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Geauga County Cemeteries - Russell Twp. by Name
SURNAMEFirst NameCemeterySec.LotGr.BornDiedAgeVet.
LA DOWBaby GirlBriar Hill/Riverview351119001900 NO
LA DOWCarrie MotherBriar Hill/Riverview35918731928 (20 Jun)(55y)NO
LA DOWEugene H. FatherBriar Hill/Riverview35818711947 NO
LA DOWEva MarieBriar Hill/Riverview3571914(31 Oct 1998)(84y)41
LA DOWMary Jane Briar Hill/Riverview356 (cr3 Nov 1934)(7m)NO
LA DOWNeil AaronBriar Hill/Riverview3571910(29 Jan) 1987 41
LA DOWRoyBriar Hill/Riverview351019031915 NO
LADOWA.W. (Aaron)Briar Hill/Riverview2100518461909 19
LADOWAdele M.Briar Hill/Riverview21173(1865)17 Feb 18672yNO
LADOWAdele M. d/o Henry & ElizaBriar Hill/Riverview140  17 Feb 18672y 2m 10dNO
LADOWElizaBriar Hill/Riverview211751841 (31 Mar)(2 Jan 1933) NO
LADOWEliza w/o GeorgeBriar Hill/Riverview141  3 Aug 186847yNO
LADOWEthel d/o Henry & ElizaBriar Hill/Riverview140  22 Jun 188510yNO
LADOWEthel I.Briar Hill/Riverview21174(1875)22 Jun 188510yNO
LADOWEuwellieBriar Hill/Riverview2100218751949 NO
LADOWGrace AddieBriar Hill/Riverview299518 Oct 18748 Jun 1891 NO
LADOWHenryBriar Hill/Riverview211761843(Mar) 1901 19
LADOWJulia A. w/o RichardBriar Hill/Riverview1412(1817)12 Apr 187962yNO
LADOWJUNEBriar Hill/Riverview30508A1-Jun-193521-Oct-2009 NO
LADOWLapantha w/o WilliamBriar Hill/Riverview140  4 Dec 187777y 1m 12dNO
LADOWMaryBriar Hill/Riverview  0 (cr21 Oct 1922) NO
LADOWMary His wifeBriar Hill/Riverview210061876 (24 Oct)1957 (21 Oct) NO
LADOWMary L. His wifeBriar Hill/Riverview299227 May 184529 Jul 1929 NO
LADOWNellieBriar Hill/Riverview2100118761957 NO
LADOWPatrickBriar Hill/Riverview16  28 Feb 187154y 2mNO
LADOWRichardBriar Hill/Riverview1411(1812)25 Feb 188774y 6m 3dNO
LADOWRUSSELLBriar Hill/Riverview30508B   NO
LADOWSilas M.Briar Hill/Riverview140  16 Jul 185227y 1m 20dNO
LADOWSylvesterBriar Hill/Riverview299128 Oct 183926 Sep 1929 19
LADOWWilliamBriar Hill/Riverview140  23 Oct 187072y 7m 19dNO
LAMBLillieBriar Hill/Riverview2110318841926 (4 Sep)42yNO
LAMBERTASHFORDRiverview Memorial ParkE090727-May-192712-Feb-2001 NO
LANEIda May Briar Hill/Riverview3533(1885)(20 Oct 1975)(89y)NO
LANGSTONNorman CharlesBriar Hill/Riverview  0 (cr4 Jan 1934) NO
LANSINGAbramRarick; South Russell125018251902 NO
LANSINGEmelineRarick; South Russell125018351918 NO
LANSINGEuniceRarick; South Russell125018261869 NO
LANSINGLucian I.E.Rarick; South Russell1250 20 Nov 186110y 2m 10dNO
LANSINGWilliam H.Rarick; South Russell1250 29 Oct 18714m 21dNO
LAUGHLINHelen C.Briar Hill/Riverview3201118491909 NO
LAYMANRICHARDRiverview Memorial ParkJ02095-May-195527-Apr-2006 NO
LEEJANERiverview Memorial ParkK180419-Dec-191114-Feb-2004 NO
LENDVAYIrene MarjorieRiverview Memorial ParkE2611 Jul 19283 Oct 1991(63y)NO
LENNONHATTIERiverview Memorial ParkD1610 30-Oct-2000 NO
