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Geauga County Cemeteries - Hambden Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BornDiedAgeSer.Ser. Organ.NEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
BOOTHAdelia ( )Hambden Twp.11  (25 Feb 1882)(72y)NO        Joseph RUSSELL int #555
BOOTHLydia ( )Hambden Twp.11  (10 Jul 1862)(8y)NO        Int. rec. #267; Lot Number not given  
BOOTHOrasmus ( )Hambden Twp.11  (2 May 1874)(74y)NO        Joseph RUSSELL int #444
BOOTHSamantha ( )Hambden Twp.11  (26 Jun 1862)(43y)NO        Int. rec. #266; Lot number not given  
COLBYMaria J.Hambden Twp.11  11 Feb 188233y 11mNO  w/oA.C.    Joseph RUSSELL int #554
RUSSELLJosephHambden Twp.11 (1786)26 Aug 185367y10Army       Joseph RUSSELL int #128
RUSSELLMariamHambden Twp.11  27 Aug 185368yNO  w/oJoseph    Joseph RUSSELL int #129
SEARLDuaneHambden Twp.12  (16 May 1863)22y19Co G 1 Regt O.L.A.       Steven SEARL no int. rec.
SEARLEugeneHambden Twp.12  12 Sep 186720yNO        Steven SEARL int. rec. #362
SEARLGeorge ( )Hambden Twp.12  (30 Jan 1852)(25y)NO        Int. rec. #104; Lot number not given  
SEARLPameliaHambden Twp.12 10 Aug 181018 May 1905 NO  w/oStephen SEARL NY  Steven SEARL int rec # 790; late residence, Augusta, WI
SEARLPhiloHambden Twp.12  20 Oct 1864 1944th Reg. OVI       Steven SEARL no int. rec.; stone illegible
SEARLStephenHambden Twp.12  26 Mar 186172yNO        Steven SEARL int rec # 241
COLBYBenjaminHambden Twp.13 24 Dec 18108 Feb 1886 NO        Benjamin COLBY int rec #703, b. 1809, place not given; d. 1896
HEATHJulia ( )Hambden Twp.14  (5 Sep 1867)(15y)NO        Int. rec. #361; Lot number not given  
MCBRIDECharlotteHambden Twp.14  20 Mar 185415yNO  c/oJames & Nancy    Laura PEASE int rec #136
MCBRIDEMary C.Hambden Twp.14  2 Aug 185312yNO  c/oJames & Nancy    Laura PEASE int rec #127 says d 31 Jul 1853
MCBRIDESamuelHambden Twp.14  31 Mar 185410yNO  c/oJames & Nancy    Laura PEASE int rec #137
PEASEElizaHambden Twp.14 18241880 NO        Laura PEASE not in int rec
PEASEJoseph C.Hambden Twp.14  1864 NO        Laura PEASE Family burial 1864
PEASELauraHambden Twp.14  (16 Mar 1861)(8y)NO        Laura PEASE int rec #239
PEASEMarthaHambden Twp.14  (21 Dec 1862)(3w)NO  (d/o)(Joseph & Elizabeth)    Laura PEASE int rec #275
SANGER? Inf. ( )Hambden Twp.14  (11 Aug 1863) NO  (s/o)(George & Loderska)    Int. rec. #295; Lot number not given  
SANGERAmasaHambden Twp.14  5 Dec 185763y 1m 1dNO        Laura PEASE int rec #178
SANGERHenry H.Hambden Twp.14  7 Nov 186415y 9mNO  s/oA. & L.    Laura PEASE int rec #315
BEANJohn A. ( )Hambden Twp.15  (6 Jun 1860)(2y)NO        Phineas BEAN Int #219; stone just has BEAN
CUSHMANCorrintha A.Hambden Twp.15  2 Oct 185817yNO  d/oLevi & M.    Phineas BEAN int rec #196; illegible
CUSHMANElizabeth E.Hambden Twp.15  21 Jan 185919yNO  d/oLevi & M.    Phineas BEAN int rec #203; illegible
CUSHMANErminda M.Hambden Twp.15  4 Dec 18607y 9m 6dNO  d/oLevi & M.    Phineas BEAN int rec #226
HASTON? Mr.Hambden Twp.16    NO        Amelia PATTERSON cr; no other information
PATTERSONAmeliaHambden Twp.16  6 Apr 187230yNO KIMBLEw/oArthur    Amelia PATTERSON d/o Benj. & Perlina KIMBLE int rec #416
AYLWORTHHannahHambden Twp.17  18 Feb 186436y 4m 25dNO  w/oJ.B.    Asaph BASCOM int. rec. #299
AYLWORTHJenett A. ( )Hambden Twp.17  (26 Feb 1881)(83y)NO        Int. rec. #533; Lot number not given  
AYLWORTHReuben A. ( )Hambden Twp.17  (3 Sep 1880)(88y)NO        Int. rec. #526; Lot number not given  
AYLWORTHWiddyHambden Twp.17   11yNO  s/oJ.B. & Hannah    Asaph BASCOM no int. rec.
