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Geauga County Cemeteries - Newbury Twp. by Sec/Lot
SURNAMEFirst NameTwp./CemeterySec.RowLotGr.BornDiedAgeVet.Service Organ.NEERelationRelated toBirthplaceSTDeathplaceSTLot OwnerLodge/ClubNote 
HILLLisa (purchased)Newbury Center1 1014A                
BOSWORTHH.S. (Harmon)Newbury Center  131869(26 Feb) 1950 NO            
BOSWORTHJ.H. (Jay)Newbury Center  141895(19 Mar) 1917 NO            
BOSWORTHMaud M.Newbury Center  1218771957 NO            
COWGERDuncanNewbury Center  18A10 Sep 19092 Mar 2011101yNO            
COWGERHazel E.Newbury Center  181892(31 Jul) 1983(90y)NO BOSWORTH ( )    MadisonOH    
LADOWNellie M.Newbury Center  171916not cut NO          with Ralph R. LADOW 
LADOWRalph R.Newbury Center  161917(15 Jul 1999)(82y)NO          with Nellie M. LADOW 
CHAPMANAmyNewbury Center  2418981930 NO          SURNAME not on the stone 
CHAPMANEdward F.Newbury Center  288 Jan 189918 Jul 1969 41Ohio 83 Inf Div         Govt Marker 
CHAPMANLillie MotherNewbury Center  2318791960 NO            
PAVLISINDawneNewbury Center  2719421962 NO BONFIELD          
BOSWORTHBelle J.Newbury Center  3418761951 NO WOODARD(w/o)(Harry E.)        
BOSWORTHCharles E.Newbury Center  3219071967 NO            
BOSWORTHGerald (purchased)Newbury Center  35                
BOSWORTHHarryNewbury Center  381912(1 Jan) 1994(81y)NO          with Virginia BOSWORTH 
BOSWORTHHarry E.Newbury Center  3318721955 NO  (h/o)(Belle J.)        
BOSWORTHRoy E.Newbury Center  311893(2 Feb) 1985(89y)NO            
BOSWORTHVirginiaNewbury Center  381912(30 Aug) 1995(83y)NO          with Harry BOSWORTH 
CASTORA? BabyNewbury Center  34   NO          sr no dates,no stone; aisle 
SCHAEFERJohn (purchased)Newbury Center  36                
FORKAPALauraNewbury Center  4319051958 NO          with Russell W. FORKAPA 
FORKAPARussell W.Newbury Center  4221 Aug 191521 Jul 1959 41OH GM3 USNR         has separate Govt Marker 
FULLERAddie MotherNewbury Center  4718831975 NO  w/oMark        
FULLERDonaldNewbury Center  4620 Jan 190718 Jun 1989 41Tec 5 US Army         Govt Marker 
FULLERMark FatherNewbury Center  4818731959 NO  h/oAddie        
ALLYNLottie M.Newbury Center  57(22 Jan) 1906(19 Oct) 1982 NO SPANGLER ( )(w/o)(Vaughn C. ALLYN)        
ALLYNVaughn C.Newbury Center  5819061966 NO  (h/o)(Lottie M.)      (s/o Arthur E. & Rhoda QUAYLE ALLYN) 
JAKOBOWSKIS. (map)Newbury Center  52   NO          sr no stone 
LORAINEAndrewNewbury Center  6428 Mar 190714 Oct 1970 41Pvt Ohio Inf         Govt Marker 
LORAINECharles A.Newbury Center  681872(28 Aug) 1941 NO          with Mary E. LORAINE 
LORAINEEdward W.Newbury Center  657 Feb 192620 Apr 1983 41US Army         Govt Marker 
LORAINEMary E.Newbury Center  67(17 Feb) 1888(12 Apr) 1976 NO          with Charles A. LORAINE 
CHIHIL HOLTZLois (reserved)Newbury Center  77                
CHIHILMichael O.Newbury Center  7829 Oct 19411 Jan 1972 61OH A2C USAF Vietnam         Chief Newbury Police Govt Marker 
DUELAllen L.Newbury Center  7219031979 NO          with Reta B. DUEL 
DUELReta B.Newbury Center  7119051980 NO          with Allen L. DUEL 
HOLTZCarl Chihil (reserved)Newbury Center  74      s/oJordan and Lois        
KOVACHGeorge Alan SonNewbury Center  7619521969 NO            
ROESERAnnetta MotherNewbury Center  7318811947 NO            
TOTHSteve (map)Newbury Center  75   NO          sr no stone 
SINGLETONLizzieNewbury Center 1048 9 Dec 193428 Sept 2006 NO  (w/o)Ernest Singleton        
BERRYGrace MotherNewbury Center  8618771957 NO LOOMIS        also has separate stone 
RAMSAYAllan SonNewbury Center  8119371953 NO          also has separate stone 
RAMSAYClyde N. MD.Newbury Center  831898(3 Sep) 198385yNO  h/oIrene B.  MunsonOH    
RAMSAYFlorence (map)Newbury Center  82   NO          map no stone 
RAMSAYIrene B. MotherNewbury Center  8719011976 NO  w/oClyde N.        