LENNONWalter J.Riverview Memorial ParkD1695 Mar 189921 Mar 1980 31
LENNONWalter J. Riverview Memorial ParkD169(27 Mar 1911)(23 Dec 1970) 41
LENZEdna C. (Caroline)Riverview Memorial ParkK18819251989 (25 Oct)(64y)NO
LENZRALPHRiverview Memorial ParkK1807192223-Oct-2003 41
LEWISChancyBriar Hill/Riverview317115 Oct 1840(not cut) 19
LEWISClarence Briar Hill/Riverview3172(29 Sep 1873)(12 Jun 1918)(44y 8m 17d)NO
LEWISJohnBriar Hill/Riverview317618691945 NO
LEWISMarshallBriar Hill/Riverview31731831(cr23 Feb)1920 19
LEWISMatildaBriar Hill/Riverview3174Sep 18465 Sep 1897 NO
LEWISSarah P.Briar Hill/Riverview317518731927 (24 Oct)(84y)NO
LITTLEEstherRarick; South Russell110 11 May 185779yNO
LIVERSChris (deed)Riverview Memorial ParkI1112   NO
LIVERSFred (deed)Riverview Memorial ParkI1111   NO
LIVERSJOSEPH (FRED)Riverview Memorial ParkI1111 25-May-2004 61
LIVINGSTONM. (deed)Riverview Memorial ParkK224   NO
LIVINGSTONPATRICKRiverview Memorial ParkK2203 bur 3-Jul-2000 NO
LIVINGSTONPatrick James Riverview Memorial ParkK223(11 Mar 1975)(4 Jul 1997) NO
LOGANCoraBriar Hill/Riverview118 no dates  NO
LOGANCora EsterBriar Hill/Riverview1516(1871)11 Aug 18729m 13dNO
LOGANJames H.Briar Hill/Riverview151324 Oct 1847Jun 1864 19
LOGANMary JaneBriar Hill/Riverview1512(1824)26 Nov 189268yNO
LOGANMother Briar Hill/Riverview1515 (clerk's list) NO
LOGANZettieBriar Hill/Riverview1511(1862)10 Aug 18642y 8mNO
LONGHarold C. III Riverview Memorial ParkH2611(25 Jun 1955)(21 Aug 1998)(43y)61
LONGHarold C. IV Riverview Memorial ParkH2611 (cr17 Nov 1998) NO
LOOSROBERTBriar Hill/RiverviewN2506192514-May-2005 41
LOSEYCinthaBriar Hill/Riverview2118418441907 NO
LOSEYRhodaRarick; South Russell1150 29 Mar 1877in the 60th yrNO
LOSEYStephenRarick; South Russell1150 11 Jan 1850in the 40th yrNO
MACDONALDAllison LeeRiverview Memorial ParkJ1515 *(5)Jul 1989+(1d)NO
MACEEthel A.Briar Hill/Riverview274218831959 NO
MACEMary Briar Hill/Riverview2741 (cr no info) NO
MACEMorgan L.Briar Hill/Riverview274118781944 NO
MACPHERSONKENNETHRiverview Memorial ParkG16094-Jan-193431-May-2002 NO
MACPHERSONMary Beth Cherished DaughterRiverview Memorial ParkG16116 Mar 19734 Aug 1982 NO
MACPHERSONNANCYRiverview Memorial ParkG1602 19-Sep-2011 NO
MALENSEKMargheritaRiverview Memorial ParkH1101923(26 Mar 2000)(76y)NO
MALENSEKMARGHERITARiverview Memorial ParkH011024-Sep-192326-Mar-2000 NO
MALENSEKStanleyRiverview Memorial ParkH1919221993 (12 Aug)(71y)41
MALONJackBriar Hill/Riverview3235 (cr30 Mar 1934) NO
MANDAUEleanor MotherRiverview Memorial ParkE3021927  NO
MANDAULeslie FatherRiverview Memorial ParkE30119251973 (cr26 Mar) 41
MANSFIELDRAYMONDRiverview Memorial ParkE2310 22-Mar-2008 41
MARIANIVincentRiverview Memorial ParkF1578 Dec26 May 1989(89y)NO
MARINECZHelen WifeRiverview Memorial ParkE311220-Oct-191627-Jun-1991 NO
MARINECZJulius HusbandRiverview Memorial ParkE311219-Apr-19147-Sep-2004 NO
