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Geauga County Cemeteries - Hambden Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.LotGr.BornDiedAgeSer.Ser. Organ.NEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote
ADAMSHerbert L.Hambden Twp.145 193028 Feb 2010 NO           
HUBBARDHenryHambden Twp.145  9 Jul 186669yNO        Henry HUBBARD Int rec #347
HUBBARDWm. ( )Hambden Twp.145  (15 Oct 1855)(30y)NO        Int. rec. #153; Lot number not given  
SEYMOUR? InfHambden Twp.145  (15 Apr) 184418dNO  d/oJulius & Sarah    Henry HUBBARD No int rec
SEYMOURJoseph J.Hambden Twp.145  (19 Nov 1853)(2y)NO        Henry HUBBARD Int rec #131
SEYMOURJuliusHambden Twp.145  16 Jul 185247yNO        Henry HUBBARD Int rec #109
SEYMOURS. Joan (Sarah)Hambden Twp.145  (29 Jan 1857)(9y)NO        Henry HUBBARD Int rec #166
SEYMOURSarah P.Hambden Twp.145  1 Apr 184438yNO  w/oJulius    Henry HUBBARD Int rec #63
WILCOX? Inf. ( )Hambden Twp.145  (8 Jun 1860) NO  (d/o)(Chancey)    Int. rec. #221; Lot number not given  
WILCOXIsraelHambden Twp.145  7 Jan 186277yNO        Henry HUBBARD Int rec #254
DAMANAbrahamHambden Twp.146  5 Jun 184587y01Pvt Hooker's MA. Co.       Abraham DAMAN Int rec #75 Has Govt Marker
DAMANAnnaHambden Twp.146  9 Mar 184584yNO        Abraham DAMAN Int rec #69
DAMONDellaHambden Twp.146  19 Jan 18605y 2mNO  d/oH. & P.E.    Abraham DAMAN Int rec #214
SEARLWillis E.Hambden Twp.146  28 Dec 18583yNO  s/oE. & J.A.    Abraham DAMAN Int rec #200
CHAMBERLAINSusan B.Hambden Twp.147 6 Jul 182019 May 1888 NO   Former w/o Gaius KING    Gaius KING Int rec #631 m (2) Harmon CHAMBERLAIN
HICOCKNathanielHambden Twp.147  Feb 1844 01Pvt Bradley's CT Reg       Gaius KING No int rec Govt Marker
KINGElizabethHambden Twp.147  15 Jul 184833yNO  w/oGaius    Gaius KING Int rec #87 Also has separate stone
KINGFreddie S. ( )Hambden Twp.147  (6 May 1869)(4y)NO        Int. rec. #383; Lot number not given  
KINGGaiusHambden Twp.147  18 Dec 186461y 2m 26dNO  (h/o)(Elizabeth)    Gaius KING Int rec #316
KINGHoseaHambden Twp.147 (16 Aug 1778)9 Apr 185378y10Army s/oBenjamin    Gaius KING Int rec #121 came to Hambden 1810
KINGRuthHambden Twp.147  11 Dec 183758yNO  w/oHosea    Gaius KING Int rec #31; also has a separate stone
KINGSusan B.Hambden Twp.147 6 Jul 182019 May 1888 NO   Former w/o Gaius KING    Gaius KING Int rec #631 m (2) Harmon CHAMBERLAIN
STANTONHiram ( )Hambden Twp.147  (24 Nov 1853)(47y)NO        Gaius KING Int rec #132
STANTONJoannaHambden Twp.147  3 Jun 1835in the 33rd yrNO  w/oHiram    Gaius KING Int rec #24 has Jonathan
COOKPlinyHambden Twp.148  1 Jan 186173yNO        Chas. KENFIELD Int rec #229 Also has Phinney
DAMINPattyHambden Twp.148  13 Jul 182432yNO        Chas. KENFIELD No int rec