RAMSAYPeter SonNewbury Center  8419291946 NO          also has separate stone 
DINESDavid H.Newbury Center  9818841967 NO          with Laura M. DINES 
DINESLaura M.Newbury Center  9718911969 NO          with David H. DINES 
DINESRaymond WarrenNewbury Center  9428 Apr 192117 Jun 1959 41Sgt 29 Air Dep GPAAF         Govt Marker 
FELBERGAlbertNewbury Center  9619121967 NO            
GRAYJeanneNewbury Center  9519481984 NO BUSSEm/oRonald & James        
MATULISAnne (map)Newbury Center  92   NO          map no stone 
ALLENFrank ( )Newbury Center  108(8 Dec 1885)(10 Jan 1964)69yNO      (Geauga Hosp) Indigent Burials   
BOCKNERSpencerNewbury Center  102   NO        Indigent Burials no stone 
BRATTONWilliamNewbury Center  102   NO        Indigent Burials no stone 
DIXONJames Walter ( )Newbury Center  104 (b9Aug 1968) 31Army       Indigent Burials no stone 
HANCUESKJohnNewbury Center  108   NO        Indigent Burials no stone 
O'DONNELLEdwardNewbury Center  106   NO        Indigent Burials no stone 
RIGBYThomasNewbury Center  107   NO        Indigent Burials no stone 
RONANJamesNewbury Center  105   NO        Indigent Burials no stone 
SMITHAdaNewbury Center  105   NO        Indigent Burials no stone 
SUMMERSGeo.Newbury Center  101   NO        Indigent Burials no stone 
SWANNJohnNewbury Center  105   NO        Indigent Burials no stone 
EGGLESTONAlvin E. (Red)Newbury Center  12815 Nov 193725 Dec 1994 61SP4 US Army Vietnam         with Ida Grace EGGLESTON; Lot 23, gr 5 
EGGLESTONArchie E. (Erwin)Newbury Center  125(9 Oct) 18931976 NO  (s/o)(Erwin & Bertha (SPRINGER) EGGLESTON)      with Minnie P. EGGLESTON 
EGGLESTONChester M.Newbury Center  12725 Feb 19411 Feb 1989 61SP4 US Army         Govt Marker 
EGGLESTONMinnie P.Newbury Center  1261914(14 Jun) 1992 NO          with Archie E. EGGLESTON 
BLAIRKenneth C.Newbury Center  1371913(Sep) 1974 NO            
BLAIRVirginia B.Newbury Center  1381916(7 May) 1994(78y)NO BUSCH ( )          
EGGLESTONArthur D. Dear UncleNewbury Center  132(14 Jul) 18711948 NO  (s/o)(A.M. & Mary STITT EGGLESTON)        
HISSAJeannette M. MotherNewbury Center  1357 Jul 19256 Apr 1989(63y)NO          aisle north of 5, 
LARGENMary Louise MotherNewbury Center  13518991975 NO            
STAFFORDEdna B.Newbury Center  13118891910 NO            
STAFFORDHenry W.Newbury Center  13418431910 NO            
STAFFORDMary E.Newbury Center  13318471935 NO  w/oHenry W.        
