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Geauga County Cemeteries - Hambden Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BornDiedAgeSer.Ser. Organ.NEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
BROWNCutter ( )Hambden Twp.128  (5 Jan 1892)(83y)NO        David BROWN Int rec #664
BROWNDavidHambden Twp.128  20 Feb 183591yNO        David BROWN Int rec #22
BROWNDavid T.Hambden Twp.128 18111901 NO        David BROWN Not in int rec
BROWNElizabethHambden Twp.128 1815(20 Sep) 1888(73y)NO  (w/o)(David)    David BROWN Int rec #634
BROWNHannahHambden Twp.128  13 Nov 183448yNO  w/oRobert    David BROWN Int rec #21
BROWNHannah ElizabethHambden Twp.128  25 May 183510dNO  d/oDavid T. & Elizabeth    David BROWN Int rec #23; illegible
BROWNHannah M.Hambden Twp.128  27 Apr 184510yNO  d/oCutler & Malona    David BROWN Int rec #79
BROWNHenry T.Hambden Twp.128  8 Oct 186425y 4m19Army s/oD.T. & E.  ChattanoogaTNDavid BROWN Int rec #313; illegible
BROWNHester A.Hambden Twp.128  4 Mar 186122y 6m 29dNO  w/oH.T.    David BROWN Int rec #237
BROWNHoward L.Hambden Twp.128  26 Feb 18618y 5mNO  s/oC. & M.    David BROWN Int rec #235
BROWNLorenzo J.Hambden Twp.128  9 May 18503y 10m 11dNO        David BROWN Int rec #95; illegible
BROWNMalona ( )Hambden Twp.128 (Jul 1825)(21 Oct 1914)(89y)NO    (Rochester)NY(Hambden)OHDavid BROWN Int rec #890
BROWNRobertHambden Twp.128  18 May 186687yNO  (h/o)(Hannah)    David BROWN Int rec #344
BROWNSophronia ( )Hambden Twp.128  (9 Jul 1853)(32y)NO        David BROWN Int rec #126; broken
BROWNSylvester D.Hambden Twp.128  27 May 18381y 2dNO  s/oDavid T. & Elizabeth    David BROWN Int rec #32
BROWNBetsy B. ( )Hambden Twp.129  (25 Apr 1845)(19y)NO        William DICKENS Int. rec. #55
BROWNJames ( )Hambden Twp.129  (12 Mar 1845)(61y)NO        William DICKENS Int. rec. #70
DICKENSFayetteHambden Twp.129 (1840)1 Dec 188343y19Army       William DICKENS Int rec #574
DICKENSJemimaHambden Twp.129  27 Apr 189177yNO  w/oWm.    William DICKENS Int rec #658
DICKENSMartha A.Hambden Twp.129  11 Dec 185710y 5m 23dNO  d/oWm. & Jemima    William DICKENS Int rec #163
DICKENSShermanHambden Twp.129  8 Mar 186220y19Co G 41st OVI     GainesvilleKYWilliam DICKENS Int rec #260
DICKENSWm.Hambden Twp.129  (14 Aug 1888)(74y)NO  (h/o)(Jemima)    William DICKENS Int rec #633; illegible
MATHEWSWelthy C.Hambden Twp.129  11 Oct 185417yNO        William DICKENS Int rec #142 & 152; illegible, #152 has 11 Oct 1855
BROWNEmily C.Hambden Twp.130  21 Jul 18531y 4m 28dNO  d/oJames & E.M.    George SALTER No int rec
KELLYJohnHambden Twp.130 (1771)12 Aug 184377y10Army       George SALTER No int rec
LEWINChristianaHambden Twp.130    NO  w/oThomas    George SALTER Stone broken & sunk in ground too deep to read