KENFIELDChas. (lot list)Hambden Twp.148    NO        Chas. KENFIELD  
KENFIELDEbenezerHambden Twp.148  7 Mar 1834 01A Veteran of '76       Chas. KENFIELD Int rec #18; Govt Marker has KENTFIELD
KENTFIELDEbenezerHambden Twp.148  7 Mar 1834 01Pvt Eames' Co       Chas. KENFIELD NH. Rangers Rev War Int rec 18 Govt Marker
DAVISEstellaHambden Twp.149 18511888 NO   (m. 1, Merrit STONE; m. 2, ? DAVIS)    Merrit STONE Int rec #637
STONECarrie BellHambden Twp.149 1874(24 Mar) 1957 NO RUSSELL ( )(w/o)(Emory M.)    Merrit STONE Int rec #1201 has STORER
STONECatherineHambden Twp.149 (18 Jun) 1822(31 Jan) 1907 NO  w/oMerritt W.    Merrit STONE Int rec #825
STONEEmory M.Hambden Twp.149 1865(21 Feb) 1941(75y)NO  (h/o)(Carrie Bell)(Hambden)OH  Merrit STONE Int rec #1113
STONEEnfield O.Hambden Twp.149 22 Oct 185526 Mar 1882 NO        Merrit STONE Int rec #557
STONEEstellaHambden Twp.149 18511888 NO   (m. 1, Merrit STONE; m. 2, ? DAVIS)    Merrit STONE Int rec #637 as DAVIS
STONEMerritt W.Hambden Twp.149  1 Sep 187960y 8mNO  (h/o)(Catherine)    Merrit STONE Int rec #519
STONESylvia M.Hambden Twp.149 (29 Jun) 1865(12 May) 1919 NO  w/oEmory M.    Merrit STONE Int rec #949 Also has separate stone
WOODRUFFHezekiahHambden Twp.149  6 Jul 184559y 6m10Army       Merrit STONE Int rec #76
WOODRUFFHugh ( )Hambden Twp.149  (15 Mar 1852)(60y)NO        Merrit STONE Int rec #107; should be Huldah
WOODRUFFHuldahHambden Twp.149  15 Apr 185260yNO        Merrit STONE Int rec #107
FERRISMary AnnHambden Twp.150  24 Oct 1834in the 7th yrNO  d/oCornelius S. & Mary    Polly HAMMOND Int rec #20
FOXJohnHambden Twp.150  23 Feb 183447y10Army       Polly HAMMOND Int rec #16 has FOSS
HAMMONDElizabeth T.Hambden Twp.150 (19 Feb 1810)26 Aug 190587yNO    WashingtonvilleNY  Polly HAMMOND Int rec #800
HAMMONDNathanHambden Twp.150  13 Dec 186076yNO        Polly HAMMOND Int rec #227 says d 14 Dec ae 77y
HAMMONDPollyHambden Twp.150  1 Mar 187983yNO        Polly HAMMOND Int rec #512
KINGMelissaHambden Twp.150  29 Aug 18329mNO  d/oHosea & Laura    Polly HAMMOND Int rec #12
WHITNEYAbbie P.Hambden Twp.150 30 Aug 185711/30 Apr 1859 NO        Polly HAMMOND Int rec #206
WHITNEYHenry MasonHambden Twp.150 19 Jul 180712 Nov 187871yNO    ClarendonVT  Polly HAMMOND Int rec #499, d. 12 Dec 1877; Also Int rec #505 says 12 Nov 1878
WHITNEYOrin HenryHambden Twp.150 19 Apr 183931 Mar 1862 19Co G 41st O.V.I.     died in service Polly HAMMOND Int rec #262; govt marker has O.H. WHITNEY
COOKAnsel FatherHambden Twp.151 17 Feb 18186 Mar 1888 NO  (h/o)(Delia L.)    Rodolphus STEBBINS Int rec #638; late residence, Geneva
COOKAustin D.Hambden Twp.151  13 Jun 186219y19Army s/oA. & D.L.    Rodolphus STEBBINS Int rec #255 has ae 10y