BLAIREmma A.Newbury Center  14718811960 NO          Common base urn between stones with Wallace BLAIR 
BLAIRWallace R.Newbury Center  14818781970 NO          Common base urn between stones with Emma A. BLAIR 
MANFREDI? Baby ( )Newbury Center  141   NO          sr no stone 
SPRINGERMandi LynneNewbury Center  143  BabyNO          sr no stone Funeral Marker 
SWIFTRussell T.Newbury Center  14218981963 NO            
VIZDOSGellertNewbury Center  14518811963 NO          with Mary VIZDOS 
VIZDOSMaryNewbury Center  14618911963 NO          with Gellert VIZDOS 
BLAIRClydeNewbury Center  1531905(16 May 1986) NO          with Nina BLAIR 
BLAIRNinaNewbury Center  15219061980 NO          with Clyde BLAIR 
EATOUGH? Baby BoyNewbury Center  151 11 Oct 1979 NO            
HOLSCHUHDorothy MotherNewbury Center  15719101980 NO  w/oEdgar C.        
HOLSCHUHEdgar C. FatherNewbury Center  15819081967 NO  h/oDorothy        
JACKSONAnnaNewbury Center  1541896(10 May) 1989(93y)NO          with John Harold JACKSON; aisle 
JACKSONJohn HaroldNewbury Center  15416 Aug 189221 Feb 1958 31OH Pvt CoA 101Inf PA         Govt Marker also on stone with Anna JACKSON 
JOHNSONWilliam F.Newbury Center  155A 17 July 2008(86y)   (h/o)Alleen         
KLIVINGTONEvelyn ( )Newbury Center  157 (26 Feb 1998)(79y)NO      NewburyOH  pneumonia; ashes 
LONGWAYFlorence (map)Newbury Center  155   NO            
WOLFJohn E. ( )Newbury Center  157 (29 May 1998)(80y)NO      ClaridonOH  cremated 1 Jun 1998 
REEVESAdelineNewbury Center  16119231979 NO          with Charles REEVES 
REEVESCharlesNewbury Center  1611924(8 Oct 1995)(71y)NO          with Adeline REEVES 
REEVESDorothyNewbury Center  16319041992 NO          with George REEVES 
REEVESGeorgeNewbury Center  16219071981 NO          with Dorothy REEVES 
SEDIVYFred Sr. (map)Newbury Center  164   NO          sr no stone 
WEIKARTFlorenceNewbury Center  166(17 Dec) 1910(23 Mar 1997) NO          with Walter B. WEIKART 
WEIKARTWalter B.Newbury Center  16519071966 NO          with Florence WEIKART 
KUCHLINGBarbara MotherNewbury Center  17418831932 NO            
KUCHLINGPeter M.Newbury Center  173191220 Mar 200694y             
KUCHLINGAmy AliceNewbury Center  173                
KUCHLINGBarbara MotherNewbury Center  17418831932 NO            
VEASLEY (disinurned) LeslieNewbury Center  175(5 Jun) 1907(29 Jun) 1982 NO    Urn removed 1994 at request of daughter, Antionette     with Antonia A. & Antoinette S.; stone missing Aug 1996 
WILLIAMSAnna A. MotherNewbury Center  17219021977 NO  (w/o)(Dale H.)        
WILLIAMSDale H. FatherNewbury Center  17119011967 NO  (h/o)(Anna A.)        
BARTONHarry B.Newbury Center  18519021970 NO  (h/o)Mary C.        
BARTONMary C.Newbury Center  1861907(31 Dec) 1983 NO HOWELL ( )(w/o)Harry B.        
JAYNEEdward O.Newbury Center  1844 Sep 192013 Feb 1990 41PFC US Army h/oViola      Govt Marker also on stone with Viola 
JAYNE LALICHMarian (reserved)Newbury Center  184A                
JAYNEViola MotherNewbury Center  18319181967 NO  w/oEdward O.      with Edward O. 
LALICHMarian JAYNE (reserved)Newbury Center  184A                
SPEELMANJames L.Newbury Center  18223 Jun 19423 Sep 201169NO  h/oJuanita Britton Speelman        
VAN STEENBURGHGeorgeNewbury Center  18818 Dec 18661 Jun 1933 NO            
VAN STEENBURGHJessie A.Newbury Center  1874 Jan 187825 Mar 1934 NO            
BIJELICDusan Father GrandfatherNewbury Center  19116 Dec 191627 Apr 1985 NO          aisle; 1a 
CARRELLEleanore Marie MotherNewbury Center  1971925(19 Jun) 1991(66y)NO  (w/o)(Perry)        
CARRELLPerry (Pat) FatherNewbury Center  19819191980 NO  (h/o)(Eleanore Marie)        
GEISEMae J.Newbury Center  19218921953 NO  (w/o)(Paul C.)        