SALTERGeorgeHambden Twp.130 18 Apr 182729 Sep 189265yNO  (h/o)(Rachel)    George SALTER Int rec #674; late res. W. Farmington, OH
SALTERRachelHambden Twp.130  2 Jan 185726y 8mNO  w/oGeorge    George SALTER Int rec #165
WELLSJamesHambden Twp.130  5 Nov 18523yNO  s/oA.J. & S.M.    George SALTER Int rec #117; patched
GATESStephenHambden Twp.131  30 Aug 184031yNO        Lewis MAYNARD Int rec #41; has GALE
JOHNSONOlonzo M.Hambden Twp.131  11/14 Apr 186527y 10mNO        Lewis MAYNARD Int rec #318; illegible
MAYNARDElviraHambden Twp.131  7 Dec 188780yNO  w/oLewis G.    Lewis MAYNARD Int rec #621
MAYNARDJonathanHambden Twp.131  4 Oct 183861yNO        Lewis MAYNARD Int rec #33
MAYNARDLewis G.Hambden Twp.131  24 Feb 188476yNO        Lewis MAYNARD Int rec #576
MAYNARDLucia ElviraHambden Twp.131  21 Jan 183117mNO  d/oLewis G. & Elvira B.    Lewis MAYNARD Int rec #9
BARNETTAbigailHambden Twp.132  16 May 184329y 5mNO HALEw/oW.W. BARNETT    Jesse HALE d/o Jesse & Tabithy HALE Int rec #56 has Abigail HALE
FOLSOMCharles ( )Hambden Twp.132  (12 Dec 1842)(3y)NO        Jesse HALE Int rec #61
FOLSOMCharles ( )Hambden Twp.132  (10 Sep 1854)(3y)NO        Jesse HALE Int rec #140
FOLSOMJames ( )Hambden Twp.132  (10 Dec 1884)(78y)NO        Jesse HALE Int rec #585
FOLSOMLucyHambden Twp.132  22 Aug 184229yNO  w/oJ.K.    Jesse HALE Int rec #48
GRIFFINEuniceHambden Twp.132  14 Sep 187182yNO  w/oJoseph    Jesse HALE Int rec #413 has d. 26 Sep 1871, ae 81
GRIFFINJosephHambden Twp.132 (1789)12 Jul 184455y10Army       Jesse HALE Int rec #66 War 1812 marker
HALEJesseHambden Twp.132 (26 Sep 1787)27 Nov 185266y 2m 7d10Army       Jesse HALE Int rec #118
HALETabetha ( )Hambden Twp.132  (29 Apr 1866)75y 3m 7dNO        Jesse HALE Int rec #343; stone broken, top gone
PEASEMillard S. (Lot list)Hambden Twp.132    NO        Jesse HALE No other information
PEASEZenas (Lot list)Hambden Twp.132    NO        Jesse HALE No other information
BAKERNehemiah (Lot list)Hambden Twp.133    NO        John ROPER No other record
BARTHOLOMEWCorneliaHambden Twp.133  (26 Apr 1858)19yNO  d/oJ.A. # S.A.    John ROPER Int rec #187; illegible
BARTHOLOMEWJohnHambden Twp.133 9ABT 1779)4 Mar 185475y10Army       John ROPER Int rec #134 has ae 79y
BARTHOLOMEWSarahHambden Twp.133  (25 Nov 1839)(22y)NO  w/oJ.A.    John ROPER Int rec #37; illegible
FLEURMerrit (Lot list)Hambden Twp.133    NO        John ROPER No other record
PERRYEliza ( )Hambden Twp.133  (7 Jun 1860)(7y)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #220; Lot number not given  
RADCLIFFMerceyHambden Twp.133  9 Aug 185621yNO  w/oW.H.    John ROPER Int rec #158
ROPERChristian G.Hambden Twp.133  28 Oct 186122yNO  s/oJ. & E.W.    John ROPER Int rec #248
