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Geauga County Estate (Probate) Packets (1805 -1917)
Estate (Probate) Packets (1805 -1917)
(Indexed under the direction of Jeannette “Teeter” Grosvenor and with the help of the Geauga County Genealogical Society.  Microfilmed by LDS.)
These packets hold the paperwork generated in probating estates.  File numbers were assigned to each record during the microfilming process in 1988 - 1989. Since some cases took years to settle, there may be several separate numbers referring to the same person. The abbreviations used to identify the type of file are:
E = Estate
G = Guardian (includes minors, lunatics, incompetents, etc.)
C = Civil
A = Adoption
Cr = Criminal
D = Divorce
P = Mother’s Pension
A  Ba  Be-Bi  Bl-Bo  Br  Bu-By  Ca-Ch  Cl-Co  Cr-Cu  Da-Di  Do-Dy  E  F  Ga-Gl
Go-Gu  Ha  He-Hi  Ho-Hy  I-J  K  La-Li  Lo-Ly  Ma-Mc  Me-Mi  N-O  Pa  Pe-Ph  Pi-Pu
Q-Rh  Ri-Ry   Sa-Se  Sh-Sl  Sm-Sp  Sq-Sz  T  U-V-Wa-We  Wh-Wi  Wi-Wy  Y-Z