COOKDelia L. WifeHambden Twp.151  (4 Jun 1847) NO  w/oAnsel    Rodolphus STEBBINS Int rec #83; date buried
COOKNewton A.Hambden Twp.151  12 Mar 186115yNO  s/oA. & D.L.    Rodolphus STEBBINS Int rec #240
GRAYClara ( )Hambden Twp.151  (2 Oct 1866)(26y)NO        Rodolphus STEBBINS Int rec #348
GRAYF.J. ( )Hambden Twp.151  (7 Jan 1895)(59y)NO        Rodolphus STEBBINS Int rec #675
GRAYFinley ( )Hambden Twp.151  (14 Dec 1866)(5y)NO        Rodolphus STEBBINS Int rec #350
GRAYSally ( )Hambden Twp.151  (5 Apr 1859)(57y)NO        Int. rec. #211; Lot number not given  
HARDY? Inf ( )Hambden Twp.151  (17 Oct 1858) NO   (Mother was nee GRAY)    Rodolphus STEBBINS Int rec #197; Info from obit
SIMONSAlice ( )Hambden Twp.151  (2 Apr 1859)(10y)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #210; Lot number not given  
SIMONSJennette ( )Hambden Twp.151  (9 Jan 1860)(50y)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #376; Lot number not given  
SIMONSJerome ( )Hambden Twp.151  (28 Feb 1870)(53y)NO        Int. rec. #386; Lot number not given  
STEBBINSRodolphus ( )Hambden Twp.151  (9 Mar 1867)(75y)NO        Rodolphus STEBBINS Int rec #354
ADAMSD.P. (map)Hambden Twp.152    NO        D.P. ADAMS  
BASSAUAGEHarland (lot list)Hambden Twp.152    NO        D.P. ADAMS no other info
ROOTClarissa ( )Hambden Twp.152  (25 Dec 1894)(65y)NO        Int. rec. #687; Lot number not given Mrs. Clarissa ROOT, late res. Thompson
ROOTClea FLEMMING ( )Hambden Twp.152  (17 Jul 1887)(69y)NO        D.P. ADAMS Int rec #622
ROOTJulia C.Hambden Twp.152  31 Dec 18616yNO  d/oS. & C.    D.P. ADAMS Int rec #253
ROOTSolomon ( )Hambden Twp.152  (15 May 1897)(84y)NO        D.P. ADAMS Int rec #717
THAYERJohnHambden Twp.152  (10 Jun 1863)4yNO        D.P. ADAMS Int rec #280; illegible
THAYERLovisa R. ( )Hambden Twp.152  (12 Nov 1865)(62y)NO        D.P. ADAMS Int rec #335; illegible
THAYERSeymourHambden Twp.152  (8 Apr 1841)(21y)NO        D.P. ADAMS Int rec #44; illegible
PEASELutherHambden Twp.153  (25 Dec 1840)(68y)NO        Luther PEASE Int rec #43; illegible
PEASELuther, Jr.Hambden Twp.153  8 Jun 187978yNO        Luther PEASE Int rec #516
PEASESylviaHambden Twp.153  (4 Jun 1843)(70y)NO        Luther PEASE Int rec #57; illegible
DAVENPORTSquireHambden Twp.154  1843 01Pvt 2 CT Reg Rev War       Joel DORMAN No int. rec.; (est adm 27 Jun, also called Ephraim)
DORMAN? Inf. ( )Hambden Twp.154  (21 Jun 1857) NO  (s/o)(Joel & Amanda)    Joel DORMAN Int rec #174
DORMANAmanda M.Hambden Twp.154  23 Mar 186246yNO  w/oJoel    Joel DORMAN Int rec #261
DORMANJoel, Dea.Hambden Twp.154  2 May 187083y 10mNO        Joel DORMAN Int rec #389
DORMANNancy H.Hambden Twp.154  11 Jun 185566yNO  w/oJoel    Joel DORMAN Int rec #147