BASCOM? Inf. ( )Hambden Twp.17  (19 Jan 1886)(10d)NO  (c/o)(Charles & Jennett)    Int. rec. #603; Lot number not given no birth nor death records
BASCOMAsaphHambden Twp.17  2 Feb 188477y 5mNO  (h/o)(Mary Ann)    Asaph BASCOM int rec #575
BASCOMChas. Theron ( )Hambden Twp.17 (6 Nov 1851)(26 Dec 1914) NO        Int. rec. #893; Lot number not given  
BASCOMMary AnnHambden Twp.17  3 Aug 188269y 9dNO  w/oAsaph    Asaph BASCOM int rec #562
CHAPMANWilliam G.Hambden Twp.17  (2 Feb 1853)(2y 1m 3d)NO        Asaph BASCOM int. rec. #120; stone illegible
KIRKCharlotte ( )Hambden Twp.17  (19 Dec 1852)(1y)NO        Asaph BASCOM int. rec. #119; illegible
KIRKJoel ( )Hambden Twp.17    NO        Asaph BASCOM cr
AYLWORTHJohnnyHambden Twp.18  17 Jul 18551y 5m 17dNO  s/oJohn B. & Hannah C.    John AYLWORTH int. rec. #150
AYLWORTHTho. RidgewayHambden Twp.18  1 Oct 184725yNO        John AYLWORTH no int. rec.
CHAPMANElizaHambden Twp.19 1863(13 Oct) 189331yNO      (Cleveland Hts.)OHAmelia WORTHINGTON Int rec #686 says d 1894
LEWISPhiloHambden Twp.19  24 Apr 186249y19Co G 41st OH Inf       Amelia WORTHINGTON Int. rec. #263
WORTHINGTONAmelia A.Hambden Twp.19 (28 Nov) 1835(16 Mar) 1930 NO     NYClevelandOHAmelia WORTHINGTON Int rec #1028
WORTHINGTONAnna E. MotherHambden Twp.19 1860(5 Mar) 1940 NO  (w/o)(William M.) NYClevelandOHAmelia WORTHINGTON Int rec #1105
WORTHINGTONJames F.Hambden Twp.19  21 Oct 185261yNO  (h/o)(Margaret)    Amelia WORTHINGTON Int rec #115
WORTHINGTONMargaretHambden Twp.19  23 Oct 188583yNO HIGLEYw/oJames F.    Amelia WORTHINGTON No int rec
WORTHINGTONWilliam M. FatherHambden Twp.19 1858(5 Mar) 1940 NO  (h/o)(Anna E.)HambdenOHClevelandOHAmelia WORTHINGTON Int rec #1106
ARNOLDSusan, Mrs. ( )Hambden Twp.110  (26 Apr 1904)(83y)NO  (w/o)(m.1, John CARPENTER;m.2, ? ARNOLD)  (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #780; Lot number not given  
CARPENTERJohn T./F.Hambden Twp.110  4 Dec 186152yNO        John CARPENTER Int Rec #252
CARPENTERSusan, Mrs. ( )Hambden Twp.110  (26 Apr 1904)(83y)NO  (w/o)(m.1, John CARPENTER;m.2, ? ARNOLD)  (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #780; Lot number not given  
INGRAHAM? Inf Child ( )Hambden Twp.110  (30 Oct 1892) NO  (c/o)(H.S.)  (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #670; Lot number not given  
INGRAHAMEster ( )Hambden Twp.110  (19 Jun 1863)(81y)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #283; Lot number not given  
INGRAHAMHenry ( )Hambden Twp.110  (18 Jul 1864)(67y)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #306; Lot number not given  
INGRAHAMHuldah ( )Hambden Twp.110  (8 Oct 1864)(65y)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #312; Lot number not given  
POMEROY? Inf. ( )Hambden Twp.110  (15 Aug 1875)4dNO  (s/o)(Delia)    Int. rec. #434; Lot number not given  
POMEROYJosiah NoahHambden Twp.110  23 Jul 18315y 7m 20dNO  s/oJosiah A. & Persis M.    John CARPENTER No int rec