MARINECZMargaret MotherRiverview Memorial ParkE311218981978 (6 Aug)(80)NO
MARINECZMike FatherRiverview Memorial ParkE311218871963 NO
MARIOLAANTHONYRiverview Memorial ParkJ031329-Dec-19344-Nov-2007 61
MARTINAnna J.Riverview Memorial ParkH25219131994 (Aug 6)(80y)NO
MARTINPaul E.Riverview Memorial ParkH25119051965 (20 Feb) NO
MATHERSRAYMONDRiverview Memorial ParkK101221-May-192119-May-2001 41
MATTHEWSBetseyRarick; South Russell230-180421 Apr 187368y 3m 28dNO
MATTHEWSCyrus Rarick; South Russell230-18353 Sep 183426y 8m 4dNO
MATTHEWSElecta F.Rarick; South Russell1360 13 Aug 187638y 1m 16dNO
MATTHEWSHannah C.Briar Hill/Riverview2871 29 Aug 18522y 2m 25dNO
MATTHEWSLizzie A.Rarick; South Russell240-186028 Feb 188120y 5m 22dNO
MATTHEWSM.P. (Mark P.; see Lot 4 )Rarick; South Russell23018291902 NO
MATTHEWSMarilla Rarick; South Russell230 1887 NO
MATTHEWSMark P.Rarick; South Russell24018291902 NO
MATTHEWSMaurice B.Rarick; South Russell140056675908 NO
MATTHEWSN.P. Rarick; South Russell23018271889 NO
MATTHEWSParmeneas Rarick; South Russell230-1842  NO
MATTHEWSR.A. Rarick; South Russell230-1848  NO
MATTHEWSRebecca C.Rarick; South Russell24018291908 NO
MATTHEWSSusan Rarick; South Russell23018331898 NO
MATTHEWST.A. Rarick; South Russell230-1844  NO
MATTHEWST.C. Rarick; South Russell230-1846  NO
MATTHEWSW.A. Rarick; South Russell230-1838  NO
MATTHEWSWilber O.Rarick; South Russell1360 12 Aug 18679y 11m 8dNO
MC CLINTOCKArlie Briar Hill/Riverview3113 (17 Feb 1923) NO
MC CLINTOCKDexterBriar Hill/Riverview311118191899 NO
MC CLINTOCKMarcy L.Briar Hill/Riverview211121851(cr8Jun) 1936 NO
MC CLINTOCKRussell W.Briar Hill/Riverview211111851(cr28 May) 1922 NO
MC CLINTOCKSarahBriar Hill/Riverview311218221906 NO
MC KENNAIlene LynnRiverview Memorial ParkH25142 Feb 196624 Feb 1978 NO
MC LAUGHLINAlexanderRarick; South Russell1540 14 Oct 188151y 7mNO
MC LAUGHLINLillieRarick; South Russell1540 10-Apr-1970 NO
MC LAUGHLINNellie R.Rarick; South Russell1540 28-Jan-192463yNO
MC LAUGHLINOzellRarick; South Russell1540 5-Nov-194083yNO
MC LAUGHLINRosette R.Rarick; South Russell1540 24 Oct 188452y 8mNO
MCGREGORBertha Briar Hill/Riverview31410 (cr31 Jan 1914) NO
MCGUIREIsabelleBriar Hill/Riverview3561018541919 NO
MCKENNAJay (deed)Riverview Memorial ParkH2512   NO
MCKENNAShannon (deed)Riverview Memorial ParkH2513   NO
MCLAUGHLINCHARLESRiverview Memorial ParkE230817-May-196224-Oct-2011 M
MCLAUGHLINNancy J. Riverview Memorial ParkE238 (4 Jun 1997)(67y)NO
McMASTERDOROTHYRiverview Memorial ParkE0712 bur 1-Jan-2004 NO
MCNEICEHoward G.Riverview Memorial ParkK7919081968 (9 Aug) NO
MCSPADDENBlancheBriar Hill/Riverview29021879 (16 Jul)1933 (5 Jul) NO
MEIKLEBARBARARiverview Memorial ParkE0902 bur 27-Aug-2004 NO
MEIKLEW.H. Riverview Memorial ParkE91 (cr 30Dec 1993) NO
MEIKLEWILLIAMRiverview Memorial ParkE0901 24-May-2004 41
