chester TownshipB74 1892(cr26 Jul) 1966 NO        Alvin R. Sharp  
SHARPSam Chester TownshipB74  (cr 9Dec 1995) NO        Alvin R. Sharp cremation
SHARPSamuel EdwardChester TownshipB74  23 Apr 2007 NO           
SHARPAlvin R.Chester TownshipB75 17 Aug 191225 Aug 1994 NO        Alvin R. Sharp Married 18 May 1931.
SHAFFER? Baby Chester TownshipB76  (cr18 Jun 1964) NO        Detmer No stone.
LINDLAnna M.Chester TownshipB77 1888(cr 7 Feb) 1980 NO  m     Marie PODOJIL Stone says mother and grandmother.
PODOJILEdward J.Chester TownshipB77 1912(cr24 Oct) 1960 NO  f       Stone says father and husband.
PODOJILMarieChester TownshipB77 1914(19 Jul) 1995(80y)NO  m       Stone says wife and mother.
SOJKAYaroChester TownshipB78 1899(cr19 Sep) 1961 NO  f     Rebecca SOJKA  
DRUMMBernice H.Chester TownshipB79 190731 Mar 2001 NO           
DRUMMEdwin L.Chester TownshipB79 1907(cr15 Dec) 1961 NO           
MERKLeokadiaChester TownshipB79 19 Mar 190020 Jan 1963 NO        Leonard MERK Under dates is written - MUTTI RUHE SANFT
GILLISHarry A., Sr.Chester TownshipB80 1892(cr15 Dec) 1968 31Army          
GIVENSMary E.Chester TownshipB80 17 Jan 193417 Mar 1965 NO  m     Edgar GIVENS  
SMITHRose Marie Chester TownshipB81  (26 Jul 1997)(64y)NO           
WILSONBillChester TownshipB81 1906(cr19 Jan) 1970 NO  f      Mason 
WILSONJohn W.Chester TownshipB81  16 Jul 2002 NO           
WILSONJosephineChester TownshipB81 1909(cr 2 Jan) 1961 NO  m        
NICKERSONEdna A.Chester TownshipB82 1891(cr2 May) 1979 NO           
NICKERSONHoward L.Chester TownshipB82 1888(cr14 Oct) 1961 NO         Mason 
NISTETTERAlice Chester TownshipB82    NO          room for her name; not cut
NISTETTERAugustus H.Chester TownshipB82 1889(cr29 Oct) 1962 31Army          
RICHMONDAvelda+B1563Chester TownshipB83 1907(cr 8 Oct) 1985 NO           
RICHMONDJohn F.Chester TownshipB83 1909(20 May) 1994(85y)NO           
MERKHarriet MChester TownshipB84 1916(cr 1 Feb) 1969 NO  w/o        
MERKLeonardChester TownshipB84    NO  husb        
WHITEDelilah H. Chester TownshipB85  (23 Jul 1997)(79y)NO           
WHITEJohn P.Chester TownshipB85 19 July 19147 Apr 1963 41OH Pfc HQ Co 65 Inf.          
WILSONFrederick C.Chester TownshipB85 1895(cr14 Mar) 1970 NO.          
CRUCEMarianne D.Chester TownshipB86  15 Sep 2010 NO           
LAWSAlbert C.Chester TownshipB86 1918(cr19 Jan) 1963 NO  husb       Husband and father.
FORRESTLoretta JoyChester TownshipB87  23 Apr 2007 NO           
POTTSDoris M.Chester TownshipB87 (23 Jul) 1915(6 Jul) 1991 NO         OES(cremains bur 15 Oct 1991)
POTTSJerry A.Chester TownshipB87 (cr 2 Mar) 1940(cr15 Mar) 1966 NO         Mason 
POTTSRene A.Chester TownshipB87 191017 Feb 2006 NO         Masonwith Doris
TOTHDavid McBrideChester TownshipB87 29 Jul 194725 Oct 1967 61OH SP4 CoB 12 Inf         199 Lt. Inf BDE
POTAdolph Chester TownshipB88  (cr17 Jan 1970) NO          No stone.
POTAlfred N.Chester TownshipB88 1898(cr22 Apr) 1985 NO           
POTTina M.Chester TownshipB88 1901(3 Jan) 1991(89y)NO          (cremation as Leontine M.)