WARNERHesterHambden Twp.110  14 Jan 186033y 14dNO  w/oAsher    John CARPENTER No int rec
WARNERJohnHambden Twp.110  10 Mar 18591y 3m 20dNO  s/oC.A. & E.J. (FIELD) WARNER    John CARPENTER No int rec; illegible
WARNERLadosky J.Hambden Twp.110  6 Jul 186114yNO        John CARPENTER Int rec #245; illegible
WEMPLEWilton WarnerHambden Twp.110  9 Jan 18442y 10mNO  s/o? & Calista J. WEMPLE    John CARPENTER No int rec; illegible
HATHAWAYOwenHambden Twp.111  2 Jun 18682y 8m 23dNO  s/oR.W. & C.E.    Owen HATHAWAY int rec #372
HATHAWAYR. Webster ( )Hambden Twp.111 (13 Jan 1843)(10 Aug 1912) NO    (Willoughby)OH(Hambden)OHInt. rec. #867; Lot number not given  
HOVEYJoanna WarnerHambden Twp.111  6 Dec 18413mNO  d/oPhiletus & Aurelia    Owen HATHAWAY No int rec; HOVEY Genealogy has 6 Dec 1840; illegible
PECKEmalineHambden Twp.111  15 Aug 186239yNO        Owen HATHAWAY Int rec #276; broken, illegible
PECKJoseph ( )Hambden Twp.111    NO        Owen HATHAWAY stone broken no writing
WARNERHannah C.Hambden Twp.111  3 Jun 18561y ?mNO  d/oAsher & Hester    Owen HATHAWAY Int rec #157 has Harriet, d. 5 Jun 1856, ae 1
WARNERMaxwell F.Hambden Twp.111  21 Sep 1832 NO  s/oStilestin M.    Owen HATHAWAY No int rec; illegible
BROWNAlonzoHambden Twp.112  23 May 186126yNO        Robert BROWN Int rec #243
BROWNAnnHambden Twp.112  7 Mar 185846y 10mNO  w/oRobert    Robert BROWN Int rec #184; illegible
BROWNHarrietHambden Twp.112  13 Jan 18616y 11m 13dNO  d/oR. & A.    Robert BROWN Int rec #236 has d. 13 Feb 1861
BROWNLoren ( )Hambden Twp.112  (3 Dec 1876)(38y)NO  (s/o)(Robert & Ann CORNISH BROWN)  (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #488; Lot number not given (h/o Mary Ann HARRISON)
BROWNMary J. ( )Hambden Twp.112  (14 Jan 1861)(7y)NO        Int. rec. #231; Lot number not given  
BROWNRobertHambden Twp.112 1806(5 Dec) 187870yNO        Robert BROWN Int rec #506 (has Lot 129)
THAYERAnn OraHambden Twp.112  23 Apr 18614y ?m 12dNO  d/oS. & M.A.    Robert BROWN Int rec #232
POMEROY? (Child)Hambden Twp.113    NO  (c/o)(Noah)    Noah POMEROY  
POMEROYIchabodHambden Twp.113  14 Nov 1843 01Pvt Lyman's CO.       Noah POMEROY Ward's Reg Rev War Int rec #60
POMEROYIchabod ( )Hambden Twp.113  (8 Apr 1856)65yNO        Noah POMEROY Int rec #154
POMEROYLucy ( )Hambden Twp.113  (4 Mar 1837)(78y)NO  (w/o)(Ichabod)    Noah POMEROY Int rec #27; stone missing in 1979
POMEROYNoah (lot list)Hambden Twp.113    NO        Noah POMEROY  
PRATTCatherine ( )Hambden Twp.113  (5 Dec 1869)(44y)NO        Noah POMEROY Int rec #385
PRATTJonathan ( )Hambden Twp.113  (7 Feb 1860)(65y)NO        Noah POMEROY Int rec #215
PRATTRobert (Lot List)Hambden Twp.113    NO        Noah POMEROY  
PRATTSamuel ( )Hambden Twp.113  (11 Jan 1854)(81y)NO        Noah POMEROY Int rec #135
GRIFFINMinerva A.Hambden Twp.114  23 Jan 18392m 16dNO        Charles RADCLIFF No int rec