MEININGHAUSHarry J.Briar Hill/Riverview33081916(30 Jul) 1985(69y)NO
MEININGHAUSIva E.Briar Hill/Riverview33091903(24 Jul) 1990(87y)NO
METZGERBenjamin A.Briar Hill/Riverview371119301991 NO
METZGERJoanneBriar Hill/Riverview37121926(13 Apr 1999)(72y)NO
MEYERJune E. WifeBriar Hill/Riverview36711915(14 May) 1992(76y)NO
MEYERWalter E. HusbandBriar Hill/Riverview36721912(12 Jun) 1987(75y)NO
MIGOTBARBARARiverview Memorial ParkK15128-Dec-19161-Feb-2009 NO
MIGOTWALTERRiverview Memorial ParkK15114-Oct-190719-Sep-2000 NO
MIGOTWalter Riverview Memorial ParkK1511 (19 Sep 2000)(92y)NO
MILLARDAlvin M. bro/o C.Briar Hill/Riverview12 perished in fire7 Mar 187314yNO
MILLARDMartha M.Briar Hill/Riverview12 perished in fire7 Mar 18732yNO
MILLARDMary M.Briar Hill/Riverview12 perished in fire7 Mar 18734yNO
MILLARDWalter W.Briar Hill/Riverview12 perished in fire7 Mar 18737yNO
MILLERBelleBriar Hill/Riverview33811869(cr20 Mar) 1938 NO
MILLERElmer H.Briar Hill/Riverview338818911968 (2 Dec) NO
MILLERFred H.Briar Hill/Riverview338218671945 NO
MILLERIreneBriar Hill/Riverview338718941945 NO
MILLERLapantha his wifeBriar Hill/Riverview343418341907 NO
MILLERN.H.Briar Hill/Riverview343518341902 NO
MILLERNellie A.Briar Hill/Riverview338918901980 (15 Jul)(89y)NO
MILLERRoland J.Riverview Memorial ParkF131119041983 (21 Mar) 41
MITCHELLDenise Briar Hill/Riverview2811(1952)(9 Aug 1995)(43y)NO
MITCHELLHelene L. MotherBriar Hill/Riverview297318971929 (11 Jun) NO
MOMARTSBetty L. nee BAUMGARTNERBriar Hill/Riverview135 28 Aug 192013 May 1946 NO
MOMARTSKathleenBriar Hill/Riverview135  13 May 1946 NO
MONEYSMITHJamesBriar Hill/Riverview2753(1838)22 Oct 186224y19
MONEYSMITHSarahBriar Hill/Riverview2751 7 Jul 186828yNO
MONEYSMITHStellaBriar Hill/Riverview2751   NO
MOOSTESamuel S.Briar Hill/Riverview2510 broken NO
MORRISONClaraRarick; South Russell1570 (19 Jun 1879)21yNO
MORRISONFloraRarick; South Russell1570 (27 Oct 1879)4m 21dNO
MOSERClinton J.Riverview Memorial ParkK211019041970 (17 Dec) NO
MOSERGrace E. (Estelle)Riverview Memorial ParkK2191909(6 Oct) 1987(78y)NO
MOSHERChristine F.Briar Hill/Riverview368718911963 NO
MOSHERLeon G.Briar Hill/Riverview36881891 (20 Jun)1968 (19 Aug) NO
MOSSFORDElinor R.Riverview Memorial ParkE31919281969 (cr3 June) NO
MOSSFORDEugene W.Riverview Memorial ParkE311019251972 (cr8 May) NO
MUGGLETONAnn MotherBriar Hill/Riverview312111827(cr8 Jan) 1912 NO
MUGGLETONCatherineBriar Hill/Riverview2104618251893 NO
MUGGLETONJames FatherBriar Hill/Riverview312918201900 NO
MUGGLETONJohnBriar Hill/Riverview2104518201894 NO
MULHAUSERNorma W.Riverview Memorial ParkH23918 Jun 190218 Apr 1973 NO
MULHAUSERRobert C.Riverview Memorial ParkH231012 Nov 190621 Dec 1970 41
MURRAYLena M. Briar Hill/Riverview32811 (cr18 Mar 1919) NO
MURRYLenna Briar Hill/Riverview32811(1898)(1919) NO
MYERSSusanBriar Hill/RiverviewMG 0 21 Aug 186631y 4m 1dNO