GEISEPaul C.Newbury Center  19118921966 NO  (h/o)(Mae J.)        
WHERRYMyrtleNewbury Center  19418881968 NO          with William H. WHERRY 
WHERRYWilliam H.Newbury Center  19318691952 NO          with Myrtle WHERRY 
BLEVINSDavid (map)Newbury Center  208   NO          map no stone 
BUSSECarl Sr.Newbury Center  20216 Jun 191427 Dec 1985 41US Army Air Corps         with Dorothy M. also has Govt Marker 
BUSSEDorothy M.Newbury Center  2011923not cut NO          with Carl Sr. 
DAVISRalph K.Newbury Center  2037 Mar 190416 Jun 1970 NO            
DAVISRoyNewbury Center  207(6 Aug 1923)(12 Jul 1995)(71y)41Army         stone broken reordered 
DAZARDavid P. Son - BrotherNewbury Center  204A(16 Nov) 1958(19 Nov) 1993 NOaka David Hrzatin name change         with Paul W. HRVATIN; aisle; bp has David Paul Dazar Hrvatin 
DULLBelinda A.Newbury Center  205 23 May 1971 NO            
HRVATINJoseph E. Our Darling SonNewbury Center  20426 Sep 195727 Sep 1957 NO            
GRIFFITYKermit (Map)Newbury Center  213   NO          map no stone 
HORVATHLouis J. FatherNewbury Center  21618871971 NO            
HORVATHMargaret S. MotherNewbury Center  21718971982 NO            
HORVATHThelma (map)Newbury Center  216   NO          east of 6 
HORVATHWalter W. (bp)Newbury Center  216 (23 Feb 1996)(67y)NO          east of 6; ashes 
KUHENEdward P.Newbury Center  21119121973 NO          with Eileen F. 
KUHENEileen F.Newbury Center  2111915(29 Feb 2000)(85y)NO          with Edward P. 
LAWNHenrietta (map)Newbury Center  214   NO VIEGE ( )        map no stone 
MORRISJohn (map)Newbury Center  215   NO          map no stone 
STEMMERJames EdwardNewbury Center  2185 May 193512 Dec 1959 50OH Cpl Marine Res         Korean War Govt Marker 
BILTZDonald E., Jr.Newbury Center  22116 Aug 192129 Aug 1974 41SSGT Army Air Corps         Govt Marker 
BOTTGERArnoldNewbury Center  22527 April 192220 Nov. 200684y31U.S. Army WWIIPurple Ht. recipienth/oDelilah Married Nov. 27, 1946        
BOTTGERDelilah Newbury Center  226192318 April 201087yNO            
HAWKINSJean A. MotherNewbury Center  22419401984 NO          matches C. Ralph RINKER stone; aisle 
MORRISONRichard (map)Newbury Center  228 (b29 Sep 1980) 41NatlG         aisle 
RINKERC. Ralph FatherNewbury Center  2241902(15 Oct) 1985(78y)NO            
WILLSFrancis (map)Newbury Center  223   NO            
YODERHoward R. FatherNewbury Center  22819071984 NO          east of 8; aisle 
EGGLESTONIda GraceNewbury Center  23520 Nov 1923not cut NO          with Alvin E. EGGLESTON; Lot 12, gr 8 
TRAVERMartinNewbury Center  231 18 Aug 187848y 5m 15dNO            
ROBINSONCatherineNewbury Center  247 8 Mar 185387yNO DAVISw/oJas. ROBINSON (officer in War 1812)  NewburyOH    
FURRYFrank FrancisNewbury Center  2581908(b5 Mar) 1980 41MM2 US Navy         Govt Marker 
GARDNERFess W. Husband FatherNewbury Center  25519191968 NO  h/oJulia G.        