HADLOCKChristopher G.Hambden Twp.154  24 Apr 1853in the 27th yrNO        Joel DORMAN Int rec #123
POUNTAINMahala J.Hambden Twp.154  30 Sep 183710mNO  d/oJames & Nancy    Joel DORMAN Int rec #3
ROSEIraHambden Twp.154  3 May 1865 NO        Joel DORMAN Int rec #319
BRIGGSMilo ( )Hambden Twp.155  (26 Apr 1857)(1y)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #171; Lot number not given  
BROWNEmma ( )Hambden Twp.155  (21 Jul 1852)(1y)NO      (Hambden)OHEster BROWN Int rec #110
BROWNEster ( )Hambden Twp.155  (18 Dec 1860)(40y)NO      (Hambden)OHEster BROWN Int rec #228
GOLDWOODGeorge ( )Hambden Twp.155  (24 Nov 1863)(1y)NO        Int. rec. #293; Lot number not given  
GREGG? (lot list)Hambden Twp.155    NO        Esther BROWN No other info
HALLCharlotteHambden Twp.155  20 Jan 186872yNO  w/oJohn R.    Esther BROWN Int rec #368
HALLJames ( )Hambden Twp.155  (8 May 1859)(25y)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #205; Lot number not given  
HALLJohn R.Hambden Twp.155 (1784)13 Jun 186379y10Army (h/o)(Charlotte)    Esther BROWN Int rec #282
HOUSWORTHCalgHambden Twp.155  18646yNO        Esther BROWN Int rec #305
HOUSWORTHCatherineHambden Twp.155  (2 May 1862)(4y)NO        Esther BROWN Int rec #279
HOUSWORTHCatyHambden Twp.155 1791(7 May) 1861 NO        Esther BROWN Int rec #242
HOUSWORTHL.S.Hambden Twp.155  (1858/9)(62y)NO        Esther BROWN Int rec #201
IRELANDGeorge ( )Hambden Twp.155  (16 Nov 1856)(11m)NO  (c/o)(Charles)    Int. rec. #161; Lot number not given  
MURPHYCynthiaHambden Twp.155  14 Sep 185851yNO        Esther BROWN Int rec #195 has d. 25 Sep
ROBERTSONClara E. ( )Hambden Twp.155  (24 Mar 1857)(9m)NO      (Hambden)OHInt. rec. #169; Lot number not given  
ROBINSONOlive (lot list)Hambden Twp.155    NO        Esther BROWN  
CALLAlvinHambden Twp.156  28 Oct 184770y 10m 13dNO        Charles SEARLS Int rec #86
GREENKittie M.Hambden Twp.156  16 Aug 186521mNO  d/oE. & M.J.    Charles SEARLS Int rec #324 has Hattie
IMUSAzubahHambden Twp.156  6 Nov 186567y 7m 10dNO  w/oMyron    Charles SEARLS Int rec #336
IMUSLena V. or Sena V. ( )Hambden Twp.156  (1 May 1862)(5y)NO        Charles SEARLS Int. rec. #264
IMUSMyronHambden Twp.156  11 Sep 185762y 9m 9dNO  (h/o)(Azubah)    Charles SEARLS Int rec #177 has Mirian
SEARLCharlesHambden Twp.156  (15 May 1846)78yNO        Charles SEARLS Int rec #80; date buried
TEAREElizaHambden Twp.156  20 Aug 184935yNO RADCLIFFw/oJohn    Charles SEARLS Int rec #93
TEAREJohn AlexanderHambden Twp.156  25 Apr 18492y 25dNO        Charles SEARLS Int rec #91
BIGELOWFlorence A. ( )Hambden Twp.157  (29 Nov 1867)(6y)NO        John TREAT Int rec #365; lot not given, probably here