ROPEREliza A.Hambden Twp.133  14 Feb 18431y 4mNO  d/oJohn & Eliza W.    John ROPER No int rec
ROPEREliza W.Hambden Twp.133 28 Apr 18029 Jun 1885 NO  (w/o)(John)    John ROPER Int rec #591
ROPERJohnHambden Twp.133 14 Oct 17974 Oct 188575yNO  (h/o)Eliza W.    John ROPER Int rec #597 has d. 11 Oct
ROPERJohn W.Hambden Twp.133  12 Nov 187026yNO        John ROPER Int rec #398
WATTSAsa ( )Hambden Twp.133  (10 Apr 1873)(73y)NO        Int. rec. #440; Lot number not given  
WATTSSophiaHambden Twp.133  5 Nov 186124yNO ROPERd/oJ. & E.W. ROPER    John ROPER Int rec #249, WATTS; stone just has W
BARTONPhebeHambden Twp.134  3 Oct 18417yNO  d/oL.& E.    John CUTTS Int rec #47
BROWNJane ( )Hambden Twp.134  (1 Nov 1839)(18m)NO        John CUTTS Int rec #36
CUTTSJohnHambden Twp.134 14 Mar 180029 Jul 1883 NO  (h/o)(Mary)    John CUTTS Int rec #570
CUTTSLaura S.Hambden Twp.134  29 Jun 185922yNO  w/oJesse    John CUTTS Int rec #212
CUTTSMaryHambden Twp.134 3 Dec 17898 Aug 1864 NO  w/oJohn    John CUTTS Int rec #309
CUTTSWillie E. ( )Hambden Twp.134  (21 Sep 1865)(1y)NO        Int. rec. #330; Lot number not given  
NEALAnn ( )Hambden Twp.134  (23 Dec 1863)(80y)NO        John CUTTS Int rec #294
NEALJohn ( )Hambden Twp.134  (7 Feb 1869)(84y)NO        John CUTTS Int rec #377
SPEESJohn (Lot list)Hambden Twp.134    NO        John CUTTS no other information
SPEESEJane M.Hambden Twp.134  26 Aug 18351y 11mNO  d/oFrederick T. & Jane    John CUTTS Int rec #25
EATONLucretia L.Hambden Twp.135  21 Apr 18513yNO  d/oDaniel & Sarah    John QUIGGLE Int rec #100
EATONMalera ( )Hambden Twp.135  (2 Apr 1875)(2y 6m)NO  (d/o)(H.)    Int. rec. #462; Lot number not given  
QUIGGLEBetseyHambden Twp.135  3 Feb 185273yNO  w/oJohn    John QUIGGLE Int rec #105
QUIGGLEJohnHambden Twp.135 (1766)29 Jan 185791y 2m10Army (h/o)(Betsey)    John QUIGGLE Int rec #167
QUIGGLELaura M. (Maranda)Hambden Twp.135  (29 Feb) 18525y 2mNO  d/oJohn & Abigail    John QUIGGLE Int rec #106
QUIGGLEPeterHambden Twp.135  (1828) 01Parker's Co 7 PA Reg       John QUIGGLE No int rec Govt Marker
QUIGGLEPhillipHambden Twp.135 (1782)28 Aug 1849(82y)10Army       John QUIGGLE Int rec #94 has Phillys
WEMPLEHenry G.Hambden Twp.135  (6 Jun 1845)(4y)NO  s/oJoseph & Lucinda    John QUIGGLE Int rec #74; date buried, 1979
WEMPLELorenzoHambden Twp.135  (13 Jun 1845)(2y)NO  s/oJoseph & Lucinda    John QUIGGLE Int rec #75; date buried, 1979
HUDSONMarthaHambden Twp.136  23 Jan 1883? 17dNO        Phillip TEARE No int rec; on the back of Harvey SMITH; surname not clear
HUDSONMary L.Hambden Twp.136  10 Apr 1863 NO SMITHw/oM.C.    Phillip TEARE No int rec; on the back of Harvey SMITH; surname not clear