GARDNERJulia G. Wife MotherNewbury Center  2551921(26 Jul) 1993(71y)NO  w/oFess W.      aisle next to gr 5 
GARDNERWilliam A. SonNewbury Center  25619511969 NO            
HAMMONDArthur R.Newbury Center  252 29 May 18493y 23dNO  s/oB.D.& N.M.        
HAMMONDB.D.Newbury Center  254 25 Jan 187569yNO  (h/o)(Nancy M.)        
HAMMONDNancy M.Newbury Center  253 5 Feb 188466yNO  w/oB.D.        
FOXFrank F.Newbury Center  26210 Feb 190617 Aug 1983 41S Sgt US Army     Mayfield Hts.OH  Govt Marker with Rose FOX 
FOXGary Lee Beloved SonNewbury Center  26119521967 NO            
FOXRoseNewbury Center  2631914(9 Dec) 1986(72y)NO          Govt Marker with Frank F. FOX 
KOVACSKatherine WifeNewbury Center  267 (3 Sep 1999)(102y)NO  w/oPaul S.        
KOVACSPaul S. HusbandNewbury Center  26819141979 NO  h/oKatherine        
KOZELKAJoseph E.Newbury Center  26518831968 NO          with Rose KOZELKA 
KOZELKARoseNewbury Center  2661887(8 Jul) 1989(102y)NO          with Joseph E. KOZELKA; ashes 
MAROUSNinaNewbury Center  26419171952 NO            
SAJAWICZ? (map)Newbury Center  264   NO          aisle next to 4 
DAVISJosephNewbury Center  271 20 Nov 187386yNO  (h/o)(Laura)      Illegible 
DAVISLauraNewbury Center  272 12 Aug 187786yNO  w/oJoseph      Illegible 
GLAEFKECarl O.Newbury Center  27819031973 NO            
HOPKINSONGeorge W. FatherNewbury Center  27719051973 NO            
STAGEJohn F.Newbury Center  274 9 Jan 188179yNO          Illegible 
KEMMERLINGAndrew A.Newbury Center  28118951964 NO          with Marie E. 
KEMMERLINGMarie E.Newbury Center  2821907not cut NO          with Andrew A. 
LAVICKAJake (map)Newbury Center  285   NO            
RUZICKARudolph F.Newbury Center  28819121962 NO            
RUZICKARudolph G.Newbury Center  28618801972 NO            
RUZICKATeresa T.Newbury Center  28718821974 NO            
CAMPBELLRobert A. FatherNewbury Center  29319131968 NO            
CONKLINCatherineNewbury Center  29616 Sep 19034 Sep 1968 NO          with Robert G. 
CONKLINRobert G.Newbury Center  29529 Jul 1904not cut NO          with Catherine 
EATONClarice A.Newbury Center  2971908(5 Apr 1999)(90y)NO          with Grant H.; ashes 
EATONGordon (bp)Newbury Center  2971930(1 Oct 1995)(65y)NO  (s/o)(Grant)      ashes 
EATONGrant H.Newbury Center  29719011987 NO          with Clarice A.; ashes 
SOPLATALouisNewbury Center  29819041965 NO            
SPROSTYWm.Newbury Center  2941 Oct 188825 Jan 1905 NO            
VILLWOCK? (map)Newbury Center  291   NO            
GAZDAFrances Mother WifeNewbury Center  30318831955 NO            
HEILMANEileen M.Newbury Center  30619 April 192614 May 200882yNO STARKEYw/o(Otto Heilman)  Home, S. Russel Twp.   With mother Anna  
JOHNSONCharles C. Father HusbandNewbury Center  30818831961 NO            
JOHNSONEffie M.Newbury Center  30818881976 NO          aisle next to 8 
KOLLERPeter W. Husband FatherNewbury Center  3049 Mar 192327 Sep 1972 41Army         Ich Liebe Dich Mein Liebchen 
LUCZIGabrielNewbury Center  30218931969 NO          with Julianna LUCZI 
LUCZIJuliannaNewbury Center  30118911991 NO          with Gabriel LUCZI 
STARKEYAnna M.Newbury Center  3061903not cut NO          with Raymond K. 
STARKEYRaymond K.Newbury Center  30519011971 31Navy         with Anna M. (b 3 Jan 1972) 
WHITESIDEAnna MotherNewbury Center  30718901972 NO