BIGELOWHannah M. ( )Hambden Twp.157  (11 Dec 1867)(49y)NO        John TREAT Int rec #366; lot not given, probably here
BIGELOWW.E.Hambden Twp.157    19Co K 105 Ohio Inf       John TREAT No int rec Govt Marker
BREWERArmenus ( )Hambden Twp.157  (2 Feb 1861)(60y)NO        Int. rec. #233; Lot number not given  
BREWERB. (Benajah)Hambden Twp.157  19 Apr 185586yNO        John TREAT Int rec #146
BREWERBenajah, Jr.Hambden Twp.157  17 Nov 186560yNO        John TREAT Int rec #337
BREWERIsaac C. (Clinton I./J.)Hambden Twp.157 (Jan 1843)(1 Jan 1916) 19Co K 18 Ohio Inf   (Hambden)OH(Dayton Soldiers' Home)OHJohn TREAT Int rec #905
BREWERPolly W.Hambden Twp.157 19 May 181611 Jan 1882 NO WARRINER ( )w/oB., Jr.RutlandVTHambdenOHJohn TREAT Int rec #553
BREWERRuthHambden Twp.157  3 Jan 184357yNO        John TREAT Int rec #50
TREATJohn E., Capt.Hambden Twp.157  20 Oct 186333y19USN       John TREAT Int rec #287
TREATRuth A.Hambden Twp.157  1 Jan 189356y 4m 15dNO      (Columbus)OHJohn TREAT Int rec #683
AYLWORTHE.R.Hambden Twp.1Mem (1826)(22 Jun 1865) 19Co K 18 Reg OH Inf       Erected by the citizens of Hambden bur Chattanooga, TN
BAGGW.A.Hambden Twp.1Mem (1838)(7 Dec 1863) 19Co E 105th Reg. OVI       Erected by the citizens of Hambden bur Stone River, Murfreesboro, TN
BROWNM.K. (alias Robert M.)Hambden Twp.1Mem 184315 Sep 1865 19Co G 41st Reg OVI       Erected by the citizens of Hambden bur Indianola, TX
BROWNRobert M. (M.K.)Hambden Twp.1Mem 184315 Sep 1865 19Co G 41st Reg OVI       Erected by the citizens of Hambden bur Indianola, TX
CORNISHRoswellHambden Twp.1Mem 183619 Sep 1863 19Co G 41st Reg OVI       Erected by the citizens of Hambden Killed at Chickamauga; bur Chattanooga, TN
DICKENSS. (Sherman)Hambden Twp.1Mem (1842)(8 Mar 1862) 19Co G 41st Reg OVI       Erected by the citizens of Hambden see Section 1, Lot 29
KINGE.A.Hambden Twp.1Mem    19Co E 105th O.V.I.       Erected by the citizens of Hambden  
RICHARDSJ.L.Hambden Twp.1Mem    19Co G 41st O.V.I.       Erected by the citizens of Hambden  
SEARLED. (Duane)Hambden Twp.1Mem    19Co E 105th O.V.I.       Erected by the citizens of Hambden see Section 1, Lot 2
SEARLEP. (Philo)Hambden Twp.1Mem    19Co G 41 Reg OVI       Erected by the citizens of Hambden See Section 1, Lot 2
SHELDONChas.Hambden Twp.1Mem 1835  19Co F 105th O.V.I.       Erected by the citizens of Hambden Musician; discharged at close of the war
WATTSM.F.Hambden Twp.1Mem  19 Sep 1863 19Co G 41 Reg OVI     Killed in Battle; Chickamauga Erected by the citizens of Hambden  
WORTHINGTOND.H.Hambden Twp.1Mem 18338 Feb 1863 19Co G 41st Reg OH Inf     bur Nashville Nat. Cem. gr760TNErected by the citizens of Hambden 
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