PIERCEDouglas D.Hambden Twp.136  19 Dec 183515yNO  s/oGeorge & Lydia    Phillip TEARE Int rec #26
PIERCELydiaHambden Twp.136  29 Dec 18317yNO  d/oGeorge & Lydia    Phillip TEARE Int rec #11 has ae 9y 11d
PIERCEPizaroHambden Twp.136  29 Apr 18312yNO  s/oGeorge & Lydia    Phillip TEARE Int rec #10 has 2y 8m
PIERCESandersHambden Twp.136  17 Mar 183115yNO  s/oGeorge & Lydia    Phillip TEARE Int rec #17
SMITHHarveyHambden Twp.136  26 Apr 186666y 8mNO        Phillip TEARE Int rec #342
SMITHMarthaHambden Twp.136  23 Jan 1883? 17dNO        Phillip TEARE No int rec; could be HUDSON
TEAREElizabethHambden Twp.136  2 Nov 186327yNO  d/oPhilip & Jane    Phillip TEARE Int rec #288
TEAREHelenHambden Twp.136  3 Nov 186325yNO  w/oWilliam    Phillip TEARE Int rec #289
TEAREJaneHambden Twp.136  5 Apr 185961yNO  w/oPhilip    Phillip TEARE Int rec #207
TEAREPhilipHambden Twp.136  30 Aug 187581y 8mNO  (h/o)(Jane)    Phillip TEARE Int rec #467
BRIGHAMDavid B.Hambden Twp.137  4 Apr 184528yNO        Henry WARE No int rec
BRIGHAMJane, Mrs. ( )Hambden Twp.137 (6 Jun 1823)(5 Jun 1903) NO    (Madison, Lake)OH(Hambden)OHHenry WARE Int rec #773
BRIGHAMSophia N.Hambden Twp.137  26 Jul 186526y 6mNO  d/oD.B. & H.J.    Henry WARE Int rec #322
CLARKAbraham ( )Hambden Twp.137  (23 May 1885)(90y)NO        Henry WARE Int rec #590
CLARKKate ( )Hambden Twp.137  (28 Jan 1902) NO        Henry WARE Int rec #768
CLARKNancy ( )Hambden Twp.137  (10 Oct 1865)(68y)NO        Henry WARE Int rec #333 per same as Int rec #314
CLARKNancy W.Hambden Twp.137  10 Oct 186468yNO  w/oAbram    Henry WARE Int rec #314; perhaps the same as Int rec #333
WAREHenry ( )Hambden Twp.137  (25 Jul 1864)(74y)NO        Henry WARE Int. rec. #307
HALEAlbertHambden Twp.138  16 Apr 189282yNO  (h/o)(Clarinda)  (Munson)OHSamuel HALE Int rec #672
HALEClarindaHambden Twp.138  27 Dec 187064yNO  w/oAlbert    Samuel HALE Int rec #401
HALEElizaHambden Twp.138 13 Oct 182323 Jan 1892 NO        Samuel HALE Int rec #665
HALEFannyHambden Twp.138  (27 Jan 1879)(95y)NO   2nd wife of Obed    Samuel HALE Int rec #509
HALEJames E.Hambden Twp.138  25 May 18462yNO  s/oAlbert & Clarinda    Samuel HALE Int rec #81
HALELuciusHambden Twp.138  27 Sep 18426yNO  s/oAlbert & Clarinda    Samuel HALE Int rec #49
HALEMarionHambden Twp.138 7 Nov 184219 Jan 1864 NO        Samuel HALE Int rec #297
HALEMindwellHambden Twp.138  (4 Sep 1837)(57y)NO  (w/o)(Obed)    Samuel HALE Int rec #29
HALEObedHambden Twp.138  (24 Dec 1857)(78y 2m)NO        Samuel HALE Int rec #180
HALESamuelHambden Twp.138 11 Mar 18188 Mar 1896 NO        Samuel HALE Int rec #704
HALEWilliam H.Hambden Twp.138  8 Oct 186222y19Co E 105 OH Inf s/oAlbert & Clarinda    Samuel HALE Int rec #270 Killed at Perryville, KY.