REYNOLDSFrank W.Chester TownshipB89 1873(cr22 Sep) 1956 NO  f        
REYNOLDSMaude I.Chester TownshipB89 1876(cr14 Aug) 1948 NO           
RYBAKCharlesChester TownshipB89 21 Sep 189114 Jan 1953 31Oh Cpl 365 Co MTC          
RYBAKEdwardChester TownshipB90 1898(cr20 May) 1954 NO           
RYBAKRuthChester TownshipB90 1903(cr30 Dec) 1967 NO           
INKSTERJerryChester TownshipB91 1895(11 Dec) 1965 31112 Eng Co D        Mason 
INKSTERJessie M.Chester TownshipB91 1903(cr 9 May) 1986 NO         FPLE 
KLATKAIla M.Chester TownshipB91 1932  NO           
KLATKAJoseph L.Chester TownshipB91 1930(1 May) 1967 50519 MP Co C          
BROWNAlbie Marie Chester TownshipB92  (cr11 Jun) 1966 NO           
BROWNEarl F.Chester TownshipB92  29 Dec 199779y41Kinney Rec.     SanduskyOH  ashes b. 10 Jan 1998
BROWNMarie Chester TownshipB92  (18 Apr 1994)(74y)NO          (cremains bur 21 Apr 1994)
BROWNRoy Chester TownshipB92  (cr15 Feb) 1971 NO           
GEDDESMae G. (Genevieve)Chester TownshipB93 1908(cr 8 Mar) 1982 NO           
GEDDESPaul M. (Marion)Chester TownshipB93 1908(cr17 Feb) 1970 41Army          
MILLERAugust R.Chester TownshipB93 1900(cr13 Aug) 1981 NO           
MILLERHattie M.Chester TownshipB93 18861952 NO          has a single stone in Sec. A, Lot 284
MILLERRose F.Chester TownshipB93 1899(cr10 Oct) 1958 NO           
KOTAJohn Chester TownshipB94 (6 Oct 1916)(14 Jul 1995)(78y)41Nat'l Guard       John Kota No stone.
INKSTERDuane (deed)Chester TownshipB95    NO        Duane INKSTER  
WHITAKERDanny B.Chester TownshipB95 9 Sep 195721 Nov 1980 NO  son     Duane INKSTER Dear Son and Brother
ROSSDorothy C.Chester TownshipB96 1930(cr14 Jan) 1977 NO   (m. 1, James ROSS; m. 2, ? TASTE)      with James ROSS; bp Dorothy TASTE
ROSSJames H.Chester TownshipB96 (19 Aug) 1927(9 Oct) 1967 41Oh SL USNR         Also has a Gov't stone. Service Info. came from that.
TASTEDorothy C.Chester TownshipB96 1930(cr14 Jan) 1977 NO   (m. 1, James ROSS; m. 2, ? TASTE)      with James ROSS
HANSONGarnett E.Chester TownshipB97 1907(cr 8 Aug) 1962 NO           
HANSONHenry A.Chester TownshipB97 1900(28 Jan) 1987 NO           
RYANAnna W.Chester TownshipB97 1890(cr14 Feb) 1964 NO WILHELM         Surname is on Monument.
RYANDaniel P.Chester TownshipB97 1889(cr13 Nov) 1963 NO          Surname is on Monument.
DI PENTIMichael (deed)Chester TownshipB98    NO           
PINKERMANBarbara L.Chester TownshipB98  26 Jun 2004 NO           
DI PENTIMichael (deed)Chester TownshipB99    NO           
KOENIGCarl F.Chester TownshipB100 1894(cr 1 Mar) 1977 NO           
KOENIGLoretta A.Chester TownshipB100 1896(cr 4 May) 1970 NO           
LANNINGFlorence E.Chester TownshipB100 1915(cr 7 Dec) 1968 NO           
LANNINGWalter F.Chester TownshipB100 1909(cr16 Oct) 1967 41Kinney Rec.          
TAYLORErnest F.Chester TownshipB101 1910(4 Jun) 1991(80y)NO           
TAYLORFrances L.Chester TownshipB101 1910(cr26 Nov) 1971 NO           
RYANGeorge HilpertChester TownshipB102 6 Aug 19191 Nov 1969 41OH AMMF2 USNR          
RYANRussell R.Chester TownshipB102 13 Jun 19474 Aug 1974 61Sgt. US Air Force          
RYANVirginiaChester TownshipB102 1927(cr26 Oct) 1978 NO DAVISm        
FIRSTArthur J.Chester TownshipB103 (3 Jun) 1897(9 Feb) 1970 31OH Pvt Ambulance Co5         Military information comes from second stone.
FIRSTEdith A.Chester TownshipB103 19001988 (no rec.) NO           
STEWARTElla MayChester TownshipB103 10 Apr 189628 Dec 1980 NO  m        
STEWARTJennifer MaryChester TownshipB103  9 Feb 199838yNO          cr 11 Feb 1998
PARKERBettyChester TownshipB104 17 Aug 19031 Oct 1964 NO           
STEWARTGlenva RomeChester TownshipB104 11 Jun 192316 Jul 2011 NO           
STEWARTKathleenChester TownshipB104 22 Dec 196323 Dec 1963 NO           
STEWARTScottChester TownshipB104 28 Aug 192528 Mar 1984 41Sgt. US Marine Corps         Military information is on second stone.
STEWARTShawnChester TownshipB104 17 Dec 19547 Aug 1988 NO           
RICHMONDClarence EdwardChester TownshipB194  30 May 2001cremated41