GRIFFINS.B. (Seth B.)Hambden Twp.114  28 Mar 187461yNO        Charles RADCLIFF Int rec # 461
RADCLIFFCharlesHambden Twp.114 6 Feb 183020 Nov 1908 19Co A 196 Reg OVI       Charles RADCLIFF Int rec # 835
RADCLIFFCharles W.Hambden Twp.114  15 Jan 18621yNO  s/oC. & M.J.    Charles RADCLIFF Int rec # 256; illegible
STARRAbigail ( )Hambden Twp.114  (13 Apr 1851)(76y)NO ROCKWELL ( )(w/o)(Samuel)    Charles RADCLIFF Int rec # 98; stone replaced after 1925 & before 1979
STARRSamuelHambden Twp.114 (1 Nov 1765)(21 Jun 1844)(78y)01Starr's Co 4 CT Inf (h/o)(Abigail)    Charles RADCLIFF Int rec # 65; stone replaced with govt marker between 1925 & 1979
WALTROUSLucus (Lot list)Hambden Twp.114    NO        Charles RADCLIFF No other info
WATTS? Inf. ( )Hambden Twp.114  (8 Dec 1857) NO  (s/o)(Oscar & Terrissa)    Int. rec. #179; Lot number not given  
WATTSTeresa E.Hambden Twp.114  9 Jan 185920yNO        Charles RADCLIFF Int rec # 182
BARTLETTSarah A.Hambden Twp.115  12 Jun 185824yNO  w/oAmos    Roswell BEACH Int rec # 190; illegible
BEACHJamesHambden Twp.115  4 Feb 184319m 17dNO  s/oRoswell & Mary W.    Roswell BEACH Int rec # 51
BEACHLydia A.Hambden Twp.115  4 Feb 18434y 24dNO  d/oRoswell & Mary W.    Roswell BEACH Int rec # 52
BEACHMaryHambden Twp.115  30 Oct 187068yNO  w/oRoswell    Roswell BEACH Int rec # 396
BEACHRoswellHambden Twp.115  23 Dec 187071yNO  (h/o)(Mary)    Roswell BEACH Int rec # 400
BEACHWm.Hambden Twp.115  8 Mar 185426yNO        Roswell BEACH Int rec # 135 killed at Painesville Depot
HAMLINClifford A. ( )Hambden Twp.115  (2 Feb 1859)(4y)NO        Int. rec. #204; Lot number not given  
SMITHCaroline ( )Hambden Twp.115  (20 Feb 1887)(75y)NO        Int. rec. #614;  
SMITHHorton ( )Hambden Twp.115  (20 Feb 1865)(57y)NO        Roswell BEACH Int rec # 317
SMITHLaura ( )Hambden Twp.115  (16 Jun 1876)(41y)NO        Roswell BEACH Int rec # 482 cr
SMITHOrin F. ( )Hambden Twp.115  (25 Oct 1873)(25y)NO        Roswell BEACH Int rec #438
MCCOYDanielHambden Twp.116 (1789)6 Sep 185769y10Army c/oD. & E.    Polly PATTERSON Int rec. #176
MCCOYEdwinHambden Twp.116  (28 Dec 1888)(55y)NO        Polly PATTERSON Int rec. #635; stone just has Edwin
MCCOYElizabeth ( )Hambden Twp.116  (17 Apr 1885)(90y)NO        Polly PATTERSON Int rec. #588 cr
MCCOYGeorge E.Hambden Twp.116  18 Jul 182511m 12dNO  c/oD. & E.    Polly PATTERSON Int rec. #4
MCCOYHarrietHambden Twp.116  18 Oct 1818 NO        Int. rec. #1; Lot number not given  
MCCOYJulius E.Hambden Twp.116  6 Oct 18407m 21dNO  c/oD. & E.    Polly PATTERSON Int rec. #42
MCCOYLouise ( )Hambden Twp.116  (21 Feb 1867)(39y)NO        Polly PATTERSON Int rec. #353; stone only has initials
PATERSONJonathanHambden Twp.116  7 Feb 186065y 5m 4dNO  (h/o)(Polly)    Polly PATTERSON Int rec # 216
PATERSONPolly MotherHambden Twp.116  24 Jan 187581y 5mNO  w/oJonathan    Polly PATTERSON Int rec #450