HARRISONAnnHambden Twp.139  (22 Apr 1843)63yNO  w/oHugh    William HARRISON Int rec #54; date buried in 1979
HARRISONBetseyHambden Twp.139  12 May 183428yNO        William HARRISON Int rec #19
HARRISONEliza H.Hambden Twp.139  22 Mar 18617y 3mNO        William HARRISON Int rec #238
HARRISONElizabethHambden Twp.139  15 Jan 186236yNO  w/oRobert    William HARRISON Int rec #257
HARRISONHughHambden Twp.139  28 Mar 184970yNO  (h/o)(Ann)    William HARRISON Int rec #92
HARRISONLucy ( )Hambden Twp.139  (14 Mar 1840)(80y)NO        William HARRISON Int rec #39 (Intay\Jutay?); illegible
HARRISONRobertHambden Twp.139  31 May 185943yNO  (h/o)(Elizabeth)    William HARRISON Int rec #208
HARRISONWilliamHambden Twp.139  (4 Mar 1841)(74y)NO        William HARRISON Int rec #74; surname not on the stone
HARRISONWilliamHambden Twp.139  6 Oct 185246yNO        William HARRISON Int rec #113
BRIGHAMJonathanHambden Twp.140  28 Nov 185670yNO  (h/o)(Melinda)    Jonathan BRIGHAM Int rec #162
BRIGHAMLydia M.Hambden Twp.140  27 May 185765yNO  w/oRufus    Jonathan BRIGHAM Int rec #172 (Int rec #181 says 27 Dec 1857 ae 65y)
BRIGHAMMelindaHambden Twp.140  28 Jan 184552yNO  w/oJ. (Jonathan)    Jonathan BRIGHAM Int rec #68
BRIGHAMRufusHambden Twp.140  12 Dec 183853yNO  (h/o)(Lydia M.)    Jonathan BRIGHAM Int rec #34
MORGANDanielHambden Twp.140 17551842 01Soldier of Rev. War       Jonathan BRIGHAM No int rec
OLINLucy C.Hambden Twp.140  (3 Nov 1870)2y 4mNO        Jonathan BRIGHAM Int rec #397; illegible
KINGAustin ( )Hambden Twp.141  (3 Nov 1858)(14y)NO        Int. rec. #198; Lot number not given  
KINGBenjaminHambden Twp.141  26 Mar 183795y01Pvt Robison's Co.       Samuel KING Mott's CT. Troops Int rec #170 & #28 Govt Marker
KINGBetsey ( )Hambden Twp.141  (23 Sep 1863)(80y)NO        Int. rec. #286; Lot number not given  
KINGEdwinHambden Twp.141  10 Jan 185832y 7mNO        Samuel KING Int rec #183
KINGEdwin C.Hambden Twp.141  (27 Jul 1845)3yNO  s/oNathaniel & S.A.    Samuel KING Int rec #77; illegible
KINGElizabethHambden Twp.141  25 Sep 186480yNO FOX ( )w/oNathaniel    Samuel KING Int rec #311
KINGFrancis E.Hambden Twp.141  (3 Aug 1845)(1y)NO  s/oNathaniel & S.A.    Samuel KING Int rec #78; illegible
KINGGeorge ( )Hambden Twp.141  (15 May 1864)(45y)NO        Int. rec. #304; Lot number not given  
KINGNathanielHambden Twp.141 (1777)22 Jan 184874y10Pvt Army (h/o)(Elizabeth)    Samuel KING Int rec #62 has d. 26 Jan; Served under Capt Norman Canfield
KINGRosette ( )Hambden Twp.141  (14 Mar 1860)(2y)NO        Int. rec. #217; Lot number not given  
KINGSamuelHambden Twp.141  7 May 187268yNO        Samuel KING Int rec #417
LORDAdelia C.Hambden Twp.141  20 Aug 18293y 21dNO        Samuel KING Int rec #7