POMEROYAbigalHambden Twp.116  22 Nov 186344yNO  w/oAlveston    Polly PATTERSON Int rec #292
POMEROYAlmon B.Hambden Twp.116  (9 May) 1843(24y)NO        Polly PATTERSON No int rec.; illegible
POMEROYAlvestonHambden Twp.116  10 Dec 188368yNO  (h/o)(Abigal)    Polly PATTERSON Int rec #573
POMEROYSally ( )Hambden Twp.116  (8 Jun 1891)(73y)NO  (w/o)(Allester)    Polly PATTERSON Int rec. #659
SHATTUCKLauraHambden Twp.117  13 Jul 185524y 11mNO  w/oAlmon    Laura SHATTUCK Int rec #138 & #149; illegible
SMITHDavidHambden Twp.117  8 Jun 186562yNO  (h/o)(Harriet)    Laura SHATTUCK Int rec #321; illegible
SMITHHarrietHambden Twp.117 4 Jul 180711 Oct 1891 NO MEADw/oDavid    Laura SHATTUCK No int. rec.
CHAPMANRolf (lot list)Hambden Twp.118    NO        Alonzo PARSONS cr
GOREMart (lot list)Hambden Twp.118    NO        Alonzo PARSONS cr
LOOMISJulian (lot list)Hambden Twp.118    NO        Alonzo PARSONS cr
PARSONS? Inf. (Amri)Hambden Twp.118 1848(10 Dec 1848)14dNO        Alonzo PARSONS Int rec #89
PARSONSAnna L. ( )Hambden Twp.118  (30 Jun 1946)(88y)NO        Alonzo PARSONS Int rec #1136
PARSONSElonzoHambden Twp.118 1816(6 Mar) 1890 NO        Alonzo PARSONS Int rec #651
PARSONSEmma L.Hambden Twp.118 1860(13 Apr) 1949 NO        Alonzo PARSONS Int rec #1148
PARSONSFrederick W.Hambden Twp.118 1856(15 Oct) 1936(80y)NO        Alonzo PARSONS Int rec #1071
PARSONSHannah ( )Hambden Twp.118  (3 Mar 1864)(80y)NO        Int. rec. #301; Lot number not given  
PARSONSMaryHambden Twp.118 (10 Jan) 1822(15 Jan) 1918 NO COTTON  (Thompson)OH  Alonzo PARSONS Int rec #931; late res. E. Claridon
STALIKERLeba May ( )Hambden Twp.118  (4 Jan 1880)(1-2y)NO  (d/o)William  (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #523; Lot number not given  
STOCKINGElizabethHambden Twp.119  12 May 184537yNO  w/oFrancis    Elizabeth STOCKING Int rec #72
STOCKINGElizabethHambden Twp.119  5 Aug 186352yNO  w/oLyman    Elizabeth STOCKING Int rec #284
STOCKINGHezekiah ( )Hambden Twp.119  (26 Jun 1840)(61y)NO        Elizabeth STOCKING Int rec #40 Stone gone in 1979
STOCKINGLoisHambden Twp.119  2 Dec 182542yNO  w/oHezekiah    Elizabeth STOCKING Int rec #6
EDSONClarissa ( )Hambden Twp.120  (14 Sep 1861)(77y)NO        Int. rec. #246; Lot number prob in error  
EDSONMary A. (Ann)Hambden Twp.120  19 Nov 186124y 1mNO  w/oSeth    Reuben STOCKING Int rec #250
ROGERSLydia M. WifeHambden Twp.120  (30 Jul 1843)63yNO  w/oN.E.    Reuben STOCKING Int rec #59
ROGERSN.E. Rev. HusbandHambden Twp.120  (28 Jul 1843)(43y, error)NO  h/oLydia M.    Reuben STOCKING Int rec #58
SEARLMartin L.Hambden Twp.120  28 Jan 186320y 11d1941st OVI s/oJ. & L.    Reuben STOCKING Not in int rec; also has a Govt Marker
STOCKINGEdwin ( )Hambden Twp.120  (17 May 1853)(4y)NO        Int. rec. #124; Lot number not given  
STOCKINGJessie ( )Hambden Twp.120  (6 Jul 1853)(15y)NO        Reuben STOCKING Int rec #125; stone has Jessie
STOCKINGJuliaHambden Twp.120  9 Jul 18515mNO        Int. rec. #101; Lot number not given  
STOCKINGReubenHambden Twp.120 (12 Feb 1744)20 Oct 182581y01Lt Privateer Sampson (h/o)(Sarah)    Reuben STOCKING Int rec #5
STOCKINGSarahHambden Twp.120  24 Feb 184093yNO HURLBURTw/oReuben    Reuben STOCKING  
BURNHAMWalter (Lot List)Hambden Twp.121    NO        Jonathan SEARL  
GREENHarrietHambden Twp.121  (11 Aug 1852)(11y)NO  (d/o)(Frank)    Jonathan SEARL Int rec #111; stone only has Harriet
LOVELESSJuliaetta ( )Hambden Twp.121  (16 Oct 1852)(4y)NO        Jonathan SEARL Int rec #114
LOVELESSWilliam ( )Hambden Twp.121  (22 Oct 1852)(50y)NO        Jonathan SEARL Int rec #116
LOVELESSWm. ( )Hambden Twp.121  (6 Oct 1852)(3y)NO        Jonathan SEARL Int rec #112
ROOTMarlowHambden Twp.121  (17 May 1858)(85y)NO  w/oAaron    Jonathan SEARL Int rec #188; sunken, illegible
SEARLJonathanHambden Twp.121  10 Apr 186983yNO        Jonathan SEARL int rec #381
SEARLSLouisa ( )Hambden Twp.121    NO        Jonathan SEARL No other record
ELLIOTJohnHambden Twp.122  18 Jan 1832 01Pvt Fellows MA Reg (h/o)(Rebecca)    Lewis ELLIOT Govt Marker No int rec
ELLIOTLewis, CaptainHambden Twp.122 18 Dec 179631 Mar 1871(74y)NO  (h/o)(Sarah Ann)    Lewis ELLIOT Int rec #403; late residence, Hartsgrove, OH
ELLIOTRebecca ( )Hambden Twp.122  (18 Apr 1851)(86y)NO  (w/o)(John)    Lewis ELLIOT Int rec #99; only the name shows, 1995
ELLIOTSarah AnnHambden Twp.122  18 Apr 185339yNO  w/oLewis    Lewis ELLIOT Int rec #122
STOCKINGGrace ( )Hambden Twp.122  (13 Apr 1869)(61y)NO        Lewis ELLIOT Int rec #382
STOCKINGHarriet ( )Hambden Twp.122  (5 Apr 1839)(31y)NO  (w/o)(William)    Lewis ELLIOT Int rec #35; sunken
FRANCISEmeriah (Lot List)Hambden Twp.123    NO        Richard GARDNER  
GARDINERRichardHambden Twp.123  3 Feb 186159yNO        Richard GARDNER Int. rec. #234
GARDNERBelinda ( )Hambden Twp.123  (13 Oct 1872)(63y)NO WEBSTER ( )      Int. rec. #421; Lot number not given  
GARDNERIsrael ( )Hambden Twp.123  (19 Sep 1870)(86y)NO        Int. rec. #395; Lot number not given  
SPENCERHarriet A.Hambden Twp.123  29 Jan 184920y 1m 18dNO  w/oDennis    Richard GARDNER Int rec #90
STITSONCan (Lot List)Hambden Twp.123    NO        Richard GARDNER  
TEARECatherine (Lot list )Hambden Twp.123    NO        Richard GARDNER cr
UMENSJames ( )Hambden Twp.123  (21 Jan 1859)(54y)NO        Richard GARDNER Int. rec. #202
SHELDONBetseyHambden Twp.124  8 Jul 182037yNO  w/oSilas    Silas SHELDON Int rec #2
SHELDONCortez ( )Hambden Twp.124  (2 Jul 1875) NO        Silas SHELDON Int. rec. #433
SHELDONCynthiaHambden Twp.124  11 Feb 190077yNO        Silas SHELDON Int rec #749
SHELDONHarmonHambden Twp.124  20 Jul 1841in the 17th yrNO  s/oSilas & Sally    Silas SHELDON Int rec #46
SHELDONIraHambden Twp.124  22 Jan 186232yNO  s/oSilas & Sally    Silas SHELDON Int rec #259