LORDClarissa O.Hambden Twp.141  19 Aug 18295y 1m 21dNO        Samuel KING Int rec #8
CASTLEJohnHambden Twp.142 18171899 NO        Benjamin SCOVIL No int rec
CASTLESarahHambden Twp.142 (28 Dec 1842)(30 Jul) 1912 NO    (Mesopotamia)OH(Hambden)OHBenjamin SCOVIL Int rec #865; pleura pneumonia
CRAFTSPerl (Lot list)Hambden Twp.142    NO        Benjamin SCOVIL no other information
HOLTHiram ChaseHambden Twp.142  (16 Jul 1859)(10m)NO  s/oD.A. & L.A.    Benjamin SCOVIL Int rec #213; illegible
HOLTLydia AnnHambden Twp.142  12 Jun 186033y 3m 21dNO  w/oD.A.    Benjamin SCOVIL Int rec #222; illegible
HOLTMary JaneHambden Twp.142  11 Aug 18583y 1mNO  d/oD.A. & L.A.    Benjamin SCOVIL Int rec #193
OSBORNHezekiah W.Hambden Twp.142  28 Oct 185446yNO  (h/o)(Lydia Evelina)    Benjamin SCOVIL Int rec #144; Pastor, Mesopotamia, 13y; Cong. Church at Hambden, 2y
OSBORNLydia EvelinaHambden Twp.142  4 Dec 188774yNO  w/oRev. H.W.  (Chardon)OHBenjamin SCOVIL Int rec #620
SCOVILLBenjamin ( )Hambden Twp.142  (22 Jul 1876)(82y)NO        Benjamin SCOVIL Int rec #483
SCOVILLCynthia ( )Hambden Twp.142  (15 Dec 1870)(77y)NO        Benjamin SCOVIL Int rec #399
SCOVILLCynthia JaneHambden Twp.142  28 Jun 1858in her 28th yrNO  d/oBenj. & C.    Benjamin SCOVIL Int rec #189
SCOVILLLydia HOLT ( )Hambden Twp.142    NO        Benjamin SCOVIL Prob same as Lydia Ann HOLT Int rec #222
ADAMSLois M.Hambden Twp.143  21 Jan 186220yNO  w/oAustin    Laura MALTBIE Int rec #258
MALTBIEAddie J.Hambden Twp.143  21 Aug 187120yNO        Laura MALTBIE Int rec #394
MALTBIECarl ( )Hambden Twp.143  (5 Sep 1881)(2y)NO        Laura MALTBIE Int rec #541
MALTBIEGuyHambden Twp.143  27 Mar 18706m 2dNO  s/oWm. & A.    Laura MALTBIE Int rec #387
MALTBIELauraHambden Twp.143  (21 Jun 1865)(25y)NO  d/oL. & M.    Laura MALTBIE Int rec #320; date buried
MALTBIEMartha ( )Hambden Twp.143  (7 Sep 1854)(77y)NO        Int. rec. #139; Lot number not given  
MALTBIESimon ( )Hambden Twp.143  (8 Apr 1868)(97y)NO        Int. rec. #370; Lot number not given  
WAREAlfredHambden Twp.143 23 Oct 182416 Oct 1862 NO  (h/o)(Harriet E.)    Laura MALTBIE Int rec #272
WAREHarriet E.Hambden Twp.143 10 Nov 182821 Dec 1884 NO  w/oAlfred    Laura MALTBIE Int rec #584
WAREMaxHambden Twp.143 (17 Nov) 1894(13 Sep) 1925 NO    (Hambden)OH(Hambden)OHLaura MALTBIE Int rec #1001; exhaustion from apleptic mania
AUXERCarolineHambden Twp.144  27 Aug 18562yNO  d/oA. & C.    Caroline AUXER Int rec #164
AUXERHarmony S.Hambden Twp.144  12 Jul 18443yNO  d/oAbraham & Clarissa M.    Caroline AUXER Int rec #67
BARDENLibaHambden Twp.144  12 Sep 184770yNO        Caroline AUXER Int rec #84 Called Siba in int rec
BARDENPersis ( )Hambden Twp.144  (21 Mar 1869)(78y)NO        Int. rec. #378; Lot number not given 
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