SHELDONLorenzo W.Hambden Twp.124  2 Jul 18227mNO  s/oSilas & Sally    Silas SHELDON Int rec #3
SHELDONOrphaHambden Twp.124  9 Dec 187765yNO        Silas SHELDON Int rec #497
SHELDONSallyHambden Twp.124  17 Sep 187285yNO  (w/o)(Silas)    Silas SHELDON Int rec #419
SHELDONSarahHambden Twp.124  23 May 184437yNO  w/oCortez    Silas SHELDON Int rec #64
SHELDONSilasHambden Twp.124  30 Jan 186891yNO        Silas SHELDON Int rec #369
SHELDONSilas, Jr.Hambden Twp.124  24 Oct 185040yNO  s/oSilas    Silas SHELDON Int rec #96
SHELDONTheodocia ( )Hambden Twp.124  (20 Mar 1843)(27y)NO  (d/o)(Silas & Betsey)    Silas SHELDON Int rec #53; illegible
COLLINSSarah LovinaHambden Twp.125  26 Dec 18465yNO  d/oNathiel & Sarah    Stephen LADD Int rec #82
LADDElisha L.Hambden Twp.125  28 Apr 184558yNO        Stephen LADD Int rec #71
LADDPhebeHambden Twp.125  13 Jan 18336yNO  d/oElisha & Asenath    Stephen LADD Int rec #14; illegible
LADDRoxannaHambden Twp.125  18 Dec 18326yNO  d/oElisha & Asenath    Stephen LADD Int rec #13; illegible
LADDStephen B.Hambden Twp.125  (25 Jan 1835)3yNO  s/oElisha & Asenath    Stephen LADD Int rec #15; illegible
LOCYMary L.A.Hambden Twp.125  13 Jan 18619y 5m 26dNO  d/oH. & P.    Stephen LADD Int rec #230
CHESMANDavid ( )Hambden Twp.126  (26 Oct 1851)(55y)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #102; Lot number not given  
HALEEunice ( )Hambden Twp.126  (1 Feb 1864)(77y)NO        Levi HALE Int rec #298
HALEJohn ( )Hambden Twp.126  (3 Oct 1880)(29y)NO        Int. rec. #529; Lot number not given  
HALELevi ( )Hambden Twp.126  (17 Jul 1867))(83yNO        Levi HALE Int rec #359
HALEMark ( )Hambden Twp.126  (28 Aug 1897) NO      (Painesville)OHLevi HALE Int rec #721
HALEMary ( )Hambden Twp.126  (6 Apr 1881)(34y)NO        Int. rec. #536; Lot number not given  
HALESelden ( )Hambden Twp.126  (6 Jun 1896) NO      (Painesville)OHLevi HALE Int rec #705
HALESelden, Mrs. ( )Hambden Twp.126  (6 Apr 1895) NO        Levi HALE Int rec #698
GRIDLEYAliceHambden Twp.127  11 Oct 18607y 7mNO  d/oW.C. & M.A.    Eva WOODIN Int rec #224
GRIDLEYLovicyHambden Twp.127  (27 Feb 1878)88yNO INGHAMw/oJob    Eva WOODIN Int rec #501; illegible
GRIDLEYMelissaHambden Twp.127  (25 Nov 1854) NO  (w/o)(William)    Eva WOODIN Int rec #145; broken
LINSCOTT? (Elisha)Hambden Twp.127  (14 Jun 1860)(Infant)NO  (d/o)(Chester & Melissa)    Eva WOODIN Int. rec. #223
WEBSTERAsenathHambden Twp.127  (29 Oct 1856)(69y)NO  w/oC.    Eva WOODIN Int rec #160; broken
WEBSTERChester ( )Hambden Twp.127  (8 Aug 1864)(84y)NO  (h/o)(Asenath)    Eva WOODIN Int rec #308
WOODINAaron G.Hambden Twp.127 18011875 NO        Eva WOODIN No int rec
WOODINAaron, Jr.Hambden Twp.127 1828(8 Apr) 185122yNO        Eva WOODIN Int rec #97
WOODINEveHambden Twp.127 1805(5 Dec) 184843yNO        Eva WOODIN Int rec #88
WOODINTimothyHambden Twp.127 18231846 NO        Eva WOODIN No int rec
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